Fine Food Broadcaster – 0015 – System, You Can’t Do This

Fine Food Broadcaster – 0015 – System, You Can’t Do This

Fine Food Broadcaster – Chapter 015 – System, You Can’t Do This

Chapter 15: [System], You Shouldn’t Be Like This


When Ye Fei heard that it was Ma Cuihua outside his door, he no longer dared to jump around in joy. “That, ah. Big sister Ma, I was just dreaming. I dreamt that I won 5 million at the lottery, ahahaha.”

Ma Cuihua spat, she sneered, “Nasty little vermin, dreaming during the day time. Gone crazy thinking about money, ba?”

Ye Fei gave a little hei-hei laugh.

Ma Cuihua continued knocking on the door, “Open up quickly, what the heck are you really doing inside?”

This door was not something that Ye Fei dared to open. He feared nothing on heaven or earth, only Ma Cuihua.

“Big sister Ma, is there something you want? I’m still in bed.”

Ma Cuihua said, “What else is there, the rent. You little vermin, you’re skipping work again? Are you planning to not pay rent money to this old lady?”

“How could this be, didn’t I say that I’ll pay on the 15th? Today is only the 11th, I still have 4 more days left.”

“Don’t speak nonsense, open this door. I’m nearly scalded to death.”

Scalded to death? Just what’s going on?

Ye Fei had no idea what’s up, but seeing as Ma Cuihua refused to leave, he was left with no other choice. In the end, the door slowly grind opened. Standing just beyond the door was Ma Cuihua with a bowl of egg noodles in hand.

A confused Ye Fei scratched his head. “Elder sister Ma, do you like to wonder around while you eat?”

Ma Cuihua pushed passed Ye Fei, entered his room, placing the bowl of egg noodle on the table, saying, “I’m just worried that an irresponsible idiot will die from hunger and I can’t collect my rent, eat that while it’s still hot.”

Ye Fei, “… …”

Touched, Ye Fei’s heart was actually moved to the point that he could not be moved any more. He never expected Ma Cuihua to personally send a bowl of egg noodle to him. This sly and loud woman actually has such a tender side, ah.

“Elder sister Ma, you must be my real blood sister, I was just feeling hungry right now.”

Ma Cuihua waved her hand quickly, “Fine, fine, fine, whatever, don’t be so sappy. Who’s your blood sister, ah. Even if I am your blood sister, the rent still has to be paid.”

The feeling of tenderness and gratitude which had risen within Ye Fei faded without a trace. However, he was still a little hungry, though he had just eaten a plate of golden silk potatoes and two packets of instant noodles, the amount was just too little for Ye Fei. He has a big appetite after all, and did not have enough to eat. Though he had kneaded his stomach earlier to show satisfaction, that was in fact all an act for the broadcast audience to see.

Now that the scent of the egg noodle had reached his nose, his stomach cried out in hunger.

This Ye Fei did not bother to stand on ceremony and immediately pulled out a chair, gave Ma Cuihua a little hei-hei laugh, “Then, I’m going to eat now. That said, Elder sis Ma, you haven’t put in any weird spring medicine into this noodles just because I’m young and handsome, right?”

When Ma Cuihua heard this, she reached out to take the noodles back, nearly panting with rage, “You rascal, if you don’t want to eat, don’t eat! What weird spring medicine, just look at your skinny self, if this old lady really want to press you down, you think you have the strength to resist? Get those funny thoughts out of your head, give me back my noodles, you’re not getting any!”

When Ye Fei heard this, he quickly lowered his head and slurped up a mouthful of the soup. Once he had staked ownership over this bowl of noodles, he laughed, “Elder sis Ma, Elder sis Ma, please don’t be angry. I was just joking, ah. These noodles are so fragrant, I’ve never had such delicious noodles before.”

Having said this, he slurped a big mouthful into his stomach.

Seeing the hungry way Ye Fei ate, Ma Cuihua rolled her eyes, “This stinky little brat sure knows how to use that mouth of yours, hurry up, this old lady still needs to do the dishes.”

Ye Fei nodded in mid slurp, noodles still hanging from his mouth.

With this bowl of noodles, 2 out of 5 of Ye Fei’s problem were solved. Ma Cuihua took away the empty bowl and reminded Ye Fei once again to pay the rent by the 15th.

Ye Fei readily agreed, what a joke, in just a while he will have over $20, 000.00 in his account. This brother will soon be a ten thousand-aire, a little thing like room rent would not trouble him.

He was just contemplating various ways to spend the money when his phone chirped at the arrival of a message.

Ye Fei flew to his phone and checked the message. A loud laugh exploded from him, but stopped suddenly. He dashed over to his door and took a quick look around. When no sign of Ma Cuihua was in sight, he darted back into his room and indulged in a hearty laugh.

“I’m rich, I’m really rich now.” Ye Fei collapsed happily onto his bed.

Lifting the mobile to his face, He kept counting the number of digits in front of him, $22, 400.00. For Ye Fei, this was a huge sum. From the time he started working until now, this was the first time he had such a huge amount, it would be impossible not to be excited.

“Now that I have money, how should I live? What should I buy? Aiya, having money is such a bother, ah.”

Human beings are like that, without money, life was dreary but simple. When some people suddenly became rich, they’ll start fretting over inane things. With too much of a good thing in hand, they will be in fake agony over how to spend it.

Ye Fei belonged to this category of low class people.

[Di di~~]

While Ye Fei was listing the number of things he needed to buy in order to reflect his new economic status, his phone suddenly beeped another incoming message.

Ye Fei quickly checked his phone and immediately blanched. His face turned into a nasty shade of green that was close to black.

The message message window opened to reveal his account information from the bank:

<<Chinese Yuan 20,160 had been deducted on the 11th of November at 11:45 from your silver card with the last three digit number 259. Service charge is 0 Yuan.>>

Ye Fei, “… …”

Seeing this message, Ye Fei was dumbfounded, a terrible feeling swept over him.

The f***, just what is the meaning of this? How could the $20k just now lose a zero at the end? How could someone just transfer away $20k of my money away? Just who is this bastard?!!

Ye Fei was so angry his lungs was almost on fire, at the same time his blood went [hualala!] audibly in his veins. 20k, ah, they did not even have a chance to meet before it flew away. Who the f*** is so immoral, ah. If this old uncle knows, he’ll peel off their skin, drag out their tendons and drink their blood, just to assuage his anger.

“It can’t be, how could my 20k disappear just like that, there must be a system error at the bank. That’s right, I’ll go see them and make them cough up the money back to me.” Ye Fei agonized over this for almost half a day before deciding to go to the bank and check things out.

He stood up and headed for the door. However, before his hand even touched the door knob, the Fine Food Broadcasting [System’s] voice echoed in his head, “The [System] has deducted $20,160 for service charge. In order to access the second level, the host still needs to pay $979, 840. Host, please work hard.”

Ye Fei, “… …”

This person’s whole body trembled. Finally he fell to the floor on his butt. After sitting there speechless for a long while, he started screeching like a pig being slaughtered, “Your mom [System], that money belongs to this uncle, ah. How could you just suck it away without so much as a greeting to me? How could you? That money is mine, can’t you respect that even a little?”

The [System] answer was neither hurried nor slow. “Each time the host receives money from the broadcast station, the system will automatically deduct 90% of your earnings. The rest may be used by the host as he sees fit. This is a non-negotiable term, there is no need to obtain the host’s permission to transfer the money.”

Ye Fei wanted to cry. What a very good term. This non-negotiable term of yours have just sucked away this uncle’s 20k, this is just too much.

“[System], you can’t do this. Why don’t you just let me save up the money for the second level and then pay you all in one go? I never liked paying by instalments anyway. Why don’t we talk about this, and let me pay it in one go, ok?” Ye Fei said with a bitter look on his face.

“No,” said the [System].

Ye Fei was so angry that his teeth hurts. This [System] must be descended from thieves and bandits, ah. This was clearly daylight robbery, not caring about your opinion and just sucking the money away.

He had thought that with the 20k in hand, his life would be much more comfortable. Right now, there was only $ 2,240 in his account. This was even worse than his working salary.

“I seemed to have encountered a fake [System], ah.” Ye Fei muttered as he sighed.

This [System] was just too greedy, he had worked half a day to earn that money only to see it disappear. Is there anything more heinous and terrible than this scheming [System]?

Suddenly, Ye Fei’s eyes brightened.


Ma Cuihua’s Egg Noodles. Looks yummy!

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