Fine Food Broadcaster – 0018 – 12:10 pm

Fine Food Broadcaster – 0018 – 12:10 pm

Chapter 18: 12:10pm


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The next day, Ye Fei got up very early. He spent some time squeezing his brain for ideas on what to make that day. After a long time, he ended up yelling for [System] in his mind.

“[System], must I only work with potatoes at Level 1 access? Do I have any other choices?”

[Fine Food Broadcasting System], “Though dishes from Level 1 access are simple, there are nevertheless plenty to choose from. The ingredients provided for the host will depend on the dish decided by the [System].”

Ye Fei felt relieved, he really couldn’t take it if he had to face potatoes every day, even looking at a potato will probably make him sick by then.

“So, what kind of ingredients will we be using today?”

“Today’s ingredients will only be known at the start of the live broadcasting.”

“So you can’t even give me a hint? You know, so that I can at least mentally prepare myself on what kind of dish to make.”

“There’s no need.”


Ye Fei had been insulted enough by the [System] to the point that he could not be bothered to lose his temper any more. Since that thing had absolute confidence, he saw no reason to question it.

Ye Fei’s broadcasting had been scheduled for 12:10 pm today. The reason why he had chosen this time was because it’s lunch time, and he hoped that there will be more people around that time to see the live broadcasting. With more people, he would probably get even more reward.


At 11:30am, the people at the QQ Broadcasting Platform have no appetite as they continued to stare at Ye Fei’s live broadcasting site.

Liu Ping, “According to the director, this Ye Fei promised to do his live broadcasting today. How come there’s still no movement?”

Tang Xiao Min, “That’s right, he did his broadcast yesterday at just past 10am, why is nothing happening now?”

“Xiao Min, yesterday you and Great Deity Ye seemed to get along quite well at the chat group. Why don’t you send a message and ask him. At least try to get a time out of him, ah. This waiting is just too depressing, ah.” one of the statistician tried to urge Xiao Min.

Liu Ping also chimed in, “That’s right, Xiao Min, go ask Great Deity Ye for an exact time.”

Tang Xiao Min rolled her eyes, glared at her colleagues, and said crossedly, “You guys, yesterday all of you have added Deity Ye’s pp account, why don’t you ask him yourself?”

If she had not said anything it would be better, but now the words were said, the whole statistics department exploded.

“I added Deity Ye’s account, ah, even sent several tens of messages, but not a single reply, ah!”

“Me too, I typed until until I lost three rings on my fingerprints, but did not get even a fart.”

“Deity Ye is also the type that likes beautiful girls, ah, Xiao Min, you sure have a big face, chatting so much with Deity Ye.”

“Looks like you will most likely be Deity Ye’s special statistician, I’m so jealous.”

Tang Xiao Min was finally swayed by these people’s complaints, and waved her hand quickly at them, “Fine, fine, please stop, I’m starting to fear for my life here. Don’t push me any more otherwise you’ll really send me to my death, ah. I will ask him, but there’s no guarantee that Deity Ye would reply.”

Liu Ping and the rest quickly nodded their heads, no matter what, they still have to try. It’s better than just sitting here and tormenting themselves.

Tang Xiao Min opened up her own pp account and quickly found Ye Fei’s icon. She sent a quick message over.

“Deity Ye, are you there?”

Ye Fei had been surfing the web, the various websites just blindly crossing his screen absent mindedly. His heart was just too anxious to take any information in. This [System] was just too mean, to think that this bastard intend to take 90% of all his earnings, they might as well just take the whole f*****g thing.

However, after muling over this matter for a while, he had to concede that this was actually not a bad arrangement. At the very least, it would help him to develop some proper discipline for this broadcasting thing.

He was basically just wasting time when a message from that Tang Xiao Min lady popped in.

Ye Fei automatically clicked on the bouncing icon, it looked like they wanted a time for the broadcast, so he fired a short message back.

[Noon, 12:10]

Tang Xia Min of QQ Broadcasting gave a small shriek, freaking out Liu Ping and the rest of the office.

“Xiao Min, what happened?”

“That’s right, what’s the matter with you? Could it be that Deity Ye had decided to cancel?”

“No way, ba? No matter how amazing a newbie is, they still have to broadcast every single day for some time in order to establish a proper fan base. If he breaks the cycle too quickly his fans will desert him.”

“He-he, have we put too much hope on this? Perhaps Deity Ye is not at all interested in broadcasting, perhaps he has found better things to do.”

“My heart, it can’t take all these shocks, ah.”

At this time, Feng Tian Lai just happened to pass these people lamenting and clutching their heads, and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Liu Ping gave a bitter smile, “Manager, it looked like Deity Ye has decided not to broadcast today.”

Feng Tian Lai was stunned, he shook his head in denial, “No way, yesterday Ye Fei had already promised to broadcast today. The only thing uncertain was the exact timing.”

“But, Tang Xiao Min just sent a message to Deity Ye, and his answer freaked her out.” Another statistician quipped.

“Xiao Min, what the heck is going on?”

Tang Xiao Min laughed out loud, “Why don’t you guys just let me read out the message before jumping to conclusions? Why did you think the reason I screamed is due to Deity not broadcasting, ah? My excitement just got the better of me, Deity Ye has given me a concrete time, you guys, ah…”


“Xiao Min, you say Deity Ye will be broadcasting today?”

“And you know when? What time is it? Speak out.”

A crowd of people gathered around Tang Xiao Ming’s cubicle, noisily demanding answers.

Tang Xiao Min pointed at her computer screen. “Noon, 12:10.”

Their eyes followed Tang Xiao Min’s finger, the moment they read the message from Ye Fei, they quickly cheered up again.

“The f***, 12:10 pm, ah?”

“What time is it now? 11:35 am? Isn’t it almost time?”

“Prepare, we have to prepare, and see just how much reward Ye Fei reaps in.”

“Please make it more than yesterday’s 32,000.”

“My comrades, we should not be too optimistic. There are plenty of broadcasts that garnered a lot of attention in the beginning before petering out. Ye Fei’s broadcast is a novel thing, after all. Yesterday he was able to achieve great results, but today is another day.”

“That’s right, we also have Iron Stomach’s broadcast with the 1.05 meter Super Pizza, it’s quite possible that a number of people will be drawn over there.”

Most of the people became a little subdued, what they said made sense after all.

“No matter what, we’ll soon see.”


In a short time, Ye Fei’s 12:10 pm broadcasting time soon spread like wild fire, and soon most people within the broadcasting department knew.

“That crazy guy from Fine Food Section will be broadcasting at 12:10 pm.”

“12:10 pm, ah? That’s a pretty good time, it’s lunch time after all.”

“That’s a good time, quite a number of viewers would be free.”

“Tcheh, so what if they have the free time, that Fine Food Section is basically a tundra. Even if people are at their lunch break, they would still choose Song & Dance or Language Broadcasting which would warm the heart and increase the appetite.”

“That’s right, just look at those freaks from Fine Food Broadcasting, every one of them ate and ate like hungry ghost. Disgusting. If I watch them during my lunch, I’ll lose my appetite.”

“Me too, just a bunch of people with no artistry or special content. Our Song & Dance Section is way better. We have already collected 35,000 reward today, breaking that Ye Fei’s result from yesterday.”

“Our Language Section have also reached 30,000 rewards as of now, so we’ll have to work even harder.”

“As I was saying, Song & Dance and Language Section are the kings and queens of the broadcasting platform. This Fine Food Section is just a little fireworks in a teacup. If Ye Fei can surpass our result, I’ll eat three boxes of fast food in one go.”

“Pu~~~ Xiao Jie, if you do that you can join the Fine Food Section, haha.”

As the discussions and speculations continued, the clock ticked closer to 12 o’clock.


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