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Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0070 – The Girl From Back Then

Chapter 70 – The Girl from That Day


“Very well, please wait for a bit.” Mike nodded, and turned towards the kitchen. He was very pleased with Amy’s answer. At the very least, she did not immediately agree to follow someone who promised to teach her magic. However, it looked like this old man have no intention of giving up, which made him wary.

“Beardy Old Man, where did you come from?” Amy was now certain that Klaus was not here to sell matches. Now that she knew that he had money, she was in no hurry to kick him out, and was filled with curiosity.

“I am called Klaus Io, hailed from the Lost Kingdom. It takes about half a year to travel from the Lost City to this Sin City. The Lost Kingdom is also 10 times larger than this city.” Klaus said with a smile, trying to make his expression and voice as pleasant as possible.

If the people from the higher ups living in The Tower of Worship could see the solemn and stiff Klaus showing such a good natured face to a small girl, they would have been stunned to point of speechlessness.

Mike managed to make all the way to the kitchen entrance before his footsteps stopped, and he clenched his fists.

Among the powerful magic users, about half of them gathered in the City of Lot. Of the most powerful, they kept themselves apart in a 36 storey Magic Tower at the Imperial Palace. Because these powerful wizards were consecrated by the royal family, the tower was also called the Tower of Worship.

At that time, of the three wizards who attacked him in the past, two were from the Tower of Worship. Indicating that there was a possibility that the attack had something to do with the Imperial Family, or at least someone affiliated with the royal family must have something to do with the matter.

After the attack, the Imperial Army was mobilized and the king ordered the Magic Tower to be searched. As a result, two small shrimps from the royal family were caught and thrown out as scapegoats in order to force the case close.

As for the name Klaus, his name was was found in the memory of the previous owner of this body. He’s one of the wizards consecrated by the Royal Family. It was said that he was over a hundred years old, with a solitary character, very mysterious and basically never stepped out of the Magic Tower. Not even for major evens within the Lost Empire. Not even the king could shake him.

As a knight, McGonagal originally did not really see magic users as a threat, he never saw Klaus with his own eyes either, until now. He had no idea what happened within the Magic Tower, whether the attack was a concentrated effort or if the two magician had acted on their own.

However, no matter what, Mike felt that he should keep Amy far away from Klaus. The schemes of the Magic Tower ran too deep, moreover Klaus was one of the oldest wizards from there, therefore he should know about the matter from four years ago. His insight should not be underestimated.

Right now the old man was trying tempt Amy to come with him by subtly rousing her interest in the Lot City. This really did not sit well with Mike, making him uneasy. He will not allow Amy leave his side, let alone to that suspicious Magic Tower.

With his mind made up, Mike entered the kitchen to gather the ingredients for [Yang Zhou Fried Rice].

“Have you walked for half a year?” Amy asked seriously.

Klaus thought she was about ask him what was fun in Lot City when Amy sighed. She looked up at Klaus, and said sincerely, “Beardy Old Man, you’re certainly very old, if it takes half a year to walk that bit of way. I think you should stay at home and rest properly, otherwise if you fall down on the way here, it would be really troublesome for the people who had to carry you back.”

Klaus nearly choked. Actually, if one travelled from Lot City to Sin City via horse carriage non-stop, it would probably take about 20 days only.

However, the purpose of this trip was to look for a successor, which lead him to take a more scenic route, and make stops along the way. Who knew that Amy would take this as him being feeble to the point of having one foot in the grave.

“Actually, I have even more amazing magic…” Klaus did his best to calm his feelings and once more tried to attract Amy via magical skills.

“Ugly Duckling, you want to see?” Amy asked Ugly Duckling snuggled in her arms.

Ungly Duckling took one look at Klaus and shook its head.

“Then, I’m don’t want to either.” Amy shrugged, giving him a neutral look.

“… …” For the first time, Klaus felt that this little girl was not easily tricked. More like, this half elf was trickier than he had expected. If he were to put it in a nasty way, this girl could be the bratty type who would not follow instructions easily.

Klaus was in the middle of thinking up ways to grow Amy’s interest in him when Mike placed a plate of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] in front of him, with a smile, “Your [Yang Zhou Fried Rice].”

“This is?” Klaus stared at the colourful plate of fried rice, his eyes brightened. It was as Amy had said, it’s colour was as colourful as a rainbow. On the plate, every single bead of rice looked like tiny pieces of gold thanks to the egg. The rest of the ingredients were chopped into tiny pieces the same size as a grain of rice, creating an unexpectedly beautiful dish.

The fragrance of egg combined with the other ingredients rushed up to assault his senses, making him swallow. This strong fragrance was even more alluring than the palace cuisine served by the imperial chefs. It’s been a long time since Klaus Io had been tempted by any kind of food.

He reached for the spoon and scooped some fried rice into his mouth. The rice wrapped in egg were tender and fragrant, the heavy salty flavour from the ham burst like flavour bombs in his mouth, different kinds of ingredients blend together in his mouth in a beautiful harmony. Moreover, the flavour seemed to heightened with every bite. It felt like his taste buds had been given a new lease of life, renewing his ability to experience the meaning of deliciousness.

“This is!” However, while chewing on the rice wrapped in egg, Klaus’ eyes suddenly shot opened. Aside from the rice’s sweet and chewy texture, he could feel an oddly comfortable feeling as soon as he swallowed it down his throat.

This feeling was extremely familiar, the reason for his shock and puzzlement. This was actually the sensation he felt when he drank water from the Spring of Life!

The Spring of Life was the property of the Elf clans. A long time ago, a very interesting elf girl visited him and gave him a small pot of the Spring of Life water. The flavour made him recall this important memory, and the reason for his continued existence all these years.

That thing, he had only tasted it three times in his life. Twice during an Imperial Family celebration. That girl was actually a good child, it was just too bad that she had met the wrong kind of person.

More importantly, just how did water from the Spring of Life appear in this [Yang Zhou Fried Rice]? Could it be possible that the the boss poured the water in while cooking? Even if it’s a drop, that thing was just too precious, ah.

Klaus’ hands paused for a while, however he could not help but pick up another mouthful to his lips. Exquisite deliciousness exploded in his mouth. Who cares about what Spring of Life water? What distressing memory from the past? Also who cares about getting a successor? These things were all thrown to the back of his mind. This dish was delicious to the point that he could forget about everything else.



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