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Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0073 – Melon Troops

Chapter 73 – Melon Troops

Mike still felt that the most important thing he should do was to improve his efficiency. When it came to limiting purchase, he planned to just place the limit on takeaways. Customers who came to dine within his restaurant should be treated like kings and not be limited in the amount of things they wanted to eat.

However, since this was a different world, Mike has another issue to consider. If one day a customer with super appetite like dragons or trolls arrive in the future, a single guest might be able to swallow an entire day’s worth of food.

When that time comes, he would be forced to limit the amount of food a walk-in customer could have. Or, he could get the [System] to furnish him with a super large oven and make them a super large [Juicy Burger] or something. He would have to set some time to think about this problem, after all, even that Sargerass could apparently swallow 10 [Juicy Burger] in one go.

Naturally, part of the reason for his lack of speed was that he was serving single portion food. Each food had to be made by hand, whether it’s fried rice or the burger. If he could have things like hot pot or spicy soup type of things where he could have the prep work done earlier would certainly speed things up a little.

Mike planned to wait for a couple of days for the restaurant’s rest day before going to the recruitment office at Aiden Square. This recruitment office specialized in searching out workers or staff for shops and restaurant. Businesses who needed staffs for all kinds of positions would come here. In his opinion, it’s ok to pay a littler higher in terms of salary, but they must be reliable and hard working.

That morning, he sold about 64 [Juicy Burgers] in just one hour. The lunch rush was about half an hour longer than the morning rush, so Mike decided to make more [Juicy Burgers]. No matter what, the oven could only fit 16 sets of bread, but every little bit counts.

After drinking their goats milk, Ugly Duckling went to sleep. Possible thanks to its influence, Amy also fell asleep on the floor.

Mike passed one of the large window panes and smiled at Amy’s sleeping figure.

Though there were many kinds of races in this other world, he still felt quite comfortable in it. Though the differences were many, there were many similarities as well.

Under the Grey Temple’s regulation, safety within the City of Sin was quite high. This was the main reason for the half-disabled McGonagal’s reason to move to Sin City.

Thanks to the order to reinforce the rules, compared to cities consisted of single races only, the City of Sin was much more prosperous. Allowing weaker races to have the confidence to put down roots and set up small businesses.

Noon time came, and like always they had their before the start of business meal.

Mike spent most of lunch ignoring Ugly Duckling’s resentful eyes as they ate, that little thing was too young to eat solid food yet anyway.

As for Amy, she ate great mouthfuls in relish, sometimes putting out a spoonful of food in front of Ugly Duckling before snatching it away without letting it have a taste. To the point that it put out its paws in a pitiful way, begging Amy to let it have a bite.

“With such spineless behaviour you’ll never get ahead in life.” Mike stared at little Ugly Duckling who was begging Amy for food and sighed. When it came to stubbornness this thing clearly couldn’t win against Amy. The orange and white striped creature had been trained to the point of having no temper at all.

“There’s no point begging me, since you still can’t eat rainbow rice. I’m just teasing you.” Amy said cheerfully, scooping another spoonful of rice and waving it in front of Little Ugly Duckling.

Ugly Duckling turned its head slowly away, it was now a really suspicious cat.

After lunch, Mike collected the plates and gave the Ugly Duckling a bottle of goat’s milk. As he brought the bottle over, Ugly Duckling bared its teeth at him, seeming to remind everyone that his fangs have grown out.

“They grow pretty fast,” Seeing teeth so soon, Mike was a little surprised. Little Ugly Duckling nodded vigorously at him, “However that’s still not enough, at least one week before solid food, you have two days of milk left.”

Ugly Duckling became depressed as it closed its mouth. It looked away from Amy as it sucked up its milk sulkily. Looking at these two small creatures, their relationship appeared to be really good.

The afternoon lunch rush was even more hectic than Mike had imagined. Because the restaurant’s location was a little remote, customers with shorter break time would not be able to come. Moreover, with price set at a minimum of 300 copper coins per meal, it’s not something most people could afford. So the sudden wave of customers who came at lunch were mostly new people.

“This way, this way, stop the carriage a little further away. Don’t ruin the appetites of the customers in the restaurant, didn’t you see those large crystal windows? That’s for the customers to view the beauty of Aden Square.” Harrison leapt down from the carriage and frantically waved a fat arm at the other carriage behind him to make them park their carriage a little way away.

On the carriage behind him him were five beautifully dressed young masters. One thing they all have in common were large thick legs, barrel like waists and almost no neck to speak of. When all six of them stood together, they looked like six fatty brothers.

“Harrison, you told us yesterday you’ll take us somewhere where the food is not only delicious but would also help us lose weight, is this it?” A fatty in yellow outfit looked at Harrison as he asked, doubt filled his face.

Though restaurant looked quite high end for Aden Square, it was situated in a relatively poor area. His doubts, however were not on looks or location, they were all genuine foodies and did not care what the eatery looked like. As long as it was delicious, these group of foodies would frequent stalls and hole-in-the wall restaurants.

What made him doubtful were the guests within the restaurant, whom he could see from the crystal clear windows. There were already plenty of customers seated, the problem was they were all skinny people, if this food really has the ability to reduce weight, what’s the purpose of skinny people coming here?

Good friend Harrison came from a fairly well off family; as for the fatty in yellow, his family operated three taverns; the one in green, his family engaged in various business within City of Sin and owned the best tea store. They were born to inherit their family’s riches, thus there was no need to worry about the future, moreover, all of them were given substantial allowance each day.

As buddies who hang out to eat, drink and be merry together, whoever found a new good eating place, would immediately rush to inform their pals. After getting Harrison’s tip yesterday, they all agreed to come together and try out this magical gourmet that he found.

“Yes, it’s this one. However, the fat loss part only applies to husky guys like us, don’t say I didn’t explain things properly to you.” Harrison nodded, he shot a glance at the direction of the restaurant, “Remember, you must not provoke the boss’ daughter, beastmen and even demons are terrified of her.”

“That scary?” They were all surprised, Harrison’s bravery was nothing to sneeze at, to see him showing fear for the boss’ daughter, each of them nodded a little anxiously.

“Let’s go in, I’m starving.” Harrison entered first, followed by his friends.

The six friends with their body weight above 200 pounds each, tried to sneak in quietly through the doorway. With the sunlight behind them, they cast a row of shadows, attracting the eyes of the diners inside.

Amy looked up at the tall and round guests who just came in with wide eyes. “The Melon troops?”


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