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Imperial Chef Rookie – Chapter 10 – So Long as My Heart is Understood

Chapter 10 – So Long as My Heart is Understood, I shall Not Want

Warning! Warning! Warning!

Yuri detected, clear Lesbian action (mild)

Apologies for those who wanted something more exciting…



I walked forward towards the banyan tree. As I got closer, the shadowy figure of the person before my eyes became clearer. Finally, a shaft of moonlight illuminated her until she was completely clear.

Wasn’t this…the princess?

I slowed my steps and stopped quietly by her side. “Princess did not participate in the banquet, but came here instead?”

When she heard someone coming closer she remained quiet, until the moment she discovered it was me. Dissatisfaction fell from her face, which grew warmer and friendlier.

“You know that I disliked noisy places and prefer a more peaceful atmosphere. That place really made me feel uncomfortable. So, I made some excuses and came out to enjoy the breeze a little. Why are you here?”

As a result, I explained the entire detail to her, saying that I was actually looking for her.

“Came just to see me? Oh right, next time please avoid showing your face in these kinds of functions. It’s not good for you. Unlike the outside world, you’ll have to be much more careful. After all, a person’s heart is covered by their skin, no one could actually guess what’s going on inside.”

When she heard that I came looking for her, she seemed a little happy, but it quickly passed. After saying those words to me, she quietly continued looking up at the moon through the branches of the banyan tree.

“Yes, yes, I understand princess.. Oh, that’s right, princess, since today is the Seventh Day of the Seventh Month, look at this tree covered in fragrant scented packets. They should be hung by those palace maids in hopes of a good marriage prospect. Don’t you wish for one for yourself?” I smiled at her as I said this, and throwing a wink for good measure.

“I just happened to have two spice bags here, shall we write down our wishes and hang it up this tree?”

Without waiting for her for her to answer me, I ran off to the closest pavilion to pick up some paper and brushes.

When I tried to hand the brush and paper towards her, she waved for me to write first. Thus, I quickly write up my wishes and stuff the paper into the spice bag. I waited for her to finish writing hers and together we hung our spice bags onto the tree.

“Xiran, what have you written?” She asked with a curiosity clear on her face.

I raised my head and stared at her eyes, and sincerely said, “Hills have trees and trees have branches, an ignorant master is a pleased master.”

When I said this, a flash of pleasure lighted up her eyes. The smile she showed me was like a dazzling star.

“Do you know what I have written?” She asked, still staring at me.

I shook my head, “Xiran doesn’t know.”

“So long as my heart is understood, I shall not want.”

The moment these words passed her lips, for a split second, the flashy Milky Way and white shining moon lost their beauty.

Everything else paled before her presence in my eyes.

At this very moment, all light seemed to have converged upon her presence. In my eyes, there was only her, and no one else.

I was anxious and jittery, excitement and surprise, unsure what words to use in order express my feelings at this very moment.

My eyes darted about, unsure where to look. Finally, I raised my head to stare up at the moon, still sneaking the occasional glances at her from the corner of my eyes,fearing that she will disappear.

She drew closer to me, she too raised her head to face the sky. Softly, she said:

“The moonlight is especially beautiful tonight, don’t you agree?”

“It is, but, no matter how beautiful it is, it could not be a fraction as beautiful as the person before my eyes.”

After saying this, our eyes met, and we laughed. There’s no need for more words, we have both found the answers we most wanted.

It turned out, that your feelings were the same as mine.

From that day onwards, our relationship changed a little. No one else noticed this slight change since nothing significant happened. As for us, we decided to just let everything occur naturally.

One day, I received a letter from Wei Qi, asking me to meet him outside the palace the next day. According to the letter, he managed to become the top scorer of his school and was now preparing to return home to his mother, before coming back here to hold a post.

Ever since he entered the academy, it’s been half a year since we last met. Ever since I’ve entered the palace, it’s rare for me to receive outside news, I don’t even know the name of his school.

Feeling guilty for not even sending a note of congratulations, clearly I am a very bad friend.

Therefore, though the princess said I could leave the palace whenever I wanted, I thought it was better for me to properly ask permission to leave the palace and see an old friend.

Hence, here I am, personally carrying a bowl of carefully steamed Black Chicken and Ginseng Soup[1] to Yi Hua Palace.

“Princess, are you there? Yuan’er?” As I carried the bowl through the hall, I called out for the princess. However, no matter how many times I called out, nobody answered.

After a bit, I place the bowl of black chicken soup on the table, and was just about to have a look around to see whether the princess was around.

For some reason, nobody stopped me as I wondered through the halls.

As I entered the inner hall, I saw entrance to the princess’ sleeping chambers. After a light knock, I heard the princess gave the command to enter.

It looked like the princess was really here, which made it even more weird why nobody tried to stop me.

Thus, I just push the door opened. Inside, the bedroom was very neat and tidy, with sandalwood furniture that wafted a faint fragrance to the air.

In the middle o f the room, there was a four panelled screen, made of mahogany and inlaid with shells and flowers. Clothes were draped over the screen, steam floated  beyond the screen in billowy clouds. More intriguingly, the shadow of a person could be seen on the screen.

Oh no, in this kind of setting, even my toes have realize that this was actually a scene of the Princess taking her bath…

It’s all over, aiyayaya, what should I do? I did not do this on purpose, but even if I say this, the princess would not believe me, ba.

I immediately realized that if I don’t get out at once, I’ll be finished!

Just as I was about to leave, someone said, “Yuan’er, have you brought my flower petals over? Bright it here now.”

I’m finished, since I can’t sneak a way I better just brace this through.

“Ahem, princess, I am not Yuan’er, ah.”

“Ah? How come it’s you?! How did you get in here? Where’s Yuan’er?”

When the princes heard my voice, she was very shocked.

“Princess, please remain calm. When I knocked on the door you said to come in, actually, I never saw anything since I came in, ah!”

I buried the thought that I had actually seen her shadow, but a shadow was just a shadow covered in steam and a screen. Even if I saw her naked, our basic structure is the same, what’s there to be afraid of?

Just, I’m not sure why that shadow just now sped up my heart beat, my ears felt hot, strange things that should not exist suddenly started appearing in my head.

“Why are you still standing there like an idiot? Still trying to sneak a peek? Leave immediately!” The princess’ embarrassed voice was a little high, it sounded like she was pretending to be angry.

As I was about to leave, Yuan’er came back, in her hand was a basket of flower petals.

“Princess, I’m back with the flower petal…ahh!!”

She appeared even more alarmed to see me than I was at seeing her.

“You, I was just away for a bit, how could you be here?” The same question again.

“I- I…why don’t you do whatever you need to do first, and I’ll just wait for the princess outside. Once the princess comes out, let’s talk again, shall we?” After saying this, I escaped, intending to stay as far away from this situation as possible.

After loitering for a while, the princess emerged. Behind her was a depressed looking Yuan’er, from the looks of it, she was probably scolded.

“Yuan’er, you’re too careless, thank goodness it’s just me. What if someone with bad intentions came, how would you face the princess after that. Am I right, princess?” I quickly took the initiative to scold Yuan’er, hoping to push all the blame on her.

“Hmm~ is that so? Why do I get the feeling that someone up to no good is just nearby? On top of that, have the cheek to scold other people.” The princess had a really judgemental look on her face.

“Princess, ah, how could I be that kind of person? Xiran really had a reason to see you, who knew you were in the bath at that time. I really had not intention to just barge in. Look, I even brought some stewed Black Chicken and Ginseng Soup, very good for blood recovery, would princess please accept it.”

“Pushing aside the saying ‘Beware of Suspicious Folks Bearing Gifts’, talk, why are you here?” She immediately saw through my flowery words.

“Princess, I wish to apply for one day leave. Once of my good friend have just graduated from the academy and would return to the village soon. It’s been a long time since I last saw him, I wish to meet up with him for a little nostalgic chat.” I displayed a perfectly obedient expression as I said this.

“A nostalgic chat? Very well, I shall allow this. However, I have one condition, take me with you.” Her distinctive smile climbed up her face, spreading into a full smirk.

I already realized that things won’t be as straight forward, however, since she’s busy slipping threats between her promises, I had no choice but to agree.

The next day, I went to the [Ju Xiang Ge] Restaurant. Naturally, accompanied by the honourable princess, dressed up as a man.

Since it’s been a long time since I have left [Ju Xiang Ge], a whole group of people came out to welcome me back. Everyone asked me how I was, and wanted to know what I’ve been up to all this while. For my side, I happily chatted with them.

Xuan’er was especially emotional. She pushed passed all the others and threw her arms around me tightly.

“Elder brother Xiran, you’re finally back, Xuan’er really misses you, ya.”

I patted her head.

“After not seeing you for so long, you’ve grown taller. How are your brother and teacher? I really miss you, ya, aren’t I’m back just to see you guys?”

Xuan’er nodded, indicating that everyone was well.

Suddenly, the princess coughed , “Aren’t you here to see a friend? Let’s go, ba.”

Then, she glared at Xuan’er who was still hugging me tightly. She grabbed my clothes and started dragging me up the stairs. I had to quickly let go of Xuan’er and followed her upstairs.

“But, brother Xiran, upstairs still haven’t…” I was dragged away before Xuan’er was able to finish.

The princess and I entered one of the empty tea rooms, she slammed the door close. The atmosphere suddenly became really awkward, a sudden sour smell infested the air as she glared at me, breathing hard.

“Who was that? And what’s with the super familiar elder brother Xiran, was it nice being hugged like that?”

“No, no, no, ah…you’ve got it all wrong. I just see her as a little sister, definitely nothing more than that.”

“Oh, is that so? Do you even know what other people’s feelings are towards you? As for me, how do you think I feel, seeing you randomly grabbing on to people.”

Tsk, tsk, tsk, this was definitely jealousy. I couldn’t help but felt a little happy. To actually eat vinegar[2] for my sake, proved that she has me in her heart, moreover, it looked like I occupied a significant portion of her heart.

“Princess, I seem to have detected a sour smell in the air.”

“Really, but I can’t smell anything?” She lifted her nose and began sniffing.

“Oh yes, in fact, it’s very strong. You’re sure you can’t smell it?” I approached her slowly, since it was so rare to see her cute side, I could not help my desire to hug her.

“Princess, I may have no idea what others may feel about me, however, only one person occupied my mind.” After saying this, I lightly put my arms around her, tucking my face close to her neck, wanting to imprint her faint sweet fragrance into my memory.

“There is only one person I’ve ever like, and that is you, surely you must know this?”

She was overwhelmed by my sudden embrace and confession. After a while, I could feel her hand reached up and touched my back. Her head lowered to lean against my shoulder.

I could clearly feel our breathing and heartbeat, the speed of which seemed to increase with time. At this single moment, it was as though we have said more than ten thousand words to each other.

Even ten thousand would not be enough to convey my feelings. This collision of two hearts, was just too fascinating and irresistible…

“Xiran, I’m coming in, someone is asking for you downstairs…”

Suddenly, a very familiar voice came through the door. I only had time to look up, and saw the door pushed opened. Wei Qi stood there. The spectacle of me, dressed as a man, hugging the princess, who was dressed as a man, was just to exciting to a random person.

“Eh…sorry, sorry, please continue, just continue, I’ll just be outside. Please just call me when you’re done.” He spent some time rooted in place with shock , before retreating quickly. Before the door fully closed, he even had time to throw me a meaningful look, telling me to totally take my sweet time.

“Wait, no, Wei Qi, I’m not a cut sleeve[3]! You come back, ah~”

[1] Black Chicken and Ginseng Soup

[2] Eat Vinager – Jealousy

[3] Cult Sleeve – Homosexual


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