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Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0071 – Please be Careful

Chapter 71 – Please be Careful


Kirindas: We all love Amy’s cute face and poisonous tongue!

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Klaus carefully lowered his spoon, the plate in front of him looked like it had been licked clean, not even a single grain of rice was left. He was slowly chewing the last mouthful of fried rice, savouring the spread of deliciousness in his mouth.

When he finally, a little reluctantly, swallowed, a warm feeling surged up as the rice turned into nutrients and sped through his body energizing his old dried up muscles. It felt like his body was being renewed as vitality returned to his being. It made life seemed a bit more beautiful this very moment.

“Boss, I’ll have another plate, ba.” Klaus placed his spoon down and turned to Mike. It had been a long time since he last felt the urge to eat more, but today he really felt like having more food.

“Apologies customer, but our morning business hour is over. In fact it has been over by three minutes. Would customer please come back during the next business hour if you wish to dine here again.” Mike’s expression remained neutral as he shook his head. The clock above them showed that it was three minutes past nine.

“I only want one more portion, I’m willing to pay double the price.” Klaus looked at Mike, placing three dragon coins on the table.

“Apologies, this is against the restaurant policy.” Mike shook his head again. If it had been a random old man who requested it, he may have conceded, but this was Klaus Io, he would rather see the back of this dangerous man sooner than later.

“Daddy…” Amy looked up a little hesitatingly, she still had the feeling that this white bearded old man was a little pitiful looking, more importantly, he was willing to pay twice the amount. However, one look at Mike’s face she swallowed the rest of her words.

“Very well, I shall return in the afternoon to eat.” Klaus surreptitious watched Mike, confirmed that he was not at all moved by the raise in price and put away two of his dragon coins. Though he wish to question the man about the spring of life, he decided to shelf the question for now.

He tidied up his wizards robe and sat still for a few more minutes, before saying to Mike, “I have a different matter I wish to discuss with out. My name is Klaus and I am level ten mage from the Lost Empire. I am old now, and wish to past my knowledge to the next generation. Just now I felt that this little girl have much magical talent, would it be possible for you to let me investigate her potential? It’s possible that she and I are fated to meet.”

Mike’s pupil shrank to pin points, a level 10 mage. In this world, the Nolan Continent, the number of mages that reached level 10 did not even reach 15.

The Lost Empire itself only has 4 or 5 level 10 mages. However, that list should not include Klaus. The way he spoke about his level was quite natural, as though it was common knowledge. It did not seemed like the old man was lying.

“If you wish accept Amy as your disciple, would you take her with you to Lot City?” Mike looked at Klaus calmly.

“That’s right, a student of magic must have access to all kinds of magical books and items in order to reach their maximum potential. Furthermore, they have magic room there that would make it easier for students to learn magic. As my disciple, she will also have access to the Tower of Worship, the centre of all magical activities.” Klaus said, nodding.

The Tower was the most prestigious location among magic users in the Nolan Continent. A large number of mages strive to get in to this place every year. Though this place was important for mages, what was more crucial to him now was that even normal people knew what it means to be accepted into this place. He was not worried that Mike would refuse this.

“Apologies, I do not wish for Amy to leave my side, let alone to Lot City all by herself. Therefore I’m afraid this was not fated to be.” Mike shook his head, rejecting the offer without hesitation.

“En, I will never leave daddy dearest,” Amy nodded firmly, her hand clutching one of Mike’s fingers.

“This…” Klaus was stunned. As a level 10 mage, consecrated by Lost Empire’s imperial family, he had planned to test Amy and, if the conditions were right, take her back as a disciple to the Tower of Worship and teach the ways of magic.

If he had proposed this to any noble family within the Lot City they would have gone crazy with gratitude and pride. He never expected to be rejected by a small restaurant owner, operating in a remote corner of Sin City.

On his way here Klaus encountered many who wished to be his disciple. Without him needing to introduce himself, families rushed to send their children to apprentice under him.

For Mike to not even give him the opportunity to test out his daughter’s potential, this kind of situation was rally unexpected. However, he was not yet ready to give up, “Boss Mike, as a estate of Sin City, you may not be clear about mages, the Tower of Worship…”

“Just knowing that Amy will be leaving my side is enough, I do not wish to think about other things,” Mike quickly cut off Klaus’ explanations. After a bit, he offered a professional smile, “Apologies customer, we still need to purchase some goat’s milk for this little one, if you have no other business with us, please come back during our next business hour.”

“That’s right, little Ugly Duckling is very hungry,” Amy grasped Ugly Duckling’s head and made it nod in tandem with her. Them she fished out four gold coins and placed them on the table, before taking one of the dragon coins. Looking at Klaus, she said, “Beardy Old Man, you’re really thin, if you eat too much it would be a waste since you can’t grow up any more. I think it would be better to wait until lunch time to eat, ba. Here, your change.”

“… …” Klaus felt a little complicated. If outsiders found out that he had intended to sincerely accept this girl as a disciple, provided that she past his test, and was soundly rejected; moreover, to think that his presence was found to be less important than goats milk, no one would actually believe it, ba.

Though he had not managed to find a disciple among those people, he was at least given proper respect and reverence. Some even tried to use money just to get him to test their children.

“Very well, I shall come again.” Since this was the first time someone actively rejected his offer of discipleship, he felt a little helpless as he picked up his change and collected his staff, ready to make his way to the entrance.

“Please be careful of the steps Beardy Old Man. If you slip and fall, you won’t be able to get up.” Amy looked worried as she watch Klaus holding on tothe door frame on his way out.

The hand holding the door knob stiffened, he turned to look at Amy. The worried expression on her face reminded him of that elf girl from long ago.

At that time he was suffering from a violent cough while holding onto the window sill on the 32nd floor of the Tower of Worship, thinking that his life was about to end. Suddenly, a light and melodious voice, carrying a tinge of worry floated from behind him. “Please be careful of the window Beardy Uncle, if you fall you’ll probably crush someone to death.”

When he turned to look, an elf girl, who looked like a 16 year old human girl, stood there. That was their first meeting. Just thinking of her words make him want to laugh, her tongue was just as poisonous as this little girl in front of him.


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