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Strange World Alchemist Chef – 016 – Marriage Interview?

Chapter 016 – Marriage Interview?


After entering the Sacred Book Pavilion and registering his name, he immediately started looking through books on spiritual core and martial arts. Since he could only borrow two books, he would have to make his selection carefully.

Due to the uniqueness of his constitution, there were not many books that fit his special circumstances. Only general books on cultivation for the body, mostly aimed for those on regular cultivation courses and nothing on specific elements or special cultivation. This book collection was just too ordinary.

However, it can’t be helped. Nearly everyone within the Wu clan has fire or metal element. In fact he’s the only one with water attribute, specifically ice attribute!

Wanting to find a specific book tailored for his use was just a nonsensical dream. If the book he wanted was not here, he would either have to buy it from outside or look for it in other clan libraries. There was no way he could find anything like that here.

His originally excited mood cooled. He had wanted to pick up a good book, but had to choose from these general cultivation books. Thank goodness there were a few that were about increasing cultivation — combining both body forging with mental arts to achieve higher cultivation. Normally, most lower to middle level cultivators below the Refining Stage would chose to focus on this first.

Naturally, if he could get his hands on cultivation techniques that could specifically influence the elements, his cultivation would improve much faster. Unfortunately, the Wu Clan did not have any books related to that, even if they did, it would most likely focus on fire and metal attribute users. Not something that would be really useful to him.

However, at least this book on Duan Ti Jue was still better than the Hua Ti Jue book. Since one was of a lower level technique and the other a mid level technique, it was easy to pick out which was better.

Once he had picked out a book on spiritual core cultivation, he settled on a martial arts book called Falling Leaf Palm, which could be considered a good martial arts technique. Naturally, it’s a general purpose technique, since there’s no such thing as element related martial arts.

Since the choices were pretty limited, the time he spent in the first floor library was enough to brew a cup of tea, before trotting out. He immediately went back to his room and began to cultivate.

He decided to drop Hua Ti Jue cultivation technique and focused on the Duan Ti Jue instead. As expected, his cultivation speed improved quite a lot, which was quite gratifying, however, even this speed was still too slow.




Wu Xuan’s head nodded, the light in his eye sharpened, he slapped a heavy palm onto the wooden stake in front of him.

“Falling Leaf Palm!”

A dull sound rumbled out from under his palm, and the thick stake shook from the impact.

Wu Xuan withdrew his hand, and breathed out slowly. Aside from his palm print, there were no other injury to the wooden stake.

“As expected of the Duan Ti Jue training, the effect is quite powerful. Though both are considered middle level techniques, this one suited me better as a beginner.”

Wu Xuan frowned, this was the third day of his spirit core and martial arts training. While his spirit core training was at an acceptable rate, his martial arts progress was quite slow, unable to see any real advancement. So far, he still could not break into the third level power.

Ever since the day he had gotten those books, he had focussed his entire attention on cultivation and training. He hated the fact that he couldn’t just download all the martial and spiritual cultivation techniques into his mind, like the Matrix. This had been his attitude ever since he was a child.

Sadly, this wish was not realized. The only way to learn was through disciplined training. To hope for some grand result after only the third day was just nonsense. Moreover, he had the feeling that the Wu Clan’s way of cultivation was unsuitable, though he tried his best to upgrade himself, the sense of being held back was strong.

The one clear thing Wu Xuan had gain from being a cultivator was a much better physical constitution. He no longer felt like a stray breeze would knock him out any more.

He thought about this for a few moments, and then shook his head, still a little puzzled. He had some questions, but did not really know where he could find the answers.

“Little Xuan, Little Xuan…I finally found you. So, you’re spending your cultivation time here, no wonder nobody has seen you for a few days.” Uncle Wu suddenly appeared, rushing over from afar.

The wooden stake had not always been here. It was something that he had constructed by himself. He had not gone to the practice hall with all the other disciples to cultivate his spiritual and martial arts. Though the environment there was not bad, he could not bear the disdainful eyes. Furthermore, this place was nice and peaceful, perfect for cultivation.

“En, did something happened, Uncle Wu?” Wu Xuan watched as Uncle Wu rushed towards him, who knows what the old man wanted, could it be that one of the elders were looking for him?

Uncle Wu finally reached him, and noticed the stake which was covered in deep hand prints. He said incredulously, “Did you manage another breakthrough?”

Wu Xuan smiled and nodded, “Yes, I am now at the Fourth Level Body Strength stage.”

“Fourth Level Body Strength?” Uncle Wu was stunned. It was quite awhile before his consciousness returned to his body. He said, “Isn’t this rate of advance a little too fact? You’ve only just broken through barely a week ago, ah…would you like me to speak to the elders and beg them to send you to a better place for your cultivation?”

Wu Xuan knew that Uncle Wu was concerned about him, but he merely waved his hand, “Thank you, Uncle Wu. But, it doesn’t really matter where I cultivate, I’d like to stay here for a bit more. Also, since my cultivation is still so low, Uncle Wu might anger the elders if we ask for more…”

Since Wu Xuan seemed determined to stay, there was nothing that Uncle Wu could say. It was then that he remembered the reason for coming here, “Little Xuan, have you forgotten what today is? We’ve just talked about it last month, ah!”

“What’s so special about today? Just what did we talked about last month?” Wu Xuan tried searching his memories, but nothing significant came up. Surely they’re not talking about his birthday?

After straining his mind a bit more, he shook his head, “I can’t remember, would Uncle Wu please tell me?”

Uncle Wu smacked his thigh and anxiously said, “It’s your marriage interview, ah! How could you forget your own marriage interview! You mentioned it yourself, you’re no longer a young boy any more, that it’s about time to set up a family, and for me to find you a nice girl…”

As soon as the words left Uncle Wu’s mouth, Wu Xuan’s own mouth dropped opened. Marriage interview was the last thing he would have guessed!

Now that Uncle Wu had mentioned it, Wu Xuan finally managed to capture the sliver of memory about the marriage interview. It was basically as Uncle Wu had said, basically thinking that about setting up a family since he’s reached a marriageable age. For someone who could not cultivate, setting up a family at 17 was pretty normal. Cultivators were usually too crazy about increasing their levels of cultivation and considered marriage a huge hindrance.

After all, cultivators generally lived a much longer life than normal people and have too many things they wish to accomplish. Thus, marriage would often be postponed. Naturally, the previous Wu Xuan who could not cultivate would be thinking about setting up a family by now. Since the ideal time for cultivation had passed him, it was time for him to get married.

Wu Xuan surfaced from his memories gave a bitter smile, “Uncle Wu, in your opinion, do you think the me now is suitable for marriage? I think it would be better if you could help me to reject the offer, and postpone this kinds of matter, ba!”

He had never indulged in romance in his previous life, to have a marriage interview suddenly dropped onto his lap after just a few days of transmigration was just absurd. No, rather than a marriage interview, the marriage was probably all but settled.

Uncle Wu sighed, “This marriage interview is set up so quickly because we all thought you can’t cultivate, but even if you can cultivate now, you can still get married, ah! No matter what, you should still come and meet them, after all they’ve come all the way here. Even if you wish to reject them, at least meet them first!”

Wu Xuan’s bitter smile deepened, since the other party have already arrived, he would have to reject them face to face. Uncle Wu was right, rejecting them without even a meeting would be too rude.

“The, let’s meet them, ba.” Wu Xuan could only agree.

“Well, go change your clothes! How can you meet anyone like this? At least bring some monetory gift, even if you intend to reject them you should still prepare some monetory gift and don’t let them waste a trip over, ah!”

Now that Uncle Wu had mentioned it, his current condition really could not be seen in polite company. To turn up for a marriage interview all stinky and sweaty would really be too rude, right?

“Aih, Let’s just go and meet for a bit…” Wu Xuan quickly went to his room to change.


[Translator: Ooh, I wonder what kind of person this girl is?]




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