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Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0072 – Fatten to Death

Chapter 72 – Fatten to Death


The girl stared at him for a bit before tossing a small gourd at him. It contained the Spring of Life water. At that time the girl merely said that it was some spring water she had brought from home, for him to quench his thirst and relieve his cough before continuing up the steps.

The Tower of Worship was not a place accessible to just anyone, it was especially forbidden against those of a different race. However, Klaus at that time was thinking about leaving this mortal world felt that he would like to experience some semblance of warmth and drank a sip from the gourd. That was when he encountered the precious life giving properties of the Spring of Life.

Though it was only three drops, those three drops allowed him to extend his life up to more than 10 years.

To think that she was generous to the point of handing over such a precious item to an old man whose name she did not know, and did not even ask for.

Later he found out that she was the princess of the Elf Clan. As heir to the throne, this Spring of Life water was indeed something that she had just brought from home. She was about to drink some when she saw him coughing to the point of scaring people that she just handed it to him.

It was the first time she came to the Lost Empire accompanying the representatives of the Elf Clan for a friendly visit. She somehow managed to trick the guards at the gate and made her way 32nd floor of the Tower of Worship, skipping her way to the 36th floor, and wrote ‘Elf Princess on Tour’ before finally willing to leave the tower.

Thanks to her special position, even the King was not in a position to rebuke her. They even left the green writing alone at the top floor, and considered it as a proof friendship between the two races.


“Very well,” Removing himself from his memories, Klaus looked at little Amy and smiled, nodding to himself. It’s possible that her elf blood reminded him of that elf girl from so long ago, especially around the eyes. Then, he pushed the door opened and left the restaurant.

He had not heard from the elf clan in years. A lot of news relating to the clan had been hidden, the only thing he heard was that General Alex had been seriously injured at a demon ambush. News about the Elf Princess was even scarcer. As for that matter at the top floor of Tower, aside from a small group of people, no one knew really what happened there.

“Since Boss Mike is reluctant to part with this little girl, perhaps I could bring him to the Tower as well?” Klaus mused as he looked back at the restaurant, his long staff in hand as he wondered about aimlessly, killing time by himself.

“That guy, just when did he left the Tower?” A figure dressed in all black lurked at the door of a potions store. It was Julian, a dark green flame jumped about on his hand, he traced Klaus’ movements and his eyes fell upon the restaurant not far away. Mike was just coming out of the entrance with Amy, who had Ugly Duckling in her arms. His eyes narrowed, a frown further creasing his brow: “Could it be that that old thing wants to take that little girl as a disciple?”

Mike have already felt Julian’s gaze from far away, though he knew Amy has talent, he still did not like the feeling of being gazed upon by strangers.

This Klaus seemed to have a decent character, moreover he held the respect of the royal family as well as the responsibilities and constraints therein. However, his black cloaked mage neighbour gave off a dark wizard feel that he could not help, but instinctively guard against, whether it was speech, looks or movements, he gave off a really gloomy and chilly atmosphere.

“Grandpa Tortoise, Charcoal, Beans, good morning.” Amy stopped and greeted them cheerfully.

“Tor…” Mike frowned and looked at Julian again, though the elderly man was slightly hunchback, nobody would actually enjoy being addressed by their bodily defect. However, this was too rude even by his standards, though Amy may not be aware of her actions, he could not as an adult just pretend it was all right. A little embarrassed, he prepared himself to apologize.

“Morning.” Julian merely raised his raised his eye lids a little, his voice was like two sandpaper scraping against each other, the sound rather harsh and scary.

Mike swallowed the apology in, the other man did not seemed to be paying attention, his gaze following the path that Klaus took. If this guy also wanted to accept Amy as a disciple, it would really give him a headache.

“Amy, what’s that ugly thing in your arms?” Charcoal, whose body was still covered by the two leaves, hopped closer as he stared at Ugly Duckling curiously.

“That thing is clearly cuter than you, but don’t cats only come in black or white? Why is it all orange and white stripes?” Beans also came closer, he first gave Charcoal a glare before looking down with curiosity.

“Miao!” Ugly Duckling rushed at Charcoal with a sharp cry, little claws extended. It was trying to look fierce, but even its ‘fierce’ battle cry sounded a little tender and milky.

“Miao!” Charcoal hopped backwards, however, seeing that Ugly Duckling was safely tucked within Amy’s arms, his head popped up. He proudly said, “How could His Majesty, Fama Odin, be afraid of of a little cat with unnatural colours.”

“He’s not a cat, he’s Ugly Duckling.” Amy shook her head, stroking Ugly Duckling, she glared at Charcoal and said, “You’re the ugliest here, Charcoal. Ugly Duckling can only be number two ugly, also he can still grow up.”

When Charcoal heard this, he felt a little anxious, looking at the small thing in Amy’s arm he said disdainfully, “His majesty is not afraid of a little thing, with his short feet could he jump up here? Furthermore, if he grow up in a restaurant, he’ll be fatten to death.”

“Amy, let’s go, ba. Later I still need to prepare for the lunch rush.” Mike laughed as he stroked Amy’s head, the [Juicy Burger] will take up the most preparation time, moreover, he was really not comfortable with how Julian was staring at them.

“Good-bye,” Amy waved before trotting after Mike.

“Maybe I should test her too, see if she has an aptitude for dark magic. If I cansnatch a disciple out from under Klaus’ nose, that should be interesting…” Julian muttered as he stared at Amy’s back.

After buying some goats milk back, Mike gave both Amy and Ugly Duckling a bottle each. Looking at them sucking so happily at the milk, he poured himself a glass too. Though Mike’s physical fitness was not something he could change in one or two days, he could still feel his strength growing slowly.

While he rubbed his face, Mike checked the mental schedule in his head, selling 1000 [Juicy Burger] was not something he worry about, at this rate of sales, he should reach the target within 6 days or thereabout.

As for 1000 new customers, just this morning he had gained 10 new customers. That was to say, only 10 new customers was able to enter this store. The present customer base was too large, this rate of growth was a little worrying.

“I’ll have to improve efficiency, clearly the time taken between order and serving is too long. Amy won’t be able to handle two jobs, so it looked like I’ll have to recruit.” Mike thought.

As for the purchase restriction, he still have yet to plan how to tackle that. If the customers were still hungry, would they just leave hungry or would they buy something else?







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