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Little Cooking Saint – 0027 – Leaf Sushi

Strange World Little Cooking Saint

Chapter 27 – Shredded Chicken and Berry Juice Sushi

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After the meal, Shiyu was pretty much accepted into the party. She followed them deeper through the forest, eventually making their way into the outskirts of the Spiritual Beast Mountain Range.

The forest they about to enter now was different from the one they had passed through. This forest seemed ancient. The trees were tall, dark with thick canopies that blotted out the sunlight. Though it was still day time, the forest was almost completely dark. Anyone standing at the edge of the forest would be hesitant to enter.

“All right, let’s rest here for the night. We’ll go in tomorrow.” Yong Ming said, his gaze falling onto Shiyu. “It’s very dangerous inside, there’s a possibility that we may not be able to leave this place alive. You sure you want to come with us?”

Shiyu thought for a while, and said, “Then, you guys just go ahead tomorrow. I’ll be fine here on my own.”

An ugly expression appeared on Yong Ming’s face.

No other words were exchanged that night.

The next day, under the party leader’s passive aggressive gaze, Shiyu entered the outskirts of the spiritual beast mountain with the rest.

She had to admit, the Spiritual Beast Mountain Range was certainly a wonderful place! Though the trees looked a little gloomy and sinister. The under brush seemed quite untouched and was filled with wild edible plants that would be quite tasty and good for health. Shiyu felt like she had encountered a legendary fine food mountain.

As the adventurers started clearing a path, Shiyu trailed at the back busying herself plucking random fruits and collecting what edible plants she could see. At times, she would even use a spade to dig up medicinal herbs, and when others were not paying attention, threw them into her secret dimension.

In a short while, the basket on her back was completely packed. Due to her heavy burden, her steps slowed down a lot. The spiritual powers within her body started to speed up, allowing her to increase her pace as she did her best to keep up with the party. However, this also meant that her spiritual powers were being used up pretty quickly.

What she did not know was her steady and unhurried pace caused more than a few eyebrows to rise in surprise among the members of the party.

The road was quite rugged, but since they were all cultivators their pace were naturally faster than most people. However, even cultivators would become tired eventually. However, just how did that weak looking girl manage to keep up with them? Not only that, anyone who enter the Spiritual Beast Mountain Range would be on their guard, so why was she treating this like a fun camping trip? This was definitely too bold!

This young girl was definitely no ordinary person.

They all exchanged a look with each other, the same conclusion arose in their hearts. Thus, when they paused for their afternoon rest, they all crowded around Shiyu.

“Little Yu, ah. Just what is in your basket? Why is it so full?” said the person helping Shiyu lift the basket off her back.

With the basket gone from her back, Shiyu’s entire body felt much lighter, she looked up and said, “It’s just some fruits and herbs, we can use them to make a simple lunch later.”

Yong Ming’s face was cold, “We are in a hurry, it would be a waste of time to spend daylight hours eating. After a short rest, and some rations, we’ll move again.”

Shiyu nodded her understanding, “Oh, than I’ll just make my own portions then.”

Having said this, she grabbed some green leaves from her basket and rinsed them in clean water. She then spread the leaves out, grabbed the leftover rice from last night’s dinner and packed a small bit in the middle of a leaf, a generous handful of shredded chicken were sprinkled onto the rice.

As a final touch, she took out some bright red berries she had just picked. She peeled and crushed them for their juice and sprinkled that onto the rice too. Once done, she carefully rolled the Shredded Chicken and Berry Juice Sushi into a neat tube.

The wild vegetable was fresh and crisp, the berry juice sweet and tart, setting off the slightly greasy chicken and rice’s delicious flavour. She fished around her basket and took out a large fruit similar to a pear and took a large bite. One bite from the ‘sushi’, and one bite from the ‘pear’, it was just too satisfying.

The others just stared at the food she was happily eating, then looked down at the cold hard buns in their hands. They all wished to say, “Little sister, please let us have some, ba!” But when they saw the unnatural expression on their party leader’s face, they could only hide their tearful eyes and bite into their hard buns.

Shiyu ate 3 ‘sushi’ in total before she felt full. When she noticed that the others were still eating, she leaned against her basket and closed her eyes to rest.

It’s not that she was being petty or unwilling to share her food., but things that are delivered up to the door without request may not be cherished.

With her eyes closed, she slowly sank into cultivation mode. She floated through her spiritual powers, it was kind of like being submerged in warm water. The tiredness of her body also dissipated. Her only complaint was the current surroundings. Too much wood element around. The fire elements which she needed for her cultivation were not particularly active so the speed of her cultivation was much slower.

After a short break, the fatigue had mostly left Shiyu’s body and she was once more filled with vitality. The party continued on their journey towards the mountain.

The Spiritual Beast Mountain Range was very vast, spanning three different empires. Qing Shan City was located at the east of the mountain.

Shiyu continued to follow them, but she was not as cheerful as before. She had concentrated her spiritual powers around her ears, within the quiet woods, almost nothing could escape her ears. She was careful to save up on her spiritual powers in case of an emergency. In order to keep up with the party, she took out a piece of dried spiritual Snow Rabbit meat, hoping to up her speed a little.

Who knew, that at this very moment, one of the part members who had his eyes on her all this time watching eat, eat, eat, could no longer control himself and asked, “Little Yu, what are you eating? Give some to this brother, bei[1].”

Shiyu’s heart trembled a little. This meat was made from snow rabbit’s meat which could increase a person’s speed. The moment anyone ate this, they would definitely know what it was made of.

In response, she smiled, “I bought these as snacks just before entering the mountain, I have some extras here.”

As she said this, she stuck a hand into her basket and rummaged a little, bringing out air dried meat jerky — and handed them out.

“Little Yu’s cooking is so good, when we finished with this job, you can try going to Feng City. I heard that the Feng Clan’s elder is suffering from a lack of appetite, and can’t eat anything. His body just got weaker and weaker by the day. Chefs from all over the world came, but none of them could tempt the old man’s appetite. If Little Yu could heal this old man’s sickness, you might even receive good a reward.” said one of the party members as he nibbled at the dried meat.

This was actually something he had heard on the road. At that time, he even thought: If that picky old man don’t want to eat any of those precious ingredients and rare meats, you can give them to me, ah. I’ll eat it all!

Shiyu felt her heart trembled again. In this world, there was only one family that was so powerful that even the city was named after them. It looked like this Feng Clan, was no ordinary big family clan, ah! Once her business was done here, she will travel to Feng City to have a look.

“Then, let’s hope we all get out of here safely, ba!” Shiyu said with a smile.

They chatted and walked together quite amiably. When they reached a certain gorge, Yong Ming who was leading the group said, “That’s odd, why is it so quiet?”

At his comment, they all paused to listen.

Their surrounding was completely silent, not a single bird song or insect cry could be heard…



[1] bei – a little onomatopoeia like ‘ba’, ‘oh’, ‘ya’, etc


[Gumihou: A little filler chapter, but not bad.]




Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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