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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 061 – Divine Tongue!?

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 61 – Knowledge of the Tongue, Divine Tongue!?


Spiritual energy could be sent though the body’s acupoints in order to enhance the spiritual aura, this would then breakthrough even more meridian points, this technique would stimulate the dormant spiritual energy within the body more efficiently.

This was equivalent to unsealing a person’s hidden potential.

The more meridians that could be opened, the higher the chances of becoming a true Kitchen Xiuzhen.

More often than not, a Kitchen Xiuzhen will breakthrough their meridian points several times in their life in order to level up their abilities.

It went without saying that acupoints were very important.

It could be said that the above fact was set in stone. The more meridian points that one could open, the better the result.

That’s because a Kitchen Xiuzhen’s future energy circulation, future potential etc more or less depended on a person’s acupoints. The more meridian one has access to, the higher the potential for growth.

Spiritual amplification, body refining, enlightenment, these were the three necessary prerequisite steps in becoming a true Kitchen Xiuzhen, not one step could be skipped.

… …

“This means the next step for me is body refining, in other words the second step. After that would be the enlightenment. My sense of smell and taste would depend on this third step!”

Once Luo Xiu managed to grasp the Kitchen Xiuzhen cultivation method, he immediately understood the importance of <<Body Refining>> and <<Enlightenment>>.

There were untold types of body refining techniques, even more techniques just for enlightenment.

The <<Seven Divine Cultivation>> that he had seen under [Kai Qiao], or [Enlightenmen]t, category. Aside from the 5 human senses, sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch, it included mental and spiritual senses as well. There’s a scroll for each different senses, each one costing 100 spiritual crystal, a total of 700 spiritual crystal for the whole set.

Though it’s considered a low level Heaven Rank technique, once all seven techniques were mastered, it could rival a single high level Heaven Rank technique!

“This enlightenment technique, I must have it!”

Just looking at the summary was enough to make Luo Xiu’s eyes sparkle.

The purpose of the <<Seven Divine Cultivation>> was to enhance a person’s inborn seven senses, Luo Xiu needed this technique in order to make up for his lack of sense of taste and smell.

Once this technique is mastered, the user will have God like sense of taste and smell.

“Would it actually an average person’s ability to taste and smell?”

Luo Xiu was quite excited, this technique…was beyond useful for chefs!

However, there were some disadvantages. Though the <<Seven Divine Cultivation>> was a powerful skill…it could only influence a total of seven meridian points, this means that this technique would not contribute much in terms of spiritual growth.

When you consider that a regular human body has over a thousand meridian points…

Most chefs on the path to become a Kitchen Xiuzhen, considered this technique as merely a supplementary option.

“When it fact cooking is the foundation of all Kitchen Xiuzhen practitioners…therefore, this skill is more vital than energy cultivation alone!”

“First, let’s buy this <<Seven Divine Cultivation>>!”

“In order to forge iron, one must have a strong body. Once my sense taste and smell recovered, I can create even better dishes.”

Luo Xiu gave it one more thought, and made his decision.

In his eyes, there were no spiritual techniques or skills more valuable than his own bodily awareness.

Luo Xiu took out the Ring of Heaven & Earth and held one of the spiritual crystals close to the mysterious space marked with <<Seven Divine Cultivation>>. The spiritual energy within the crystal was soon sucked dry but the space showed no sign of opening.

The Summary had mentioned that it would cost 700 spiritual crystals…clearly its rules were quite strict.

One by one, Luo Xiu held each spiritual crystal close to the dark space. No more, no less, exactly 100 pieces of spiritual crystal later, a bright spiritual light flashed from the formerly dark space.


The mysterious space opened, revealing an ancient book within.

“Aih, that’s really stingy…looks like I really need to pay 700 spiritual crystals in order to access the full set, ah!”

Luo Xiu shook his head, stuck his hand into the space and withdrew the ancient book.

<<Seven Divine Cultivation>> — Knowledge of the Tongue.

[The Divine Soul is split into seven parts: First Soul – Strength, Second Soul – Intelligence, Third Soul – Spirit, Fourth Soul – Strength, Fifth Soul – Balance, Sixth Soul – Energy, Seventh Soul – Valiance. All seven souls corresponded with the seven of the human body’s natural meridian points — eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, mind and spirit!] [The tongue contains the taste meridian, which corresponds with the Divine Soul of Balance…] [By opening up the Divine Soul of Balance, one could access the Taste Meridian…once mastered, will gain a God level sense of taste. With this skill, one would be able to discern different types of ingredients that went into a dish. This skill will enable the user to envision completely different and unexpected creations…to be able to properly judge the pros and cons of one’s own dishes meant that one would be able to instantly know how and what to improve upon for every dish…] [… …]

This was the brief introduction within the <<Seven Divine Cultivation>> for Knowledge of the Tongue.

Luo Xiu had merely glanced through this introduction when his breathing grew heavier…this, wasn’t this the description of the legendary God Tongue?

It’s God Tongue, ah![1]

A legendary ability even more amazing than super tasters!

Luo Xiu was instantly determined to collect the entire set of the <<Seven Divine Cultivation>>.

Heaven rank!

This was definitely worthy of being called Heaven rank!

Whoever mastered all seven techniques would definitely gain an ability equal to that of a high level Heaven rank technique.

Divine Sight, Divine Tongue… just thinking about it made Luo Xiu’s blood boil with excitement.

“If I really master all seven Divine Cultivation, not only will my number of dishes increase, I’d be able to understand ingredients better and improve my cooking skills, ah!”

People from the Land of Fine Cuisine may not appreciate these techniques, but  those who spent their lives mastering Chinese cuisines with their many precise steps whose measurements depended on ingredients, temperature and weather conditions, these seven Divine Cultivation would be the key to ultimate perfection.

Sight Meridian [Divine Sight]: Able to discern freshness of ingredients with just one glance; accurately judge heating levels down to very precise degree… Use in Kitchen Wars: Be able to instantly see through opponents’ movements down to the most minute detail and reproduce an opponent’s unique skill…

Nose Meridian [Divine Nose]: Able to discern freshness of ingredients through smell alone, at the same time divine best combination of spices and seasoning for any type of ingredient in order to maximise its impact. Though a superior sense of smell, he would be able to better monitor the cooking process, and wringing out the best result possible!

… …

Once Luo Xiu leafed through the entire set of the <<Seven Divine Cultivation>>.his heart was…instantly inspired!

In truth, his cooking had hit a rut in his past life, going neither forwards nor backwards.

However, once he mastered all Seven Divine Knowledge…he would be able to push Chinese Cuisine to the highest degree of perfection.

“Tremble, you plebs!”

Luo Xiu really wanted to roar his feelings out at this very moment.

“Next is cultivation, but before that let’s pick out a body refining technique first!”

Luo Xiu excitedly made his way to the Body Refining section.

Cooking takes a toll on a chef’s body, in addition to the Seven Divine Knowledge, he should also properly develop his body!


[1] Lol, God Tongue! Who’s reminded of Erina-sama?!



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