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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 060 – This World is Not So Simple

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 60 – This World, Is Not so Simple, ah!


That night, Luo Xiu who had worked hard the whole day settled down to calculate today’s collection.

On his hand was a ring, set with a stone that looked a lot like jade.

Within this ring was a hidden space, world hidden in a seed!

The Ring of Heaven and Earth!

This was the reason Ni Jie and Wang Xi could easily take out both spiritual stones and spiritual crystals with just a flick of their hands. It’s all thanks to this ‘Ring of Heaven and Earth’.

Within this Ring of Heaven and Earth was large magical space, with just a simple flex of one’s spiritual powers one would be able to remove whatever they wish from it, very convenient.

This type of jade was a curious thing that was only found in the Country of Fine Cuisine.

“How unexpected, to find these kind of things here!”

Luo Xiu pinched the cold Ring of Heaven and Earth, within this ring was 1152 pieces of spiritual crystals. Naturally, they were given to him by Wang Xi.

A sale of 96 Bai Luo Mantou, Luo Xiu had steamed up a total of 108 mantou, a nice lucky number.

He had secured 10 mantou for himself, but… there were only 5 left.

Half of those were eaten by a greedy cat!

That Ye Weilan[1] had stuffed her cheeks and quickly chewed down like a squirrel and was now contently rubbing her stomach on the rattan chair. It could be said that today…she managed to taste stratosphere level spiritual cuisine, and had gobbled up the mantou as though it had been days since her last meal.

Moreover, some small amusing thing happened.

Someone had been too intend on eating when… their clothes exploded.

“An attractive body should have parts that sticks out…this one is still too straight.”

Luo Xiu had muttered this silently in his heart, as he concluded his calculations for the day.

1 high grade spiritual stones, over 20,000 lower grade spiritual stones.

“Weilan, take care of these spiritual stones!”

Luo Xiu dropped the bag filled with lower grade spiritual stones next to Wei Lan. “When you find the time, please change these to higher grade spiritual stones.”


Ye Weilan turned red, clearly remembering that clothes exploding incident.

The issue was that she had been too immersed in gobbling up the delicious food and had not realized when her clothes exploded. When she finally discovered it, her whole body had been seen by Luo Xiu,

This was just too awkward, especially for a young girl.

“Well, I’ll be going upstairs now,”

Luo Xiu knew that the girl was feeling shy, and thus left for Ye Zhong’s secret rooms with his Ring.

With over 1,000 spiritual crystals, he should be able to access all nine levels, ba?

Backed by this resolve, Luo Xiu made for the Sacred Knowledge Pavilion[2].




As before, the Sacred Knowledge Pavilion was still a dark empty space. Right in the middle was that <<Nine Gates General Knowledge>> bamboo scroll.

“Now, which should I exchange for…”

Luo Xiu felt a little headache creeping up as he glanced around at the words printed around the walls of the room.

Though he had a lot of spiritual crystals, he had trouble choosing which to magic space to open first.

“Man, Spirit, Arts, Beast, Plant…”

Luo Xiu started looking through the ancient words on the walls, trying to infer the contents of those mystery space from the words alone.

‘Man’, should contain information about ‘Body Strengthening’ and ‘Opening Meridians’.

‘Spirit’ should contain the secrets Spiritual Cultivation.

‘Arts’ should contain some special information on specific martial or spiritual arts.

“As for ‘Beast’ and ‘Plants’…”

Luo Xiu could not be absolutely sure, but he had some ideas of what it could contain.

“There’s also ‘Secret’, ‘Ground’, ‘Sky’, ‘Kitchen’, ‘Seed’ and… ‘Division’…”

Luo Xiu was getting quite a headache from all these obscure words.

“The <<General Knowledge>> did not give any details on any of these things, if only I have a bit more information!”

The <<General Knowledge>> only gave an outline of the structure of the Nine Gates Restaurant. A total of Nine Floors, where each floor required more and more spiritual powers to access.

According the <<General Knowledge>>, the Sacred Knowledge Pavilion was where information regarding martial arts, spiritual cultivation techniques were contained. However, no specific details were given about either martial techniques or cultivation.

It also skipped over many kinds of martial arts style and cultivation techniques.



“The only thing I could do is study the detailed words underneath.”

Beneath each large character, like the terms and conditions on the back of a shampoo bottle, were some finely carved words above the mystery space.

For example, under ‘Man’ were words like [Lian Ti], [Kai Qiao]; Spiritual Arts, Ice Attributes, Water Attributes and Gold Attributes etc.

Luo Xiu studied each finely carved letters, and finally understood a bit more.

‘Arts’ meant the cultivation used specifically for Kitchen Xiuzhen cultivators.

‘Beast’ contained information about Spiritual Beast’ Eggs as well as the breeding and training of the creatures; as for ‘Seed’, naturally they were seeds of spiritual plants.

“This is unexpectedly informative, it’s my own fault for not properly studying this first.”

“This Sacred Knowledge Pavilion certainly contained a lot of odd things.”

Luo Xiu proceeded to study carefully, and finally decided on the information he needed – Summary!

<<Summary of Spiritual Material>>

<<Summary of Martial Arts >>

<<Summary of Spiritual Arts>>

<<Summary of Spiritual Beasts>>

He found that for each of the mystery space he had seen, there’s a correspondent mystery space with the summary of whatever it was under the ‘Division’ category.

‘Division’, turned out to mean ‘classification’.

In other words, for every mystery case, there will be a ‘summary’ mystery space.

“Goodness knows how many spirituals stones are needed to open this.”

Now that he understood this, Luo Xiu moved in front of a mystery space marked <<Summary of Spiritual Arts>>.

In his hand was a ladle, and next to him was a money bag containing 10,000 lower grade spiritual stone, 100 medium grade spiritual stone and 1 high grade stone.

Now he was ready to experiment, just how many spiritual stones does it take to open a mystery space.

To prevent his own body from absorbing the spiritual powers within the stones, Luo Xiu had prepared a ladle just for this experiment.


With just 100 low grade spiritual stones, the mystery space opened.

Luo Xiu’s face broke out into a gleeful smile, stuck his hand into the space and pulled out a roll of ancient scroll. It felt very thick, about 10 times thicker than the <<General Knowledge>> scroll.

<<Summary of Spiritual Arts>>!

Four of the ancient characters captured Luo Xiu’s eyes and he could not wait to look it over.


[Light Rank Spiritual Arts:


Water Attribute — Art of Falling Rain

Create water using spiritual powers to water the crops and grow spiritual plants!

Requirement: 1 Spiritual Crystal!


Earth Attribute — Art of Churning

Churn the earth using spiritual powers and grow spiritual plants!

Requirement: 1 Spiritual Crystal!


Wood Attribute — Art of Encouraging Growth


Metal Attribute — Art of Knives



Each of the the Spiritual related techniques were recorded in the <<Summary of Spiritual Arts>> along with the amount of spiritual crystals needed to access each scrolls.

Luo Xiu looked through the scroll carefully and began to swear.


[Heaven Rank Spiritual Arts:


Water Attributes — Spiritual Rain, Jade Wave!

Extremely powerful water attribute to assist in spiritual crop growing. May also be used as a physical attack.

Requirement: 500 Spiritual Crystals!


Metal Attribute — Ten Thousand Death, Thousand Cuts!

One knife, ten thousand matter destroyed! Even a thousand swords cannot beat!

Requirement: 500 Spiritual Crystals!



Luo Xiu breathed out a long sigh, this Heaven Rank Spiritual Arts, was clearly out to cheat money, ah!

Even a simple water attribute technique under the Heaven Rank Arts, not even one of their higher ranking ones, needed 500 Spiritual Crystals, ah!

These Spiritual Techniques were all ranked using the Light, Dark, Earth, Heaven system, with Light being the most basic. As for Heaven Rank…being the strongest, would require even more spiritual stones and crystals.

“And here I thought I could access entire 9 floors with 1000 Spiritual Crystals, it turns out I could barely afford 2 Heaven Rank Spiritual Art scrolls.”

Luo Xiu was suddenly struck dumb.

However, he finally decided to just take out all of the Summary scrolls within the Nine Gates Restaurant.

“What the…it turns out that Spiritual Arts are the least expensive?”


[Heavenly Fire Phoenix Egg: 10,000 Spiritual Souls] [9 Day Fine Loam: 10,000 Spiritual Souls] [Holy Kitchenware, Rainbow Cutting Knife: 10,000 Spiritual Souls] [Paradise — Opening Heavenly Secrets: 10,000 Spiritual Souls] [God Level Spices — Spiritual Dragon Rising: 10,000 Spiritual Souls] [God Level Ice Attributes — Frozen Comet Soul: 10,000 Spiritual Souls]


Luo Xiu was almost rendered speechless by the last few books <<Summary of Godly Items>>, <<Summary of Recipes>>, <<Summary of Kitchen Tools>>…

“Looks like this world isn’t as simple as I thought, ah!”

After a long while, Luo Xiu sighed again.

However, he had also found himself a goal — to become a Kitchen Xiuzhen!



[Gumihou: …just so you know, I’ve taken the liberty of deleting 10 of the ‘!’, which I thought made the text looked…juvenile…. Do you think it’s a good idea? Any way, they were really annoying me…]


[1] I’ve doubled checked the sister’s name. It should be Ye Wei Lan, or Ye Weilan depending on the format used, instead of Ye Weilian or Ye Weiling. I’ll be using Ye Weilan from now on.

[2] It was ‘Beam Pavilion’ in chapter 23, but that made no sense so I decided to go with ‘Sacred Knowledge Pavilion’ since that’s basically what it is.


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