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Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0067 – Time to Work, Demon!

Chapter 67 – Time to Work, Demon!


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The tiny blue-purple fireball flared opened, and enveloped Sargerass’ hand as though someone had poured a ladle full of alcohol on it. The blue-purple fire began to follow the path of the red lava veins and spread across his body.

In just a few seconds, flames covered his body. The blue-purple flames danced above the red flames, the differently coloured flames appearing to try and devour the other.

“Fu!” The people watching this spectacle let out a soft gasp, who knew that Amy’s little fireball could actually cover up Sargerass’ whole body. Only, nobody really knew just how powerful this blue-purple fire was?

“This level of flame, it’s…” Sargerass glanced down at the blue-purple flames, his face dismissive when he suddenly stopped short and looked at his right hand properly. The red flames on that hand, which had taken a hit first, had almost gone out. Moreover, there was a burning sensation on that hand.

And this was just the beginning. Once the flames on his hand was extinguished, the flames on the rest of his body started to go out rapidly. For a lava demon like him who had not felt heat for a long time felt like his skin was being poked by a thousand needles.

As Sargerass’ face changed, even Mike felt a little surprised. He had thought that Amy’s flames would not even burn charcoal, let alone go against a lava demon like Sargerass. However, it looked like he was quite wrong, the fireball produced by Amy appeared to be very unusual.

As someone with only a 1.5 health level, Mike naturally could not risk his life going against powerful enemies. This kind of suicidal move was not something he would ever consider doing.

However, he was not at all worried that Sargerass would actually burn up the restaurant, considering the lava demon’s interest in [Juicy Burger], in fact, one could say that this demon was desperate for it, and thus Mike had planned to use this desperation as leverage.

This was the basis of Mike’s confidence. Aside from Mickey’s Restaurant, there can be no other restaurant or shop which could create this [Juicy Burger].

Therefore, who cares how angry this lava demon got; he would never dare do anything to the restaurant or this father-daughter pair. This was also a good opportunity to test out the upper limits Amy’s fireball against a flame based opponent who could not be easily burnt,

“Still not enough?” Amy frowned at Sargerass. Then, she held out her palm again, muttering, “If one fireball is not enough, let’s try two.”

“Stop, stop stop! Ss! It’s burning me!” Sargerass jumped back, waving his arms frantically at Amy. The circulation of red lava veins on his skin sped up, forcing itself across his skin, burning through the empty lines left by the blue fire. Burning new red lava lines appeared on his skin.

He shook his arms a few times, making faint [putong, putong] sounds, eventually the red fire died down, leaving only faintly glowing lines. He looked up to see Amy still with her little palm extended towards him and flapped his hands desperately at her, “No more! No more! One is enough!” dread and fear bright in his eyes.

“Pu—!” The customers of the restaurant accidentally laughed out loud. Seeing such a large and menacing looking lava demon in his burning splendour cowering before cute little Amy, like a mouse who had seen a cat, was just too hilarious for words.

However, after indulging in full bellied laughter, a sense of curiosity went through them. Amy’s opponent was, after all, a lava demon. Not a mere empty shell of a demon whose most frightening characteristic depended more on looks than on ability, lava demons were legendary warriors. If it weren’t for their rarity, they would have made it to the list of 10 most powerful demon clan.

Thus, to see such a magnificent specimen of a lava warrior frightened by Amy’s little fire ball, desperately trying to avoid a second attack was truly curious.

Fire was this demon’s best and most powerful weapon, to see him so afraid, just how powerful was Amy’s fireball? The customers all made calculations within their hearts and turned different eyes towards Mike.

If they thought about it properly, how could someone who can open such a stylish shop and offer such wonderful food be an ordinary person?

Even his four year old daughter have the power to use fire to frighten a lava demon. It looked like they can’t really afford to eat and run, or simply lose their temper in this restaurant. After eating, they should just obediently pay, they really couldn’t afford to eat this fireball.

When Sargerass heard everyone’s laughter, his already red face got even redder. As a dignified lava demon, warrior of the demon race, to bow his head to a tiny elf girl, he also felt that it was a little bit wrong.

Though this blue-purple fireball was a bit scary, it was not the main reason for his fear. The diffusion rate of the fire ball was slow enough that he could have destroy it with a lava stone powerful enough to destroy this restaurant three times over.

But, how could he? Once this restaurant is destroyed, the opportunity he had been searching for over 50 years to breakthrough would disappear with it. This was the most unacceptable part.

Therefore, this restaurant cannot be touched, the boss cannot be touched, the boss’s daughter absolutely cannot be touched!

However, if he had to swallow another blue-purple fire ball again, he felt that a layer of his skin will be taken off, and at that point, he could not say whether he would be able to stay his hand from attacking from the sheer pain alone.

The way he look at it, it was better for him to just endure.

“It’s fine.” Mike placed a hand lightly on Amy’s head, hinting for her to put away her fireball. He also held back the smile on his face as he looked at Sargerass with a sincere expression. “Customer, there are rules in this restaurant, fights are completely prohibited, anyone who threatens the boss or any employee would be black listed, never be allowed back into this restaurant.”

“Boss, I was actually joking just now. Look, isn’t your little girl enjoying herself?” When Sargerass heard that the penalty was being barred from the restaurant, he quickly extinguished whatever fire was still flaring and gave awkward laugh, rubbing his bald head. He quickly placed 13 gold coins onto the table saying, “The cost of one chair is 10 gold coins, and one [Juicy Burger] is 3 gold coins. But, Boss, I really did not bring enough money today, would it be possible for you to let me have 10 [Juicy Burger] in credit? I swear on my honour as a demon warrior that today I shall go to the guild office and earn money from missions to compensate you later.”

“Apologies, but this restaurant does not accept honour as payment, only cash. We do not do credit business.” Mike shook his head, walked over to the table and flipped the menu around. To his astonishment, all three rules he had just mentioned were written on the back of the menu.

“[System], this move of yours is especially clever.” Mike stared at the third rule about threatening the boss neatly printed out and silently praised the [System] in his heart.

“Cost of printing the extra rule, 16 silver coins. It has been automatically deducted.” [System’s] voice echoed.

“Is it possible for you to not think about money making for even a day, ah…Don’t you have any decency at all?” Mike couldn’t help himself as he teased.

“But, I…” Sargerass still refused to give up. With the catalyst to break through so close at hand, he wanted to eat 10 in one go in order to maximize his chances. Aside from that, those [Juicy Burger] things were really delicious too.

“Then work, demon! If you want to eat [Juicy Burger], do your best to work hard. ” Amy had squatted down to pick up little Ugly Duckling as it ran over to her cheerfully. She stood up and punctuated her radical announcement with with a little fist.



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