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Little Cooking Saint – 0029 – Lindon Honey & Wild Yam Cake (1)

Strange World Little Cooking Saint

Chapter 29 – Lindon Honey & Wild Yam Cake (1)


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Once they have eaten and drunk their fill, Shiyu noticed how sticky and smoky her skin and clothes felt and shyly expressed her wish to take a bath.

As a matter of fact, girls enjoyed being clean and Ren Xue, who was in a good mood from being so well fed, offered to go with Shiyu.

Shiyu happily nodded, and the two girls proceeded up stream a little further away from the main group where a natural pool had formed under a small cascade. With the constant running water, the pool water was quite clean.

While one person bath, the other kept watch. Shiyu generously offered to keep the first watch while Ren Xue bathed as she sat upon a rock next to the stream. She spent the time chatting idly with Ren Xue as she kept a sharp eye out for danger, and peeping toms.

A light breeze shook the tree branches, and the rustling sound must have covered noise of everything else. Thus, when a black figure appeared, one hand suddenly extended to push Shiyu into the water, she only had time to shout, “Ah-” and was heard no more.

Ren Xue was only halfway done with her bath when she heard the aborted scream. With quick hands, she grabbed her clothes and covered up that womanly pride of a body and shouted, “Who’s there?”

Zhao Shangqing’s disgust inducing face appeared from behind a large stone, he stared at Ren Xue’s chest, lust and desire colouring his eyes. He did not bother to mince words and just rushed over. Now the two of them were just a step apart, Ren Xue’s clothes covering only her vital parts, and the need for modesty made it difficult for her to move her limbs freely. In a short while, Zhao Shangqing actually managed to get even closer.

“Big sister, you should just give in to me!” Zhao Shangqing’s face was flushed with excitement, his hand and legs seemed almost drawn to her naked skin.

“Die!” Ren Xue a murderous gleam flashed in her eyes. She was not some ignorant little girl. She knew quite well the meaning behind the feverish glow in Zhao Shangqing’s eyes. If she had been as weak as those little girls with dead eyes, she would have met with a terrible end, with only misery and death to look forward to.

However, Miss Ren Xue’s dignity was not someone so easily profaned. She seized upon a long sword and aimed for his life.

No matter how arrogant he acted, this Zhao Shangqing was still a silkpants born of rich parents, though he may be a Level 6 cultivator, Ren Xue had already reached Level 8 a long time ago. Though it would take some effort to kill him, it was not an improbable task. When Zhao Shangqing felt pain upon his body, he realized that he had encountered a hard to swallow bone. However, for some reason he felt like there was some weird fire burning within his body, the pain did not scare him, it had in fact made him even more daring.

When Ren Xue saw that Zhao Shangqing did not falter from his wounds, she became suspicious. However, she chalked it up as some drugs he had taken to make his movements more aggressive the more she attacked him. In the end, by dint of having better fighting skills and actual combat experience, she was able to take advantage of an opening and swiped her sword towards Zhao Shangqing’s neck…

Once Zhao Shangqing was killed, Ren Xue still felt disgust deep within her heart. She rinsed her sword and threw his body into the forest to feed the wolves. Then, she returned to the camp, acting as though nothing of note had happened. After a secret meeting with her own people, they immediately took care of the rest of Zhao family people and had them all killed.

As for Yong Ming’s people, Ren Xue was tempted to have them all killed as well, after all, if the matter of her killing Zhao Shangqing came to light, it would not be good for her. However, the thought of that little miss who had been harmed thanks to the grievances between herself and Zhao Shangqing, Ren Xue could not bring herself to give such orders.

In the end, she absorbed Yong Ming’s party into the Ren family clan, turning them into her own subordinates, and considered the matter closed.

With so many dead bodies in the area, the scent of blood would soon attract all kinds of spiritual beasts. Ren Xue led her people away and thus, this night’s incident soon sank into obscurity.

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Once the last of them left, Shiyu appeared from her secret dimension. She had more or less calculated that this would happened. The grudge between herself and Zhao Shangqing had been resolved by her borrowing Ren Xue’s sword to settle the matter. It would not matter if the Zhao family finally found out what really happened in the future, by that time Lin Fan’s power would have solidified, and the future of the Zhao Clan, who had always butt heads with the Lin Clan, would be very uncertain.

That’s right — Shiyu had to admire that Ren Xue, who was a really decisive killer. That kind of chilling air was something that Shiyu never had. As for team Yong Ming, whom she had sort of made use of, she had quietly left about 10,000 taels of silver banknotes for them as thanks.

As of now, the grudges she had been carrying since Qing Shan City had now found its conclusion.

Thanks to the secret dimension, Shiyu could continue on her journey to become stronger. Naturally, her strong point still lay in cuisine. Whether it’s spiritual medicines or delicious ingredients, she would grab hold of it and tossed it into her space. There were plenty of ingredients on Spiritual Beast Mountain, ingredients with all kinds of strange attributes that were not available in the modern world. Whether these things would actually be delicious once cooked was quite another matter, but they do have all kinds of interesting attributes.

That’s right — the biggest headache for her now was how to cook with these high grade ingredients. The key was the balance between uncooked and over cooked. She spent a lot of her time chewing on wild fruits and herbs thanks to this dilemma. Once she finally managed to settle on a recipe and made herself a hot meal, she found that she had sort of, accidentally broken through Basic Level 5.

“Woah, this is really tricky!” After wiping her sweaty forehead, Shiyu happily ate a mouthful of her experimental dish, and promptly spitting it all out.

“The f***, is this made of shit? Bleh–” Trying her best not to breath too deeply, she tried to think of a way to scrub the taste off her tongue. Finally, she headed for a nearby stream, her head covered in dark clouds of despair, and dunk her entire head into the stream, no longer wishing to live…

The area designated as Spiritual Beast Mountain was vast, and there were many small towns like White Cloud Town scattered all over the place. Five Hills Town was one of them.

It was now spring, and the snow on the mountain ranges were starting to melt. Though it was still quite cold, there was a constant stream of people coming to the mountain ranges to try their luck. Aside from adventurers, there were also plenty of rich young masters and young ladies here to gain fighting experience.

It was only through experience that one could gain proper growth.

Shiyu sat on top of a Cloud Beast overlooking Five Hills Town. Evening was falling, colouring everything in red and gold, the clouds in the sky were dyed red. The earth looked vast and the forest a dark green. Within the town were little round buildings with green tiled roofs and white washed walls, smoke rose from the chimneys in thin spirals. The people looked like tiny dots from her vantage point, each hurrying around, minding their own business.

“This one?” Shiyu asked.

“I can feel its spiritual energy, it’s here.”

“Very well, let’s go down.”

Who would have thought that the Spiritual Beast Mountain was not just full of Spiritual Beasts, but that even plants could cultivate themselves and gain consciousness? Just like this creature she has tucked into a basket…a Radish Demon.

Who knew which bird accidentally ate some radish seed and had dropped its poop into the Spiritual Beast Mountain, resulting in the growth of a domesticated radish into this wild spiritual lands. After a hundred years, this radish eventually transformed into a Radish Demon and was able to communicate in human languages. When she had first stumbled onto it, Shiyu had been super excited about this rare find and couldn’t wait to chop it up for a rib bone stew in order to properly enjoy its flavour to the fullest.

However, after listening to the Radish Demon’s frantic and tearful story, she changed her mind and promised to bring it out of the forest to see the world, and to look for its old comrade.

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After landing at an isolated area, the Cloud Beast folded its soft and cottony body into a much smaller form and attached itself onto the end of Shiyu’s braid. This was the same Cloud Beast that she had encountered earlier with the others. When she had encountered it again, it turned out that this Cloud Beast was a friend of the Radish Demon. With this, she was able to get the Radish to convince the Cloud Demon to be her ride out of the forest, in the name of looking for its comrade.

With the Radish Demon’s guidance, Shiyu made it to the outskirts of the town. She was just passing by a pile of ruins when she chanced to look in, and saw a person lying in a pool of blood within…


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