Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0068 – Old Man Who Sells Matches

Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0068 – Old Man Who Sells Matches

Chapter 68 – The Old Man Who Sells Matches



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“Yi, what’s this?” Just outside the restaurant at Aden Square, an old man with white hair and dressed in pure white wizard’s robe had been resting under a tree suddenly looked towards Mickey’s Restaurant. He narrowed his eyes curiously and said, “There’s some magical fluctuation over there, could it be elf magic? No, it has to be human. No, that’s not right either. How curious, I wonder what is it? That’s a really interesting magical wave.”

Klaus Io hesitated for moment before picking up a magical staff as tall as himself, and set out slowly towards the restaurant. It did not really matter if he stayed one day more or less in Sin City, perhaps he will find something interesting here.


At the restaurant, Sargerass looked at the menu on the table, he looked at Amy’s encouraging little face, and Mike’s uncompromising expression. He sighed a little helplessly, it looked like in this world, money was still the most important thing.

Though he felt that Mike was being little unreasonable, the moment his thoughts wondered over to the memory of the taste and effects of [Juicy Burger], the more he felt that a restaurant manager who could produce something like [Juicy Burger] deserves to have some rules and eccentricity.

Moreover, since this little girl possessed some frighteningly powerful skill with fire, it was entirely possible that Boss Mike was also a powerful wizard himself. Though Sargerass could not sense any magical energy from him, which certainly made it easy for people to underestimate him.

Sargerass had encountered a powerful magician before in the Lost Empire. An old human with pure white hair whose fireball could repel a dragon, a frighteningly powerful man well respected by the royal family. The most powerful magic user in the Lost Empire, though Sargerass could not remember that man’s name.

“Very well, I shall respect this restaurant’s rules. My name is Sargerass, I will return.” Sargerass held out a hand to Mike.

“Sa…Sargeras?” Mike felt a little confused, though he’s not a top gamer by any means, he had nevertheless played World of Warcraft before. He hesitated slightly be fore asking, “How’s your Burning Legion?”

“Yi?” Sargerass looked at Mike with little understanding on his face.

“Ah, looks like it’s only the name that’s alike.” Mike breathed out a sigh of relief. He stared at Sargerass’ large hand with the lines of magma pulsating lightly on it and shook his head reluctantly. “Nothing, nothing, I am Mike. Please come and patronise our restaurant again, as for shaking hands, I still need to work later, and bandages would just get in the way.”

“Very well, Boss Mike. We’ll meet again.” Sargerass was a little stunned, he looked down at his own hand and realised that a human magic user was still a human. He withdraw his hand, turned around, suppressed his body temperature down enough so that he would not melt the door handle and left.

“Burning Legion? That is not a bad name at all…” Sargerass nodded to himself as he left the main entrance, and quickly strode towards Aden Square’s exit.

“Daddy dearest, is little Amy awesome?” Amy stared up at Mike, clearly fishing for a praise.

“Oh, yes. Amy is very awesome. Amy is a great help.” Mike laughed as he stroked Amy’s head. He felt that he depended too much on Amy’s performance, like trying to use a tiger skin against true danger. Without true power or backing, they could only hold up this large piece of tiger skin to protect their little restaurant. Right now they had just managed a narrow escape, but no matter what, it was vital for Mike to increase his fitness status.

Amy continued to smile happily, a perfectly satisfied expression on her face.

“Boss Mike, two of your newest dishes here, please.” At this moment, one of the two latest customers who had just entered raised his hand timidly.

“I want two of your latest dishes as well, please take your time, no need to hurry.” The other customer was also perfectly polite as he smiled nervously.

“Very well, please wait for awhile.” Mike smiled and nodded. He allowed Amy and little Ugly Duckling time to play as he trotted quickly towards the kitchen.


“Looks like that magic wave originated from that little chap, ba?” Klaus peeked in from the floor to ceiling glass window, watching as Amy play with the orange and white striped beast in her arms, a little stunned. Then, he shook his head and sighed, “Such a pity, what should have been an exceptional genius have been ruined by conflicting bloodlines. This man have completely wasted a good piece of jade. Just a little polishing and we’d have been able to carve out a wonderful piece of gem.”

Klaus felt very cross, unable to move from his position as he continued to stare at Amy. He stood for quite some time just like that in front of the window.

“Ugly Duckling, what do you think Beardy Old Man is doing just standing there not moving. Could it be that he has no money and didn’t dare to come in? Just like the Little Match Girl trying to sell her matches? If he wants to sell his matches, don’t you think we should by at least one match from him?” Amy had also seen Klaus standing behind the glass window. She whispered all this to Ugly Duckling in her arms, wide eyes staring Klaus up and down, trying to see if there was a pouch that looked like it might contain little boxes of matches.

“Miao~” Ugly Duckling answered, also looking the old man over, but not finding anything interesting.

“That little brat certainly has some magical powers, though she’s only a half, it’s still possible to make something out of her. Maybe I could check it out for a bit.” Klaus stared at the twin braids, looking at Amy who was staring straight at him with large blue eyes. The brat was clearly magical, he thought to himself, and very cute. However, he was in no hurry to enter the shop, after looking at the opening hours posted at the entrance, he settled down to wait. For over half an hour, the old man squinted at Amy and Ugly Duckling through the clear glass.

As Mike bustled about with his dishes, he also noticed Klaus who was dressed in distinctive wizardly white, looked much more wizard-ish compared to their gloomy wizard neighbour who favoured black robes. In fact, the white robes, coupled with the long white beard and hair, as well as a tall grey staff, he was the very image of a wizard straight out of the fantasy world.

After standing and staring for a bit, Amy approached the window with Ugle Duckling and sat down right in front of the old man. Old and young stared at one another, and aside from collecting money from the customers, Amy continued the staring match without blinking.

When 9:00 approached, the customers gradually became fewer. The 64 [Juicy Burger] he had prepared for that day were all gone by 8:30, quite a few of the customers who had missed out on this new product pleaded for Mike to make a more.

Mike could only shrug helplessly at this request, he too wish to increase production and make more money. It looked like he would have to up his efficiency and push the limits of his strength to maximise the numbers.

When Klaus saw there were only three customers left in the restaurant, he removed his gaze from Amy’s person and entered from the door.

“Welcome,” Mike said with a smile. This would be the first wizard to enter this restaurant.

“Daddy dearest, this is the Old Man Who Sells Matches.” Amy said sincerely after taking one look at Klaus.





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