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Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0069 – Do You Want to Learn?

Chapter 69 – Do you want to learn?



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“Old Man Who Sells Matches?” Mike was a little stunned. Looking at the pity in Amy’s eyes, he was suddenly reminded of the ‘Little Match Girl’ story he had `told this little girl as one of their bed time stories. It looked like she had assumed that the wizard watching through the window was a pitiful old man with no money to pay for food.

However, from the way the general air around the old wizard, he did not seemed like someone with no money. Just from the way he carried himself, his general air, while not quite aristocracy, was more like someone who had occupied a high level position for a long time. He did not seemed surprised by this restaurant’s unique furnishing, no, it’s more appropriate to say that he had absolutely no interested in these things. The so-called, eyes that have seen the world and did not care for small details.

“That’s right, look how pitiful he is, nobody bothering to buy even a single match from him even after waiting so long at the window. Why don’t I buy one from him, ba?”

Amy looked at at her father and nodded solemnly. She gave Klaus a gaze brimming with pity, and said gently, “Old uncle, please don’t worry, though you might still die from starvation after we buy one match from you, but you’re still better off than that Little Match Girl. At least, you can die without regrets.”

Klaus was stunned by Amy’s words, just what kind of leaps of logic did her mind go anyway? Regardless, he smiled and shook his head, “Little girl, I’m not here to sell…”

“I know you’re cold and hungry, do you want to eat roasted duck?” Amy interrupted Klau and hugged Ugly Duckling close to her chest and took a step back. She guardedly said, “But, Ugly Duckling is still a baby, so you can’t eat her yet. You’ll have to wait until she’s all grown up.”

“Miao!” Ugly Duckling glanced up at Amy with eyes as round as marbles. Wei, it looked like things aren’t as simple as you think, ah.

“… …” Klaus found himself unable to respond to this. It seemed that this little girl had foisted some odd identity upon him, turning him into a starving social reject who wanted to eat roasted duck? Also, what does roasted duck has to do with this cat like little beast?

Mike was watching Amy intently, and almost could not restrain himself from laughing out loud at Klaus’ expression. With some difficulty, he said seriously, “Apologies, Amy had just heard one of my made up stories and assumed it to be true. I’ll gladly take your order now, please have a look at the menu that’s on the table. Oh, but we’re all out of [Juicy Burger].”

“Very well,” Klaus did not think too much of it. He sat down directly opposite Amy and leaned his tall staff against the glass window. He cast a good natured smile at Amy and reached for the menu on the table.

The purpose of him coming in to this restaurant was to ascertain whether Amy has any talent worth cultivating, as well as to find out the restaurant owner’s opinion, however, just asking outright would be rude, he would play along first.

Naturally, he was not worried that his request would be rejected. After all, all he needed to do was to reveal his true identity and there will be people lining up from the Imperial Palace all the way to the country entrance.

Taking in a half-elf as an apprentice would probably bring some pressure on his head, but at the age of 120, this kind of pressure no longer bothered him. Right now, his goal was to find a suitable apprentice and let them inherit his knowledge.

Thus, whether it’s human or monster or even a half, none of this mattered to Klaus. Whatever people want to say, let them say, after all there should be none that would dare to school this old man.

This restaurant was the most comfortable one he had been within this Sin City. Naturally, when it came to comfort, it only met his minimum definition of comfortable. Compared to the Royal Palace of the Lost Empire, it’s still far from being luxurious.

The restaurant was extremely lively just now, considering that this restaurant was situated in such a godforsaken corner, the food had to be extremely delicious for people to make it all the way here. He shook open the menu and saw only two lines of dishes written on it. Just now the boss had mentioned that [Juicy Burger] was sold out, so that only left the [Yang Zhou Fried Rice].

“Boss, what is this [Yang Zhou Fried Rice]?” Klaus raised his head to look at Mike. Though he had lived up to the age of 120, he had never heard of this kind of dish before. Furthermore, it costs 600 copper coins which certainly wasn’t cheap. Just one dish could feed a regular family of three for one month.

“It’s super delicious! A super delicious rainbow rice!” Amy quickly answered, then she eyed Klaus with a worried expression, “Even though I know you really want to eat it, but we don’t accept matches as payment. Only cash, if you try to eat and run, I’ll have no choice but to burn you.”

“Actually, I do have money,” Klaus gave her a warm smile, from the loose mage robe, he stretched out a thin, wrinkled palm and showed her two dragon coins in the middle of his palm.

“Yi? So you don’t sell matches at all?” Amy stared at the dragon coins on Klaus’ hands and tilted her head, her face still show a lack of understanding.

“I don’t sell matches, but if you want one I can conjure up a match for you.” Klaus made a snapping noise with his fingers, and a match, about two knuckles long, appeared on his thumb.

Mike looked at this little play with some surprise. This was even better than high level magic, this type of magic that could create something out of nothing was just too useful.

Compared to Amy’s ability which could only create fireballs, albeit amazing fireballs, Klaus’ magic required a higher degree of technique, making magic relevant to real life. This, he thought privately to himself, was a really incredible wizard, ah.

“Wa! So you know magic?” Amy stared at the match on Klaus’ hand, her eyes sparkling.

Klaus smiled and nodded, “That’s right, I am a wizard, so I’d naturally know magic. This could only be considered a little trick. Real magical power could repel dragons and block trolls. Would you like to learn?”

“Yi?” Mike thought that this Klaus was just here for the food, who knew he would actually volunteered to teach Amy magic. This set off every single alarm bells on his person.

Though Amy really wanted to learn magic, however their situation now was a little complicated and could not be simply exposed at this very moment.

A few years ago, Mike had sneaked Amy into Sin City in order to avoid the eyes of certain people.

Those people had allowed him to keep his life in order to watch the drama of how he would further mess up his own life. Instead, he had faked a suicide and changed his face, and finally settled here. Four years had past in a blink of an eye.

A lot of people already thought the father-daughter pair had died. However, when it came to their safety, it’s better to be cautious. Furthermore, her magic had to be inherited from her elf mother. If her magic was somehow unique to elf type, the it would probably be better to find an elf magic user as her teacher.

“Don’t want to.”Amy did not bother to take too much time to think before shaking her head. She pointed at Mike, and said with great pride. “My daddy dearest is also a great magic user. He create this whole restaurant out of nothing and could make all kinds of delicious things to eat. Could you?”

Klaus was stunned, if she was talking about cooking, he really had to concede defeat.

However, when he glanced at Mike, no matter how hard he looked. He could not detect a single trace of magical wave from him. The whole restaurant was also created from actual building materials, none of it conjured from pure magic.

Though this restaurant was made from better materials than most other buildings within Sin City, there was not a single trace of magic anywhere. It looked like this restaurant manager have fed some lies to this daughter of his to elevate his position in her eyes.

“Boss, I shall have one [Yang Zhou Fried Rice], please.” Klaus said, looking at Mike with a smile. Since the little girl cannot be reasoned with, he could only try with the boss of this restaurant.


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