You are currently viewing Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0065 – Pay for Damages, Demon!

Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0065 – Pay for Damages, Demon!

Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 065 – Pay for Damages, Demon!

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The fact that Sargerass’ clothes had exploded was one thing, the key point was that raging flames was still blazing crazily. Red lava flowed along the lines on his body, raising the temperature around the room by several degrees.

Mike stared at Sargerass who was struggling to control his reaction. There was a trace of surprise on his face. If a succubus ate one of the [Juicy Hamburger]…the scene after that was a little uncomfortable to imagine. He felt that he should include a warning on the menu next time.

Fortunately, Sargerass’ clothes were quite unique. Although his body was on fire, the clothes and cloak were not affected at all. Which saved them all from an awkward scene if the clothes had actually burnt up.

Mike was not the only one who was surprised. Two customers who had just entered the restaurant were stunned as well. Though they were attracted by the rich and meaty fragrance to the point that they could not help but swallow. However, seeing what looked like a lava demon in a temper actually made them silently retreated, and ran out of the restaurant.

“I wonder what Boss Mike did to that lava demon? To the point that it challenged him to a battle?” the two customers made it a few steps away, and stopped, unable to forget the smell. They were unwilling to leave, and could not help being worried about the situation.

Lava demons were the most powerful when it came to battle. Their destructive power was super strong. A few careless fireballs would burn a house to ashes.

Mike had always struck them as the warm and gentle type, so it was unclear how he could have provoked a lava demon to this point. If they did not calm this guy down, the whole restaurant could be razed to the ground.

If Boss Mike had been a powerful man, or had a strong backer behind him. Then there was no need to worry about people coming to the restaurant to make trouble.

But, Mickey Restaurant only has that lone father and daughter pair, definitely could never hold up against a demon whose power was especially geared towards fighting. This caused them to wonder if they would ever be able to ever taste such delicious food as the [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] ever again, they even came especially early to check out the new product.

The customers at the restaurant has seen that Sargerass had that extreme reaction after eating the [Juicy Hamburger]. They had also felt some agitation within their blood after eating the [Juicy Hamburger], however none of them had such extreme reaction, in fact, they felt quite comfortable.

Really did not expect the demon’s reaction to be so extreme. To the point that he transformed into his fighting form. Who know what kind of super drug Boss Mike put into his [Juicy Burger].

Sargerass took 2 steps back, to avoid burning the table with the flames on his body. The lines of lava on his body started to move faster and faster. The feeling of breaking through was something that he had not experienced for a long time, it was like breaking free from chains that had been holding him down all this while. His heart throbbed in his chest, it’s rhythm accelerated.

Ever since his powers had had stopped improving even half a step 50 years ago, he had tried countless of ways and travelled nearly half the continent, but still could not find a way to breakthrough.

Unexpectedly, with just a bite of this [Juicy Burger], his blood had agitated, edging him closer to a breakthrough than anything he had tried. His body had ignited like a burning star.

He could feel that as long as continue to eat, that burning star will explode into true fire, allowing him to experience a rebirth through fire, becoming the first lava demon in a hundred years to achieve a breakthrough.

At that time, the plans that he had abandoned 50 years ago could now be continued. That mysterious thing under the Holy Lake, he could go and have a look again. An excited expression took over his face.

“Daddy, daddy, our chair is burnt up.” it was at the time when everyone had their eyes on Sargerass, waiting to see what other changes his body would make, that little Amy pointed a little finger at a pile of ashes where the chair had been. She glared up at Sargerass, her little face completely sincere, “Pay up, Big Baldy! Though you’re a demon, I’m super fierce! I’ll burn you up.”

“Miau!” within Amy’s arms, Ugly Duckling’s fur puffed up and it screeched at Sargerass. Only, it’s voice was too tiny.

Still immersed within the joy of the breakthrough, Sargerass was stunned for a moment. He glanced down at the pile of ashes where the chair had been, and awkwardly rubbed his bald head.

However, his mood was too good. Naturally, the matter of compensating for a chair was a small matter to him. He took control over the fire around his body and absorbed it, dropping the temperature around him quite a bit. However, the lava lines around his body were still there, and one could see the slow flow of the red-gold liquid fire within. He waived a large hand, “I’ll pay, give me 10 more of this [Juicy Burger], boss.”

“Hmph, you better keep your promise.” Amy nodded, her eyes narrowed in warning.

“Little Boss, bill please.” at this moment, the narrow-eyed man placed his packet of [Juicy Hamburger] down. Perfectly satisfied as he stood up, he looked at Amy as he took out his coin purse, “It’s really worth coming over so early for the [Juicy Burger], my whole body felt really good. I am now filled with spirit, it’s a really good feeling.”

“1 [Juicy Burger] 3 gold coins.” Amy nodded.

“3 gold coins.” The narrow-eyed man took out 3 gold coins and placed them on Amy’s hand. He bid Mike a brief good-bye, edged around Sargerass to reach the door, and left the restaurant.

“3…boss, your this bread costs 3 gold coins! Then how much am I expected to pay for this chair?” Sargerass stared at Mike as he asked. He unconsciously touched his coin purse, spending just 3 gold coins on a bread that could help him breakthrough was inexpensive. However, he only has a few dozen gold coins in his purse, if he had to pay for the chair as well, he almost definitely could not afford to eat 10.

Everyone looked over, all really interested to know just how much the chair would actually cost. This restaurant has a really comfortable atmosphere, the furnitures has a simple design, but did not lack quality. In fact, there’s a kind of elegant feel to it.

“That’s right, one [Juicy Burger] is 3 gold coins.” Mike said with a smile, he was also eyeing the pile of ashes, quietly asking: “Hey [System], how much does a single chair cost anyway?”

“1 dining chair from this set, 10 gold coins.” [System] answered mildly.

“10 gold coins? Do you really think that guy’s such an idiot with money?” Mike’s mouth twitched. The tables and chairs were quite simple yet elegant. However, 10 gold coins was just a little on the expensive side.

“The furnitures within this restaurant are all created from the same hundred year old tree from the Wind Forest, the annual rings are all completely identical. The visual effects of this creates a perfectly harmonious and comfortable atmosphere.Right now, there are only 5 chairs made from this tree left, we’ll have to buy them as soon as possible.” [System] replied blandly.

“Simply using the elf’s spring of life water to grow rice and taking a hundred year old tree from the Windstorm Forest to make tables and chairs. Aren’t you even a little bit worried the elven tribe elders might come over to chop me to pieces?” Mike was speechless

However, he had to admit that the [System] went through a lot of trouble for the sake of this restaurant. Within this Sin City, this was probably the only place with furniture made from Windstorm Forest wood.

“”Everything is within the [System’s] calculation, there are no danger. Please do not underestimate the [System’s] ability.” said the [System] a little annoyed.

“The chair is 10 gold coins,” Mike had stopped paying attention to the [System]. He smiled at Sargerass.

“10… 3 gold coins!” Sargerass looked at the gold coins held in his large hand.

“Big Baldy, that’s exactly 13 gold coins.” Amy stood up on her toes to take a look and nodded.




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