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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 059 – It’s a Small World

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 59 – It’s a Small World

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Translator’s Note: I’ve changed Chu Yan’s title from ‘Chu Yidao’ to ‘Single Cut Chu’, which sounds more badass and more accessible to non-Chinese speakers.

“As for the reason, it’s simple…we’ll refuse service to anyone connected to Inkfusion!

Luo Xiu’s voice was powerful as he threw out his reason, there was a strange sense of perseverance on his face.

This was his principle!

In order to make good dishes, a lot depended on the chef’s frame of mind…the Luo Xiu of the past, never gave face even to the president of America.

Inkfusion had almost succeeded in assassinating him.

The f*** is he going to give them any face after that!

“Very good!”

Wang Xi’s eyes brightened suddenly, “Manager Luo is an excellent judge of character, in that case, I, Wang Xi cannot be stingy either… 12 Spiritual Crystals, I’ll be taking the lot!”

Wang Xi raised his eyebrows as he turned a grinning face at the increasingly pale Chu Yan, “Single Cut Bro, do excuse me, ha ha!”

While Wang Xi was indulging in a carefree laugh, Chu Yan’s face was completely pale.

In his entire life, as a dignified Kitchen Xiuzhen, this was the first time that someone had rejected his offer so completely, furthermore in front of so many people…what’s more, this Luo Xiu was just an ordinary person!

This made it even more unbearable for Chu Yan.

[Zhi ga ga!]


His hands suddenly clenched into fists, heavy resentment on his face, “This little brother, looks like…you really did not realise the influence of the Ultimate Food Sect on this area, ah!”

Chu Yan narrowed his eyes as he glared at Luo Xiu.

Luo Xiu continued to act like he did not see him and turned towards the kitchen, where…still another dessert waiting.

“T- this person?”

Wang Tianzong was completely stupefied.

Daring to defy an actual Kitchen Xiuzhen like Chu Yan, this brat…is he tired of living?!

“Luo Xiu, you really don’t know when a good thing appeared before you, ah! Let me tell you, those who join the Ultimate Food Sect would enjoy a steady supply of spiritual crystals-”

“We’re done!”

Chu Yan stood up, flicked his sleeves as he turned his back towards the restaurant, “We’re leaving!”

“I hope, dear manager…that in a few days you’ll be able to stay as hard headed as you have today!”

Chu Yan glared at Wang Xi, his face filled with wrath as he said through gritted teeth, “The world is a small place, though the mountain does not move, the rivers will. Divine Chef Wang, you won’t be able to defend it all!”


After Chu Yan finished his little speech he strode out of the Nine Gates Restaurant. A glimmer of light flashed within Wang Hao’s eyes, arrogance and pride etched on his face, “If the Ultimate Food Sect dared to step into Snow Moon City, I, Wang Xi, will stand against them till the end!”


Ni Jie and Ma Fei rushed over to surround Wang Xi.

Wang Xi merely waved his hand, “No need to worry, the Ultimate Food Sect will not dare to openly fight against the Templer over this little matter.”

“Manager Luo, please be at eased, with the Wang Clan backing you, the Ultimate Food Sect won’t dare do anything to you!”

Wang Xi had a stern look on his face, if he had not been able to break past the middle of the Divine Chef Level, he probably would still have some misgivings about going against the Ultimate Food Sect…now however, there was no need to be afraid of them.

Unless the entire nest of Ultimate Food Sect come up in arms, otherwise… was there any need to fear them?!

Luo Xiu shook his head, what Ultimate Food Sect, those clowns only have a big head on their shoulders…on the other hand, how could they have known that this Nine Gates Restaurant has the best possible defensive mechanism in place.

Just by staying in this building, Luo Xiu guessed that it would take more than an average person to shake up his position.

Moreover, from today onwards with so many spiritual crystals in hand, the secrets of Nine Gates would soon be revealed!

This was Luo Xiu’s strongest trump card.

“Brother, about the Ultimate Food Sect–”

Ye Weilian’s complexion looked a little bad, as she prepared to discuss the matter of Ultimate Food Sect with her brother.

Luo Xiu waved his hand casually, “No problem, I have plans in place!”

As he said this, he jerked opened the the wooden chest in front of him.


The aroma of freshly baked cake suddenly permeated the entire place.

“The final course!”

Luo Xiu took out an exquisitely delicate cake, and carried it over towards Wang Xi…in a short moment, all manner of Ultimate Food Sect, Chu Yan etc, were forgotten in the wave of this sweet smell. All thrown away beyond the ninth cloud[1].

In the eyes on all those present, there was only this gourmet dish in front of their eyes.

Faintly yellow glow with a slightly charred golden edge[2], its centre milky white, a sweetly fragrant smell surged up with the steam wafting continuously from it, practically creating its own atmosphere around the area.

“Come on over, ba. Every will have a chance to try this, 10 spiritual stone per piece!”

Once Luo Xiu announced the price, majority of the customers immediately cheered.

“This is good, finally I can once more eat Manager Luo’s cooking!”

“That’s right, ah. This is so unexpected.”

“I thought I’d never be able to taste his cooking any more!”

From the time Luo Xiu started creating spiritual dishes, all the diners have completely changed their outlook on the Nine Gates Restaurant. This restaurant clearly surpassed the Inkfusion in every way.

Because Luo Xiu could empathize with them, he created a dish just for his regular people customers. For them, this gesture was more than enough to move their hearts.

“This is…”

Wang Xi took the proffered piece of cake from Luop Xiu.

“It’s an after meal dessert, cake!”

“Line up, everyone gets a piece!”

As Luo Xiu started giving orders, Wang Xi picked up the piece cake with his chopsticks and gingerly placed it into his mouth.

The cake was only as large as the palm of his hand.


Wang Xi’s previously indifferent expression suddenly went slack.

After having eaten Bai Luo Mantou, he did not have much expectation for this ‘cake’ thing…however, he soon realized his mistake.

Just what was this cake, the level of deliciousness was just too amazing. In fact, when it came to richness, even the Bai Luo Mantou’s texture lost to it.

The flavour spread itself through his mouth.

A rich, sweet and fluffy taste that seemed light enough to breath in.

This cake would not lose to Bai Luo Mantou in terms of taste.


Just too delicious, ah!

Though its spiritual powers could not be compared to Bai Luo Mantou, it’s definitely delicious.

It neither stuck to the teeth, nor dry up the throat. After eating one, you’ll wish to have another, and another.

“Yi? Is that all?”

After Wang Xi ate his piece of cake, he finally noticed his empty plate… this cake, there was not enough of it to stick on his teeth[2].

As Wang Xi was struggling over this dilemma, the other diners also got their hands on the dessert.

As he watched the other diners gobbled up their cake, Wang Xi was suddenly struck by how funny the situation was.

Even Ma Fei and Ni Jie were among the crowd of people surrounding the latest dish, both chomping eagerly on their cake.

It was obvious that these people had fallen under the spell of this cake thing.

For that moment, the Nine Gates Restaurant finally managed to restore its former liveliness as a restaurant, the previous empty time was like a small interlude to a major orchestra.


At a small alleyway.

“Honourable Chu, today’s matter…”

Zhao Tianzong was being especially respectful, even humble in the presence of this person. Not a trace of lazy arrogance or pride that he had shown at the Inkfusion Restaurant was seen on his face, “Should be report this to the sect order?”

“Unnecessary, there’s no need to move the troops for just a small fry.”

A cold smile twined Chu Yan’s face, “Daring to crow just because he had inherited the backup of some Kitchen Xiuzhen.”

“It’s just some spiritual dishes…the Ultimate Food Sect has plenty of underlings who could make those kind of dishes!”

“What I am more interested is, what is the involvement of Inkfusion Restaurant in this matter?”

Chu Yan’s eyes were like lasers as they pinned down Zhao Tianzong, “Are you hiding something from me?”


As Chu Yan’s voice suddenly rose, sweat sprouted from Zhao Tianzong’s forehead, he rushed to answer, “H-honourable One, this one is just unable to report on time!”

“The matter only happened yesterday, yesterday!”

Hastily, Zhao Tianzong reported everything that had happened since yesterday.

“Li Yuan…”

Chu Yan’s face remained unchanged as he listened. “That little brat, so what if he died, anyone who betrays the Ultimate Food Sect cannot be allowed to get away with it unpunished.”

“The fact remains that because of his actions, I missed out on a good thing…”

The more Chu Yan thought about Luo Xiu’s attitude, the more unhappy he became.

“The son is a reflection of his father…as for that old dog Li Deyong, make sure you do a clean job of it.”

The way Chu Yan worded it, it was as though it was a mere trivial thing. After giving out his orders, he brushed off some imaginary dust on his sleeves, a hint of coldness seeped into his eyes. “As for our next target, well, let’s look into that Nine Gates Restaurant…”

“Since that brat is so concerned about Inkfusion…let’s use it as bait!”

“Tomorrow, have someone investigate him!”

A murderous rage distorted Chu Yan’s face, “Even you can’t stop a Kitchen War, Divine Chef Wang!”

Translator’s Notes: … … I do wish the author wouldn’t use such choppy sentence structure punctuated by random ‘!’‘!’‘!’‘!’‘!’ at every other sentence…

*crouches in a corner, muttering to herself*

… I also wish aggregated sites wouldn’t steal from Kitchennovel dot com and pass my work off as their own. It makes me sad and want to just give up…

[1] Beyond the ninth cloud – clean forgotten

[2] Cake – Made from [Ban Zi] eggs, [Mao Shou] milk, [Insect Nectar] and flour, is probably a Castella, or an egg sponge (Which is a Chinese dessert according to ‘eatwhattonight’).

 Picture from eatwhattonight, the addition of milk made it sag a little, but what it lacked in structure, it made up in moistness.

 Structurally firmer castella

Castella are made from four basic ingredients, (eggs, sugar, honey and flour), while egg sponges are made from (eggs, flour, sugar, milk, oil and salt).

Soo… based on Luo Xiu’s decision to make tempura, as well as his Chinese style of cooking. It’s probably an egg sponge with a twist of honey, a combination of Chinese and Japanese cooking techniques.

I assume the result will be a light cake, that squishes just right between your tongue and the roof of your mouth, based on the use of milk (possibly high fat, creamy milk, which meant oil is not necessary) and honey, the eggs could probably give the cake an extra lift as well compared to regular chicken eggs.

….I can’t believe I’m analysing a recipe made out of imagined ingredients…

[3] Not enough of it to stick on his teeth – Not enough to eat, not satisfactory


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