Fine Food Broadcaster – 0016 – Strongly Recommended

Fine Food Broadcaster – 0016 – Strongly Recommended

Chapter 16: Strongly Recommended


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Living more or less at the bottom rung of society had made Ye Fei strong and tough, like a cockroach. The desire to live was strong, and the more life tramples on me the brighter the soul of this old man shines.

Since the [System] removed 90% of his income automatically, all he had to do was make more money and get rid of this poverty stricken status as soon as possible via more live broadcasting and reach $100,000.00. By then, even if the [System] took away 90% of his money, he still has $10,000 left.

If he could reach $200.000, he will have $20,000, and if he reached $350,000? $450,000…and if his broadcasting target reached $1,000.000, $100,000 will automatically flow into his pockets. Haha, by then he would have reached the gold collar[1] salary bracket, ah.

The simple minded often find ways to make themselves happy. Thus, the more Ye Fei thought about this, the happier he became, even his whole body became more and more energized.

“Live broadcasting, this time I must really whip up the frenzy. I must earn lots of money, not mere peanuts, people who takes great risk will earn big money. Only this way that I could quickly earn lots of money, with this money I will buy a house, a car, a woman… ah, wait, um, marry a woman.”

With such goals in his mind, the will to struggle was once again renewed.

As Ye Fei quietly mutter secret encouragements to himself, there was an upheaval within QQ Broadcasting.


At this very moment, someone had noticed something wrong with the recommendation site at QQ Broadcasting page. Mixed in with the other general popular site was a Fine Food Section broadcasting, not only that, the person was an iron star level newbie broadcaster.

“The f***, the people behind QQ must have gone mad. Otherwise, why would a Fine Food broadcaster popped up in the recommendation list?”

“Pu~~ moreover, the broadcaster is only an iron level anchor, ah. Just what kind of mess is QQ in?”

“Ye Fei? Just who is Ye Fei, ah?”

“Never heard of him, ah. An iron level newbie, think he’s QQ Broadcasting’s Director’s adopted son, ba? Otherwise, how could a newbie be listed in the recommendation site, moreover, it’s even strongly recommended too.”

“Aih~~ even the recommendations blurb is very nicely written, look, it has things like ‘God of Gourmet’ and ‘First of Its Kind of Broadcasting’ written in it.”

“Haha, First of Its Kind? Just what kind of broadcasting could the Fine Food Broadcasting create? Just pick any random broadcast from the Song & Dance and it will beat the Fine Food hands down.”

“That’s right, the only thing they manage to cough up is some small deities only, just what is this thing with Ye Fei?”

Thanks to this little addition to the recommendation page, the outside world was thrown into a furious discussion, the chat rooms had never been as rowdy as today.

Even the few semi famous Fine Food Broadcasters could not keep their calm.

They knew how precious the recommendation page of the QQ Broadcasting Platform was. Without mentioning the ‘Strongly Recommended’ tag, even after getting onto the recommendation site, depending on your luck you might not even get a small blurb tacked on to help pitch your broadcast.

However, right now an iron star newbie had been given the best recommendation rating possible, complete with a nicely written blurb.

Just looking at the Strongly Recommended tag on the recommendation page turned Eat the Mountain & Rivers’ eyes green.

“Motherf****er, how can this be? This Ye Fei bastard actually gotten a strongly recommended tag.”

Monkey clicked his tongue twice and sighed, “Looks like there is going to be some big changes in QQ, giving random noobs recommendations while denying us veterans a shot at that site.”

Eat the Mountain looked up at Monkey, “You’re saying that the broadcast is planning to push this guy forward?”

Monkey, “Aren’t they doing just that? A noob who, on the first day of his broadcast manage to gain so much rewards in just two hours, would definitely catch the attention of the people upstairs.”

“But, he’s still just a single iron star anchor, the platform resources are limited, to give him such a valuable real estate, plus such a nicely written recommendation, I really can’t accept this. What would other veteran anchors think?”

“The purpose of the broadcasting platform is to make money, the one who could bring in the money would be pushed forward. Regardless whether they are new or not.”

“Hmph~ if we continue in this way, who knows how many of the veterans will be angry, QQ is really playing with fire on this, ah.”

“Oh, yes, Eat the Mountain, a few days ago DD Broadcasting approached me, they want to know if we have any plans to switch over to their broadcasting platform, what do you think?”

Eat the Mountain was stunned, after a while, he shook his head, “Monkey, though there’s some trouble within the QQ, I still wish stick around for a while. After all, I have built up a fan base here, so it’s better to stay.”

Monkey nodded, “What you said made sense, however, DD Broadcasting is more powerful than QQ in many ways. If you go there, the space allotted is bigger and the number of users from QQ is nothing compared to theirs. If it’s fans you worry about, you can be at ease about that.”

Eat the Mountain stared at Monkey for a bit, “You’re asking me to seriously consider DD Platform?”

Monkey made a small ‘en’ sound, “Let’s have a look at what QQ Platform is doing, ba. If they continue to be like this, I advice that you transfer to DD Platform. Also, that guy told me that they have approached not just us, but a lot of other QQ members as well. It sounds like they have approached tens of other anchors.”

Eat the Mountain sucked in a long breath, “F***, they’re basically trying to destroy QQ by digging under their foundation, that’s way too radical.”

Monkey made a ‘tceh’ sound, “So what if they dig around, this is business after all, and anything goes. After all, what is the purpose of being an anchor? Money, whichever platform that could give us the best deals, naturally we should go there. After being in this field for so long, you should be clear about this. In order for an anchor to make money, they must have fans, a good platform, and consistency.”

Eat the Mountain ‘en’ed, and thought for a while, “I still wish to stay with QQ a little longer, when it the time comes and we can’t make it here, let’s move to DD.”


At this very moment, the major talents under Song & Dance department, as well as other smaller talents were also talking about this matter among themselves. All of them were contemplating about their future in this business.

“This QQ is really shooting itself in the leg, ah. Why are they putting a noob on the recommendation sitee? Furthermore, it’s a strongly recommended tag too. At the very least it will draw the eyes of about two to three thousand fans, ah. If the show is even a little bit interesting, four or five thousand fans would be possible.” One of the Fine Food anchor with the pp account of Iron Stomach, also a Great Deity, complained to Little Greedy Cat.

As two of the major talents within QQ Platform’s Fine Food section, they often communicated with each other.

Little Greedy Cat sent a smiley face emoji, followed by a two palms upward emoji to indicate ‘Don’t Know’.

“Is it possible that this Ye Fei have some connection within the Platform? Otherwise I really can’t see a better reason.”

Iron Stomach, “If this Ye Fei is really a crown prince[2], the competition for the recommendation site would be even more intense.”

Little Greedy Cat, “That’s for sure, our recommendation rate is already quite poor, this week I only gotten an avatar recommendation only, no write ups.”

“Aren’t I the same? We’re both in the same boat.” Iron Stomach unhappily revealed this bit of news.

Little Greedy Cat smiled, “Actually, I’ve taken a look at Ye Fei’s broadcast, it’s definitely something original. While the rest of us focused on eating, this guy actually made a gourmet dish. His show actually suited the section name better to, it looked like a lot of people actually liked this kind of thing.”

Iron Stomach gave a loud laugh, “What’s so fun about looking at that? If cooking can stir up interest, then all the chefs in the world would turn to broadcasting. You just wait, this is just a flash in a pan, after a while no one would bother to follow it any more. In Fine Food, eating is king.”

“Hi hi, what you said made sense. This little cat likes eating delicious food, by the way, Iron bro, would you like to make challenge tomorrow?” Little Greedy Cat sent out a cheerful face emoji.

Iron Stomach answered with an ‘en’, “I’m really angry today, just thinking about that noob climbing over our heads really made my blood boil. We should show this guy what we’re made of, otherwise we won’t have any standing within the Platform. We have to somehow kick him off his high horse.”

“You have a plan?”

Iron Stomach sent a widely smiling emoji, followed by a news link.

Little Greedy Cat looked over the link and cried, “Iron Bro, are you crazy?!!”


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  • Gold collar – as opposed to ‘white collar’ workers.
[2] Crown Prince – slang for nepotism


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