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Strange World Alchemist Chef – 018 – Will Marry!

Chapter 018 – I Will Marry


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Things are starting to heat up, let’s all sit back and enjoy!

Hears from Gumihou!


“Why are you beating her! She did nothing wrong!” Wu Xuan could no longer keep watching. Perhaps there were plenty of families who beat their daughters, but those did not happen in front of him, so he could ignore them. However, now that this thing was happening before his eyes, there was no way he could ignore it!

The point was that one being beaten was an ignorant 5 or 6 year old child, what’s the use of beating a child that age?

Fang Ling never expected Wu Xuan to stop her. After all, he had already rejected the marriage interview, so why should she bother to even give face? Face like a stone, she shook off Wu Xuan’s hand angrily, “This is our family’s business, outsiders need not bother!”

Fang Ling’s scolding was so fierce and sudden that Xin’er actually stopped crying. She stared fearfully at Fang Ling and spotted Wu Xuan, her feeble brain somehow recognise him as safe and darted to his side for safety. However, her eyes remained lowered, tears started falling down her cheeks again.

“Hm, so you say that she’s a family member? Then, what were those words just now?” Wu Xuan’s eyes glimmered, he had caught every words spoken by Fang Ling. This Xin’er was not her daughter at all, but some poor girl who had lost her memory they picked up from somewhere!

However, no matter how you look at her physical body, she still had to be more than five or six years old, ba? No matter what, it’s still wrong to just take in a helpless girl and attempt to marry her out as your own daughter! He really could not stand Fang Ling’s shamelessness, it’s just too outrageous!

When Fang Ling heard his words, her face changed. She said coldly, “What are you talking about, since I’m looking after her she’s my daughter. Even if I want to beat her to death that’s my business! Since you refuse to marry, stay out of it! We’re leaving!”

Having said this, Fang Ling reached out to drag Xin’er away. The girl shrank back, she was clearly afraid of being beaten again.

When Fang Ling saw this, she got angrier. She hauled Xin’er up by the arm, “Let’s go! Since they don’t want you we’re leaving!”

The moment Xin’er was hauled up, her sleeves slipped down her arms, revealing a smooth white arm that was spotted with blue green bruises, clear indication that she had been beaten regularly.

“N- no, don’t beat Xin’er…” Miss Xin’er cried as she stood up.

“Let’s go!” Fang Ling gave them all an angry glare and prepared to drag Xin’er away.

“Wait!” Wu Xuan suddenly called out, making Fang Ling’s little group pause. “Leave her here, I’ll marry her!”

When these word were out, everyone did not know what to say. First you reject, now you want her?

Uncle Wu opened his mouth to say something, but Fang Ling beat him to it, “Well we’re not interested. It doesn’t matter who we give her to, but we’re certainly not going to hand her over to a disable thing like you! You think you’re so important-”

“Who are you calling disabled!” Wu Xuan’s eyes blazed coldly. In an instant, the room was suffused with the aura of a Fourth Level Cultivator’s spiritual power, angrily targeting her person.

Fang Ling stepped back, her body was paralysed from the sudden chi burst, causing her legs to weaken as she slumped to the floor. Her entire body shivering from cold, her eyes showing its white from fear. Though the Fourth Level Cultivation was considered low, to ordinary people with no defence against cultivators, this was terrifying enough.

When Fang Ling had blurted out her words, she had been operating on expired information thinking that Wu Xuan was someone who could not cultivate. For someone who could not even cultivate to reject and then suddenly change his mind on a marriage interview was too outrageous. She was so angry that she had just lost her temper, refused to give face and started yelling indiscriminately.

However, the current Wu Xuan was no longer the original Wu Xuan. He already gained the ability to cultivate and thus, was no longer considered trash. If it had been the previous Wu Xuan, he would probably have just obediently married a mentally retarded Xin’er without protest.

Wu Xuan really had no interest in marrying so quickly, however, neither could he continue to watch a helpless girl with a childlike mental state get beaten up. This made him extremely angry! If she were to be married to a bad family, who was to say how she would be treated? Or should he say, continue to be treated?

It was all too terrible to consider

Fang Ling’s lips had turned white as she continued to shiver. There was fear in her eyes as she said, “I- I was wrong… would Young Master Wu please have mercy! She, you may handle her as you wish…”

All the imposing spiritual energy were focussed upon Fang Ling’s person only, nobody else felt any adversed effect. Now that he had displayed his powers, she was frightened to the point that she dared not oppose him. Even the way she addressed him was different.

It was at this moment that Uncle Wu stepped in and reminded, “Little Xuan, it should be fine now now…you really want to marry her?” Uncle Wu was not some unkind person, however there was no reason to marry a mentally retarded young woman and create problems for himself when Wu Xuan could now have his pick of young ladies, ah!

Wu Xuan slowly withdrew his spiritual power, and nodded decisively, “That’s right” He slipped hand into his shirt and withdrew the money he had placed there. Standing straight, he said coldly, “Here’s the monetary gift, you may take it!” and threw the money at Fang Ling.

The moment Fang Ling saw the money, her eyes lit up. Afraid that Wu Xuan would once again changed his mind, she hurriedly collected the money from the floor, stuffing them into her blouse. Once done, she stood up, “Th-then she’s now all yours, I’ll just take my leave…”

Originally, she thought that she would have to leave this place empty handed, how could she not be happy with the gold pressing against her breast? The most important matter now was to quickly leave this place. If that Wu Xuan really became angry enough to smack her with his palm, even if she was lucky enough not to die, she would still be bed ridden for months.


Fang Ling was once again stopped by Wu Xuan’s sudden order. She froze with one foot over the threshold, and slowly turned around awkwardly. A smile was somehow forced onto her face, “Young Master Wu, what may this one do for you?”

Wu Xuan asked in a neutral voice, “Just what is the girl’s story? Tell me now.”

Fang Ling lowered her head, and said in a subdued voice, “Two months ago we found her fainted in front of our house. When she woke up, she was already like this, the only thing she remembered is her name. Her mind was unsound… however, please rest assured that she’s still pure, I guarantee…”

“Leave!” Wu Xuan’s face was pale as he spat out the word. Now that he knew the relevant details, the rest did not matter.

Fang Ling and the matchmaker ran like they had been released from jail, leaving just Uncle Wu, Wu Xuan and Xin’er in the room.

It was only now that Wu Xuan cast his gaze at Xin’er. He reached out his hand in an attempt to brush the tears from her eyes. The girl shrank back in fear. Wu Xuan was unsurprised by this action, instead he gently asked, “Can you tell me you name?”

“Elder brother, if I tell you name…you won’t beat me…” Her answer could have made stone weep. It looked like she had suffered a lot of beatings these past two months.

That Fang Ling was too repulsive, perhaps he should have killed her instead? Just as well she had not yet gone overboard, otherwise he really would have lost his temper! Getting beaten was a small matter, if she had sold Xin’er to a brothel, that would have been too tragic.

“Of course I won’t beat you. From now on you’ll follow this elder brother, all right? You don’t have to live with that person any more.”

Xin’er gave a sweet smile at this, “You’ll not beat Xin’er! Will let Xin’er eat until Xin’er is full…”

“That’s right…”

Another smiled bloomed on her face, “Elder brother, you’re a really good person. I am Yue Xin’er, don’t have to go with bad people any more…”

“Yue Xin’er…”

Wu Xuan muttered the name to himself a few times, then lightly held Yue Xin’er’s little hand. His ice attribute powers entered her body, making the bruises on her body disappear, leaving a cool and relaxing feeling behind.

“Yi, Xin’er’s body doesn’t hurt any more. It feels so cool and nice, ah!” Yue Xin’er said happily.

Uncle Wu said in low voice, “Are you sure this is a good idea? Is Little Xuan really going to marry her?”

Wu Xuan gave Uncle Wu a look before laughing out loud, “Must I really marry her? It’s just another pair of chopsticks and one more person to look out for. I think, I can still shoulder that bit of responsibility.”

It’s only one other mouth to feed, he could still afford it. In this world he had neither family nor enemies, having a little sister would be good for him. He also had no intention of letting this girl stay with that wretched family.

Uncle Wu laughed suddenly, “You’re right, we could still afford one more addition to the household. By the way, Little Xuan, you’re spiritual power is really strong, ah…”


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