Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 062 – Sense of Taste, Restored!

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 62 – Sense of Taste, Restore!


The so-called Body Refining had to do with the tempering of the physical body through specific exercises, or martial workouts, combined with spiritual energy in order to achieve the proper balance between spiritual cultivation and bodily strength.

This way, once a person achieved enlightenment, his cultivation rate would advance more smoothly.

The more powerful the martial technique, the stronger and more agile the body, all of which would also help with cooking.

It’s difficult for spiritual energy to properly circulate within an ordinary person’s body.

However, the thing that really shocked Luo Xiu was the extent in which the spiritual energy would move within his body. When he tried moving his spiritual powers, he could feel the spiritual energy on every single corner of his body.

Palms, feet, scalp… the energy just seemed to spread without restraint.

While he was circulating the energy within his body, a bright golden light shone from his skin.

It was the energy of a metal attribute cultivator.

“Could it be that…my body refining has also been completed?”

Luo Xiu gave it some thought, and faintly remembered that small stone that he had, ahem, taken from the assassin’s body, the one that continuously emitted light.[1] The burning sensation from that time almost made him faint. Could it be that his body had been tempered by that flame? It certainly felt that his body had been renewed somehow.

He had been cooking all day, but his body still felt fine. In fact, his movement actually felt more agile and his mind alert.

Unwilling to quite believe it, Luo Xiu continued to test his body a few times… however, the end result was the same, the metal attribute energy continuously moved within his body, he fact, he could feel that the more he force the flow of his spiritual energy, the more natural it felt.

Golden light continuously shoot out from every part of his body.

It was just as the ancient book had described.

“That weird shining stone must have been a Fire Seed, just too amazing, ah…”

Luo Xiu heart beat faster, he knew that he had ingested an incredibly valuable item into his body.

“I wonder, if I could actually… remove it…”

Luo Xiu sat in quiet meditation for a while, and attempted to experiment.

Within his belly, a strange warmth gathered…Luo Xiu knew that the Fire Seed was hiding there, however, he could not seemed to grasp it firmly enough to remove it from his body.

It felt like the Fire Seed had become one with him.

“Looks like I still can’t control this flame, ah!”

Luo Xiu let out a slow breath, his eyes burning with vitality. Since Body Refining was completed, the next thing would be… the most important step — Enlightenment!

There were many ways to achieve Enlightenment, the thing one needed was an ocean worth of spiritual crystals.

Since the <<Seven Divine Cultivation>> was considered a supplementary technique, the cost was only 700 spiritual crystals for an entire volume.

For something like the one of a kind <<Spirit Derivation Skill>> 100,000 spiritual crystals were required before he could access it.

Naturally, since this was part of a set, this could be considered the most expensive of the lot.

And then there’s the 50,000 <<Major Zhou Heavenly Star Meridian Secrets>>, a high level cultivation text which could break open 360 acupoints, rated as frighteningly powerful.

“Looks like the more meridians I could access, the better the cultivation. There are so many types of skills in this Sacred Knowledge Pavilion, I must open each and everyone of them!”

Once Luo Xiu understood the path of a Kitchen Xiuzhen, of course he wish to aim for the highest possible achievement.

This Nine Gates Restaurant was basically a treasure trove with all kinds of skills and techniques just waiting for him to access them.

Most regular Kitchen Xiuzhen would be satisfied after breaking through 10 acupoints and making it as a cultivator… however, for Luo Xiu, he’s ready to aim for the highest possible achievement. A human body has over a thousand meridian points, then… let’s open all of them!

Luo Xiu took in a deep breath, and began to study the <<Seven Divine Cultivation>>!

Right now his most important purpose was to restore his sense of taste and smell, thus he immediately looked through ‘Tongue Knowledge’ and ‘Nose Knowledge’!

“Spiritual energy… break through the nose and tongue meridians!”

Luo Xiu continued to quietly cultivate according to the instructions given within the <<Seven Divine Cultivation>>.

The golden spiritual energy within his body began to move, forming into a fine needle point and began to batter against the blocked tongue meridian… however, it was soon clear that the spiritual energy was too weak, it could not even pry a small gap against the blockage.

“Spiritual food!”

Luo Xiu immediately decided that what he lacked was power… he should first amass spiritual energy.

Within this secret room, aside from the Sacred Wisdom Pavilion, there was a Spirit Amassing Room which he could have access to. Depending on the number of spiritual crystals he spent, the quality would differ!

No matter whether it’s through absorbing spiritual stones or crystals, the room would ensure minimal loss of spiritual powers during the transfer.

[Ta ta ta!]

After collecting the remaining five Bai Luo Mantou, Luo Xiu spent 10  spiritual crystals to access the room and settled down in the middle of the Spirit Amassing Room in order to focus his meditation and pounding through the first meridian point — the taste sense meridian.


The moment one Bai Luo Mantou were swallowed into his stomach, a vast amount of spiritual power suddenly crashed over him.

Luo Xiu finally understood Ni Jie and Ma Fei’s amazement just now. As for their extreme reactions…compared to the pool of spiritual energy within the body, this amount of energy was like a fierce and powerful wave.

“No wonder this world reveres Kitchen Xiuzhen, the gourmet dishes here could actually deliver a year’s worth of spiritual powers in just one go!”

Luo Xiu closed his eyes and tucked his knees down in a meditative pose. The ray of light radiating from his body would have obscured the eyes of anyone watching him.

Endless amount of spiritual energy was being absorbed by his body.

After some time spent meditating and focussing, Luo Xiu finally understood the difficulty level of breaking through just one meridian point.

With just one Bai Luo Mantou, the taste sense meridian remained unmoved, 10 crystals worth of spiritual energy barely made up one Mantou worth of spiritual energy. However, it was still unable to batter through the taste sense meridian into moving.

“This just isn’t scientific, ah… Nie Ji and that Wang Xi managed to break through an entire level after just eating one, how could a beginner cultivator like me can’t even properly break through one meridian point?”

Luo Xiu opened his eyes, puzzlement evident on his face.

A Xiuzhen Chef and a Divine Chef both could breakthrough, but he could not…

Though the Bai Luo Mantou could have lost its spiritual energy over time, but considering how vast its original energy was, surely the deterioration wasn’t that crazy, ba?”

Unwilling to give up, Luo Xiu ate another.

The moment it entered his stomach, the spiritual energy once more exploded into existence, however, a lot of the energy just vaporized outside of his body… this was what happened when one ate the same type of dish, the body will develop an immunity, dispelling most of the energies outside the body.

However, not a second later, a curious thing happened.

The energy that had were about to vaporize suddenly acted like it had been sucked into a whirlpool, the tail of the whirlpool shoot towards Luo Xiu’s belly, instantly disappearing into his body.


A hot, scalding sensation once more spread out from Luo Xiu’s stomach.

“So it’s like this!”

This time, Luo Xiu felt like he could withstand the burning sensation more. Though it was still uncomfortable, it was still bearable. Moreover… he finally ‘saw’ the true face of that tiny Fire Seed.

Three colours were seen on that little flame — Red, Gold, Silver!

The flames were split into three strands, looking a lot like a three pronged trident, which swayed gently within his stomach…letting out a continuous stream of hot energy.

He finally realized that of all the energy he had consumed, a large number of it was sucked away by this little trident flame!

“How could I forget this greedy energy draining thing?”

Luo Xiu shook his head, and immediately ate three mantou in one go, unexpectedly his did not feel bloated at all.

That little flame in his belly immediately started to suck desperately at the Bai Luo mantou spiritual energy, it actually grew a little brighter… though it’s form remained the same.

Luo Xiu was on the verge of losing his temper!

Having such a parasite in his body… how was he supposed to cultivate?

Thankfully, once he swallowed a bowl of dragon’s beard noodles, that little flame actually… stopped sucking up spiritual energy.

Good, it looked like there’s a limit to its appetite.

The moment that little flame stopped eating up all the energy, the meridian point Luo Xiu had been working so hard to break through gave a slight wobble.

[Peng! Peng! Peng!]

His spiritual energy formed a fine line, and began battering against the meridian point again. Thanks to several portions of spiritual energy from different dishes, his current spiritual energy was quite plentiful.

Stir Fried Deeson Threads, Deep Fried Deeson Fries, Dragon Beard Noodles… as well as that special dish which Luo Xiu had spent practically half a night making — ‘Golden Egg Fried Rice[2]’!

The spiritual energy from this Golden Egg Fried Rice shone a bright golden colour, the moment he swallowed this dish…

[Hong Long!]

A cold cyclone exploded through the taste meridian.

The spiritual energy succeeded!

Countless amount of spiritual energy immediately flooded through the taste meridian.

Within seconds the crack within the taste meridian was widen through by the spiritual energy.


Sense of taste, restored!

[1] Please see chapter 27 at

[2] Golden Egg Fried Rice


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