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Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0066 – Burn, You Demon!

Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 066 – Burn, You Demon!

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Mike saw that Sargerass really only had 13 pieces of gold coins on him. When he thought about the extra 10 orders of [Juicy Burger], this demon most probably hadn’t brought enough money, and he felt amused.

The two customers who had been hanging round outside the restaurant saw that no further disturbances occurred. Also, a small eyed customer had came out with a perfectly satisfied expression. It seemed safe enough to enter the restaurant. After hesitating for a bit, they pushed through the main door.

“Boss, isn’t this a little too much? Charging me 10 gold coins for a wooden chair like this. If I were to buy a similar chair in the market, it won’t cost me more than 2 gold coins. How about this, I’ll give you 4 gold coins for the chair, as for the rest of the 6 gold coins just give me two more [Juicy Burgers].” Sargerass voice was just a touch loud as he stared down Mike with a pair of red eyes.

When dealing with men, he did not bother to control his emotions. The reason why he even used words to negotiate with Mike was for the sake of [Juicy Burger], otherwise negotiations would involved a palm full of fire.

The two customers who had just came in were shocked to see this angry lava demon and quickly scuttled to one side. However, they were even more astonished at Sargerass’ words. It looked like Boss Mike had managed to conquer a demon’s stomach this time.

For the sake of 2 more [Juicy Burgers], the demon was willing to haggle over the price with a human, it was an image that most would never have dreamt of witnessing.

A [Juicy Burger] that could even force a lava demon to lower his pride. This made the anticipation for this restaurant’s food increase a few more degrees. They sat several paces away from the spectacle and waited patiently for Boss Mike to deal with this current problem first.

Mike himself was not really frightened by Sargerass’ response, he shook his head, saying, “Apologies, but the furnitures in this restaurant are all custom made. In order to create a harmonious atmosphere, all the tables and chairs are made from the same big tree. A chair from outside would break this harmony. This is why a single chair cost 10 gold coins.”

On top of that, the furniture were all made from Windstorm Forest wood. Even a single log could be sold for a high price at the Lost Empire. Right now, in order to maintain this harmonious atmosphere, having to pay up mere 10 gold coins for a specially made chair was considered a kindness.

If not for the [System’s] mysterious ability to access precious items from all over the place, even if you give him 100 gold coins, it would be impossible for Mike to buy such a chair. His only real worry now was being discovered by Elf Clan, hopefully it’s not some sacred tree or something.

When the customers heard his explanation, they all looked down at the chairs they’re sitting on, then at the tables in front of them. It was then that they realize that every single piece of chair and table in the room have the same annual ring pattern. No wonder they all felt really comfortable the moment they step in to this restaurant.

The most amazing thing was the fact that this restaurant has a total of 16 tables and 64 chairs. If they were really made from the same big tree, that has to be a really, really, BIG tree, ah. Definitely not something that could be found in Sin City.

Even if someone could find such a large tree in the distant mountains, the process of chopping it down and moving it out of the forest, and processing it into identical chairs and tables would definitely require a supreme amount of effort.

To use this kind of exquisite work in a restaurant as mere tables and chairs for customers, all for the sake of creating a harmonious atmosphere for them to better enjoy their food made the customers felt super valued and pampered .

3 gold coins for a [Juicy Burger] is expensive? No, to be able to eat gourmet food like [Juicy Burger] in such luxurious surroundings, don’t mention 3 gold coins, even 6 gold coins would be worth such pleasure, ah!

Quite a few of the customers felt their opinion of the restaurant rose. Their eyes fell upon the restaurant’s other decorations. If the tables and chairs were of such mysterious and unique origins, surely the origin stories of the tapestries and paintings would be even more extravagant.

However, now that they had time to properly think about it, it would probably be a good idea to be more careful about how they treat the furnitures. It would not do to incur a loss money out of mere carelessness.

Mike’s little explanation to Sargerass had unexpectedly raised the view of the others customers on the taste and style of the restaurant. Most who came to try the [Juicy Burger] were the idle rich who had time and money on their hands to indulge in such extravagant luxuries.

“I! I…” Sargerass felt the liquid fire in his body started to agitate again. It looked like he was really starting to get angry. The demon quickly stuffed the half eaten [Juicy Burger] into his mouth and swallowed it down. Flames ignited around his body again.

However, this time he had learnt his lesson and stood well away from the table and the door. Compared to the chair, these two items might well be way more expensive . Glaring at Mike, he summoned a large fireball in his hand to frighten the man.

In Sargerass’ eyes, there were no difference between this chair and the chairs he had seen outside the restaurant and assumed that Mike had just made up some nonsense in order to cheat money off of him. This was the part that he really could not stand.

“Big Baldy, you better listen to my daddy, or I’ll burn you to death.” Little Amy had set Ugly Duckling down and was standing next to Mike. She raised her little head to stare solemnly at the lava veined, fiery demon in front of her.

“Little girl, you better get out of the way. This is a matter between adults.” Sargerass rasped in a hoarse tone. With little Amy standing next to Mike, he felt a great reluctance to do anything too serious.

The customers watching this all felt a little nervous. Tiny Amy and skinny, weak looking Mike definitely would not be able to go against the scary looking Sargerass with his red surging lava veins and fiery (literally) body.

Moby also frowned, however, he was not too worried. He had seen Amy produce a scarily powerful fireball before, also, Mike did not seemed like an idiot. He would definitely not put himself into unnecessary danger.

“Aih, why must you be this way, why can’t you just be a good boy?” Amy sighed, and thrust out her little hand. Blue-purple flames suddenly appeared, compressing itself into a fireball as large as her little fist. She stared seriously at Sargerass, “Those who eat, must pay, or burn to death!”

“You really think this sprout fire can hurt me?” Sargerass looked at the tiny fireball and let out a laugh. Then, he looked at Mike and frowned. “Boss, as a man, how could you hide behind a tiny girl’s skirt?”

“My daddy is super awesome, but collecting money is my job. So, burn Big Baldy!” without waiting for Mike’s instructions, Amy angrily sent the tiny blue-purple fireball flying at Sargerass.

“Heh.” Sargerass looked at the fireball with barely a flicker of expression. He stretched out his right hand, intending to just simply extinguish the thumb sized fireball.

However, when the blue-purple fireball touched Sargerass’ hand, it exploded.




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