Fine Food Broadcaster – 0017 – Public Enemy No. 1

Fine Food Broadcaster – 0017 – Public Enemy No. 1

Chapter 17: Public Enemy No. 1


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When Little Greedy Cat read the link given to her by Iron Stomach, she was shocked. She had not realised that for the sake of taking down a noob, he was willing to go to such length.

The message sent to her was this: I, Iron Stomach, will challenge the 1.05 Meter Super Pizza!

Little Greedy Cat suddenly felt a little daze, though she was also a considered a queen of big eater, belonging to that category of girls who could eat as much as she liked without putting on an ounce of fat, otherwise she would not have gotten involved with Fine Food as a big eater.

However, she also knew that no matter who it was, there was a limit to their stomach. In challenging a 1.05 Meter Super Pizza, it had gone beyond Fine Food into torture.

Moreover, this thing belonged to the high calorie food group, a monster with a diameter of 1.05 meter, not something that just weigh one or two pounds.

According to speciality pizza restaurants, normal customers would opt for 14 cm pizzas, which would come up to about 250 grams. 28 cm pizzas would come up to about 750 grams. The largest pizza at 33 cm in diameter would weigh up to 950 grams.

It’s almost scary to imagine what a 100 cm pizza would weigh, it should be about 4000 gram, ba. Which came up to about 8 pounds.

This Iron Stomach really planning to challenge 8 pounds worth of food. Even she couldn’t bear this much food.

Little Greedy Cat knew that Iron Stomach has a big appetite, because this guy could  down about 7 pounds worth of food in just one hour. However, though there was a small difference between 7 and 8 pounds, this small difference would be like the straw that breaks the camels back.

“Iron bro, don’t be too hasty. Using this kind of tactic against a noob is just not worth it. Right now, the audience just wants to see something fresh, after a while the excitement should die down.” Little Greedy Cat urged.

Iron Stomach sent out a smiley face, “It’s fine, besides, even without that Ye Fei, I already have plans to challenge this record. Because I’ve promised my fans that I will do this challenge one day, this is a good opportunity for me to keep my promise.”

Little Greedy Cat stayed silent for a long moment before saying, “In that case, I will not do any broadcasting tomorrow. I will also ask my fans to support you, Iron Bro, do your best.”

Iron Stomach clenched his fist, “Thank you, Little Greedy Cat. Us veterans must be strong and let these noobs know it’s not so easy to surpass us.”

After exchanging a few more lines, both Little Greedy Cat and Iron Stomach left the chat.

Then, Iron Stomach sent out a direct line to the director, informing them of his intention to challenge the 1.5 meter pizza.


As the director of the Fine Food Section, Feng Tian Lai was just too happy. To have a trump card like Ye Fei suddenly appear, it looked like the Fine Food Section will revive from being a salted fish to one that swims in the sea.

It was at this time that a message pinged in, once he read the message, Feng Tian Lai was at first stunned, then he smirked to himself.

“As expected, this group of veterans is sensing danger in the current. Want to challenge the Super Pizza? Very good, just in time to make Fine Food Section a little more lively, let’s pull in more people.”

Thus, Feng Tian Lai quickly answer in affirmation and immediately sent out the Super Pizza Challenge onto the announcement section on the page.

Not long after that, under the QQ Platform announcement site, a special message was sent out: Big new from the Fine Food Section. Great Deity Iron Stomach will challenge the 1.05 Meter Super Pizza tomorrow live. Be sure to come and witness this historic event.

“The f***, are my eyes all right? Super Pizza Challenge? 1.05 meters, for real?”

“I have to go and take a look, just what’s up with Fine Food Section today? First there’s that crazy rookie Ye Fei, and now that motherf****r Iron Stomach also issued a challenge.”

“His challenge sounds way cooler then Ye Fei’s broadcasting. It’s Super Pizza, ah. My goodness, it should be about 7 or 8 pounds, ba? If you ask me to eat that thing, just 1/5 of it would make me puke my f*****g guts out.”

“Those people in Fine Food Sections aren’t really people any more, ah.”

“Let’s go and have a look tomorrow, this is certainly going to be an interesting event, ah.”

“Yes, let’s all go and watch tomorrow.”

As everyone was feeling excited about tomorrow’s events, suddenly a voice piped out, “Iron Stomach, good luck, you can do it. I believe in you.”

Everyone immediately checked out the name of the speaker. Fans of the Song & Dance Section suddenly went wild. The speaker turned out to be the latest Music Deity for for the Song & Dance Section, Harmonious Music.

In fact, the Song & Dance Section had plans to make a huge impact today, and have actually managed to achieve $ 30,000 reward. However, when they heard that Fine Food Section had a brat called Ye Fei who managed to collect $32,000 reward, the Song & Dance Section nearly spit up blood. They were still not sure what happened, but they’ve already surpassed their own previous limits only to be beaten by a noob. Worse, a noob from the, so dead it’s almost mummified, Fine Food Sections. Therefore, they also have not good feelings for Ye Fei.

Now that the Music Deity of the Song & Dance Section had spoken out, even the fans of the Language Class Section got excited, because their very own Great Deity, Gift of Gab, had appeared and expressed support for Iron Stomach.

This person was in the same boat as Harmonious Music, hated Ye Fei to the point that his teeth ached. If Ye Fei had appeared as part of Song & Dance Section that was still okay, however, to be beaten by a brat from Fine Food Sections was just too much, just thinking about it made his balls hurt.

After a while, a few more Great Deities from various sections appeared, every single one of them in support of Iron Stomach.

Quite a few of these Great Deities were just joining in for the fun of it, but there was still a trace of selfish preservation in their action. The Fine Food Section have always been at the bottom of the pile in terms of performance. Ye Fei’s appearance had upset the natural way of things. If the Fine Food Section actually manage to rise up from the bottom, who knew which section will end up in the bottom next, thus they have every intention of stepping on this new deity from Fine Food Section.

When the audience saw this scene, they were overjoyed by the liveliness of it. At the same time, they quietly speculated just what this Ye Fei did, ah. Just how did this one iron star noob did that got the entire platform so angry at him, ah.

“The f**k, this is still the first time this old man see them so up in arms, and against a newbie chick to boot. This brat only put up a single 2 hour broadcast and somehow managed to pissed of an entire pack of Great Deities, he must have done something really bad in his past life, ah.”

“That’s incorrect, this is Ye Fei’s…strength, ah.”

“Lou Shang, just what are you saying?”

“Did none of you notice? Having created such a stir among those Great Deities, this Ye Fei is now famous. I dare to say, as long as Ye Fei put out a broadcast, quite a few will surely go; just to have a look at the guy who had managed to piss off a pack of great talents out of pure morbid curiosity.”

“That’s true, who knows whether this brat will make a broadcast tomorrow. If he did, I’ll go and take a look myself. Now I’m really curious too, my heart is all itchy from wanting to know.”

“I’ll go have a look too, just how did this newbie chick manage to create such a stir, he must be a new phoenix, ah.”

“Pu~ Lou Shang, ‘New Phoenix’, I like this name, has potential, ah.”

“There’s no need for you guys to be curious any more, a record of the video is already out and I’ve already taken a look. That Ye Fei’s live broadcasting is really motherf*****g unique, ah.”

“How unique? Just how many pounds of food did he eat?”

“He ate nearly nothing, all he did is fry a plate of potato strings.”

“What? Fried a plate of potato strings on live broadcasting? What kind of shit is this?”

“Unsure, I’m really unfamiliar with Fine Food stuff, but I did notice that the plate of potatoes looked really pretty, and those fans of his, they got really excited by the type of oil he used. I really can’t understand it, it really didn’t look interesting at all.”

“That can’t be, if it isn’t interesting then why would anyone in their right mind shower him with so much reward? You must have missed something. Well, we’ll know by tomorrow.”

“True, true, all this talk helps no one, we’ll know by tomorrow.”

The QQ Broadcasting Platform was very explosive today, the number of users buzzing around numbered at tens of thousands more than normal. The statistician behind the QQ Broadcasting were terribly excited.


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