Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 058 – This Restaurant Will Not Serve You!

Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 058 – This Restaurant Will Not Serve You!

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 58 – This Restaurant Will Not Serve You!

In the end, Ni Jie and Ma Fei could only only grit their teeth and forked out a total of 10 pieces of Spiritual Crystals into Luo Xiu’s hand.

Both felt as tough their flesh had been cut off to pay for this meal, however the moment the bamboo lid was opened, they felt…that it was worth everything.

Spiritual Energy!

It was like the purest natural spirit energy from the wild had permeated the room and entered their nostrils.

Both became so drunk from the energy that they started to forget themselves.

Just by putting a small piece of the Bai Luo mantou in their mouth, it was like their body had been granted a sudden rush of power. Their whole body went rigid.

The wall that had been blocking their breakthrough this whole time, finally started to give way.

Worth it! It’s all worth it!

Ni Jie cried out in surprised, then, sank down into a lotus position. His body…started to emit a strong golden light.

Next to him, Ma Fei also sank down into the same position, however… the light that burst out from his body was bright green.

Golden connection and green connection.

From just one Bai Luo mantou, they managed to achieve a hundred percent breakthrough rate…breaking past an entire level, moreover, since they had actually broken through an acupoint, from here onwards they would be able to shorten the time to compress their powers into spiritual crystals down to 25 days. Though it was only 5 days sooner, in the long run, these 5 pieces of spiritual crystals was definitely worth it.

They would be able to break even in less than one year!

This was the main reason for Nie Ji’s sudden cry out… however, it was soon clear that they had broken through not one acupoint, but two!

Since, unlike Wang Xi, their veins have yet to reached full saturation level, their absorption rate for spiritual power was even higher compared to him.

[Hong! Hong!]

It was the sound of two acupoints opening, however, Ni Jie was still too busy trying to comprehend the full impact of the Bai Luo mantou.

Not only was he able to taste amazingly delicious food, he could also increase his spiritual power…this kind of perfection, anyone submerged within its grasp would find it difficult to escape.

The people around the restaurant stared with greedy eyes, looking at the fervent  eyes of these customers, Luo Xiu actually felt a slight tingle of fear.

Thankfully, this Nine Gates Restaurant also comes with some protection function. Otherwise, the moment Wang Xi left this restaurant, the people will rush in to fight over the food.

“Power, I still need to increase my own strength…otherwise, my food will be snatched by people.

Luo Xiu pinched the bag containing the spiritual crystals a little tightly: With so many spiritual crystals, he should be able to easily access a few more rooms within the restaurant.

“It’s just too bad, only three people came to eat…it’ll be a waste if these Bai Luo mantou becomes cold!”

“Their spiritual powers would also be reduced compared to when it just came out of the steamer!”

Luo Xiu sighed, Wang Xi seemed to have read his mind and said, “Manager Luo, you most likely won’t be able to sell an entire basket of mantou.”


Luo Xiu could see the desire in Wang Xi’s eyes, this old guy…is just too transparent!

“Once your dish becomes cold, the spiritual power would also be reduced!”

As Wang Xi spoke, Luo Xiu lifted his head, “Divine Chef Wang, what do you propose?”

“How about you sell the lot to me, I’ll buy it for 5 spiritual crystals each, how about it?”

Wang Xi smiled lightly at Luo Xiu, the look on his face was like an unscrupulous merchant planning to cheat his customer.

Luo Xiu shook his head, “9 pieces of crystals apiece, lowest price…otherwise, I’d rather let them rot!”

“After all, these Bai Luo mantou are dishes I can just make any time.”

Luo Xiu smile revealed a whole row of teeth, “But, Divine Chef Wang…surely there are plenty of skilled kitchen workers and religious workers in that church of yours, ba? Therefore…I should think that Divine Chef Wang should have some friends or acquaintances who could easily recreate this mantou, ba?”

“… …”

Luo Xiu’ s words left Wang Xi completely stunned…this little brat, is just too ruthless!

“You brat, not afraid I’ll lose my temper?”

Before Wang Xi finished speaking, Luo Xiu made a show of digging his ears, “I seemed to have heard someone telling me that they owe me, ba? Guess I could check with all these people here to see if my hearing’s fine…”

“8 pieces!”

Wang Xi gritted his teeth, Zhao Tianzong who had been standing on the side all this while could no longer help himself, “I…I’ll pay 10 pieces, I want the entire basket!”

Zhao Tianzong finally appeared, next to him was…a tall gentleman dressed in green with an air of a someone from the intellectual class. The gentleman had sidled passed rest of the gawking audience to smiled faintly at Wang Xi, “Divine Chef Wang, it’s been a long time!”

“Really did not expect to personally witness you break into the peak of Divine Chef Level. Congratulations, ah!”

The gentleman in green smiled again and cupped his hands in salute.

“Single Cut Chu?”

Wang Xi was a little stunned, he glanced over at Zhao Tianzong, “So, this Chef Zhao is really part of your Ultimate Food Sect!”

“You flatter me, well? Wang Xi, since you’ve already ranked up, these Bai Luo mantou is of no use to you. My Ultimate Food Sect still has a few hundred members waiting to breakthrough!”

‘Single Cut Chu’ cast a greedy eye towards the basket of Bai Luo mantou. To him, these Bai Luo mantou might as well be precious jewels.

He had just arrived at Nine Gates Restaurant and had witnessed Wang Xi and Ni Jie’s breakthrough…which shocked him greatly.

A Dark type dish, though it had only used the most basic of ingredients, had actually created this unique spiritual energy.

This kind of gourmet food was definitely something that people would fight over.

“Hng, Single Cut bro certainly knew how to calculate, ah!”

“If I offer 11 crystals, are you planning to up your offer to 12 pieces of crystals? The Ultimate Food Sect is certainly large. As for I, Wang Xi, am only a Divine Chef of the Snow Moon City district…”

Wang Xi gave a cold smile, his expression revealed his discontent.

Single Cut Chu only gave a ha-ha laugh, “Wouldn’t dare… Divine Chef Wang, your reputation is brilliant, isn’t Chu Yan just asking for your opinion?”

“In the end, this is the Snow Moon City, where everything is under your jurisdiction!” Single Cut Chu, also known as Chu Yan smiled as he said this.

Though he spoke humbly, it was clear to anyone that he was not even a little afraid of Wang Xi.

This Chu Yan was also a Kitchen Xiuzhen, in fact he’s a Kitchen Xiuzhen with control over both fire and metal element. His title ‘Single Cut’, came from this ability to disintegrate ingredients with just a single cut. His special skill was to use the elements together and complete dishes with just one cut.

Thus, this special moniker — Single Cut Chu, was granted to him.

An ordinary metal element would never be able to master such a technique.

As for the Ultimate Food Sect he belonged to, it was one of the few sects that existed within the Hailin Prefecture, the Big Daddy of all the sects. Even the Church has to give them some face.

In fact, they don’t place any importance on the Church at all.

This was why he dared to go against Wang Xi, whom he had nothing to fear, after all… he had the Ultimate Food Sect behind him.

“This little friend, how about it, 12 crystals apiece, I’ll take everything!”

Chu Yan continued to smile at Luo Xiu. To him, Luo Xiu was a mere ordinary chef, this person would definitely be shocked by such sum.

No matter what, he would definitely be moved by the 12 spirit crystals.

However, unexpectedly Luo Xiu acted like he did not hear the words at all. He looked towards Wang Xi, as mentioned earlier, I’ll be charging 9 crystals each for the lot. Just take them away… oh, leave 10 pieces of mantou for me!”


Wang Xi felt like he must have misheard something.

Chu Yan was shocked, this brat, is there something wrong with his brain?!

“Luo Xiu, our bid is 12 pieces of spirit crystals!”

Zhao Tianzong felt like he had to call Luo Xiu’s attention to what Chu Yan said, this brat…his sense of taste and smell were gone, could it be possible that his hearing is also problematic!?

“12 spirit crystals? Even if you offer me 100 pieces I still won’t sell!”

“These mantou are made by me, I’ll sell it to whomever I like, do I need your opinion to do what I want?”

Luo Xiu turned his smile at Zhao Tianzong, “Would you like to know the reason?”

“It’s simple…any person or groups relating to Infusion Ink, this restaurant…will refuse service!”



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