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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 057 – Monstrous Wisdom

Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 057 – Monstrous Wisdom


On either side of him, Nie Ji and Ma Fei were attacked by the spiritual waves emitted from Wang Xi’s body and were sent flying.

Dead silence fell upon the Nine Gates Restaurant.

Wang Xi did not care about their astonishment, he abruptly sat down in a lotus position. The light continued to flare, its rhythm keeping pace with his steady breathing. These lights were eventually absorbed back into his body.


“M…master has achieved breakthrough!”

Ni Jie and Ma Fei crawled up from their position on the floor, not quite believing their eyes as they stared at Wang Xi.

The expressions on their faces, it was as though they had just seen a ghost.

The route to cultivation requires one to go through: spiritual development, body refinement, mental enlightenment, accumulation of power before finally achieving breakthrough.

This was all in order to activate one’s meridians. Once they’ve tapped into a meridian vein, they could increase their cultivation level by several folds.

In other words, once a breakthrough has been achieved, a Kitchen Xiuzhen or Spiritual Chef’s power would greatly increased.

Nie Ji and Ma Fei would never have thought that by just eating a Bai Luo Man Tou, Wang Xi’s body would undergo such a drastic change…just what kind of spiritual power was hidden within this man tou?


After a while, Wang Xi finally opened his eyes. He turned his burning gaze and Luo Xiu, “Manager Luo, I, Wang Xi owe you a great favour. As long as it is within my power to do so, I will definitely accomplish it for you!”



As Wang Xi rose from the ground, it was as though his entire aura has changed.

He was already a Divine Chef in the first place, with this breakthrough he managed to rank up to Mid Level Divine Chef, not only his spiritual powers has increased, but everything else related to cultivation underwent transformation well. It was all…thanks to Luo Xiu’s Bai Luo Man Tou.

Therefore this favour was not merely lip service, Wang Xi’s heart was truly grateful.

“I don’t mind the favour, but in the future, please continue to take care of Nine Gates Restaurant’s business.”

Luo Xiu smiled, not really taking Wang Xi’s words to heart.

To the side, Nie Ji almost couldn’t bear it any more. He gave Luo Xiu a really hard stare…being able to g et a Diving Chef to owe you a favour, was considered a really big gesture of friendship, ah!

Besides, now that Wang Xi was able to reach Mid Level Divine Chef, he will definitely be transferred to Hai Lin Palace’s as a protector of the ‘Holy Pagoda’.

This tower has its own guard, however the Administration within has responsibility over dozens of large and small cities and towns all the way towards the sea. As the Church’s central of power, it was very important.

Luo Xiu looked like he was unaware of this. Instead he looked at the Nie Ji and Ma Fei, “You two over there, want anything?”


At the mention of gourmet food, Nie Ji could not help himself as he blurted out.

Luo Xiu pulled slightly unhappy face, “Actually, since Master Wang helped out in the making of this Bai Luo Man Tou, so he only paid with a piece of high grade spiritual stone, this is reasonable!”


Luo Xiu looked at Nie Ji, the meaning behind his words clear.

Wang Xi could eat three kinds of dishes with just one high grade spiritual stone; first it’s because Wang Zhe had promised to bring 10 spiritual cooks over; second, without him to grind the spiritual ingredients, this Bai Luo Man Tou would not be completed. Therefore, it stands to reason that he could eat one Bai Luo Man Tou at such a cheap price.

However, Nie Ji and Ma Fei were mere ordinary customers.

“I’ll pay with spiritual crystals!”

Nie Ji, just like Wang Xi before this, shook his hands and a piece of transparent crystal appeared in the middle of his palm.

This crystal looked as clear as diamond, it seemed to radiate a sparkle that bewitched the eye.

Spiritual Crystal!

More valuable than even spiritual stones were these spiritual crystals.

If spiritual stones were said to be the condensed version of spiritual energy; then, this spiritual crystal contained the condensed version of a Kitchen Xiuzhen’s mental and spiritual energy. Naturally…there were naturally occurring spiritual stones, as well as spiritual crystals.

Just a small piece of this spiritual crystal is worth 100 high grade spiritual stones.

Thus it’s value was very hard to estimate.

The countless onlookers stared at the spiritual crystal, then switched their stare onto the Bai Luo Man Tou. The desire to eat it, suddenly faded.

This Bai Luo Man Tou was not something that ordinary folks could eat, ahQ

In their entire lifetime, they could never get their hands on a pice of spiritual crystal…that’s almost equivalent to 1,000,000 in his previous life.

This man tou cost 1,000,000 each!

However, Wang Xi shook his head, “Nie Ji, from my estimation, 1 spiritual crystal is not enough to by 1 man tou… this is just, a one of a kind type of dish!”

“Once you’ve eaten it, it would guarantee a breakthrough!”

At Wang Xi’s words, the onlookers were tall taken aback.

Even 1 spiritual crystal was not sufficient?

Just…just what kind of dish was this?

“Spiritual wise, it ranked as a mid-level Spiritual Food., and…more importantly, it matches well with the physical body. Once eaten, 100% of the spiritual essence within will be absorbed into the body…”

Wang Xi was describing the wonderful feeling he had experienced just now.

“Therefore, 10 spiritual crystals, for a start!”

As soon as Wang Xi spoken, Luo Xiu glanced over at the steamer basket which contained about 100 man tou. At that moment… his eyes sparkled.

He’s rich!

These Bai Luo Man Tou really worth that much in this Country of Fine Cuisine?

“10 pieces!”

Nie Ji and Ma Fei were shocked. The two of them glanced at each other and saw the same sense of helplessness!

Even to them, 10 spiritual crystals was not a small sum.

As attendants to Wang Xi, they were on charge as teaching aids to various chefs on normal days. On their own time, they would cultivate their own spiritual powers and create spiritual crystals. It takes about a month to condense enough spiritual power to create a single spiritual crystal…after that, they still needed to depend on gourmet food to replenish the used up spiritual powers.

Depending on spiritual stones to recover one’s spiritual power was quite slow; the best way was still via gourmet dishes.

In short, they have to spend one year’s worth of effort in order to eat this one dish.

Thus, the pain both Ma Fei and Nie Ji felt was almost like their flesh was being scraped off.

“Manager Luo, this… do you need any extra staff?”

Wang Xi suddenly looked at Luo Xiu, who was surprised for a bit, but understood almost immediately, “Why Divine Chef Wang…you wish to let this two grand chefs be my helpers?”


Nie Ji and Ma Fei raised their heads, there was a certain unbearable feeling of shame on their face.

To let themselves be helpers for a random guy…

“Such short sightedness!”

Wang Xi glared at both Ma Fei and Nie Ji as he yelled at them, “Do you really think that Manager Luo could possibly an ordinary person?”

“N- no!”

Nie Ji was about to defend himself, but Luo Xiu interrupted by waving a hand at Wang Xi, “Divine Chef Wang’s kindness is something I appreciated…however, though this restaurant do needed more staffs, it’s only for random odd jobs. I myself am enough when it comes for the actual cooking.”

Luo Xiu could clearly see through Wang Xi’s thoughts.

Letting his own people settled next to Luo Xiu was the best way to steal culinary secrets.

Though Luo Xiu privately felt that with their level of IQ, neither Nie Ji nor Ma Fei would be able to learn his true skills within this lifetime, it would still be horribly uncomfortable to have these two watch his every move every day.

“Let’s do it this way, 5 pieces of spiritual crystals…and both of you bring me 5 new customers tomorrow!”

“How about it?

While Luo Xiu was looking at Nie Ji, Wang Xi sighed quietly from the side.

He was starting to discover that this young was certainly not a simpleton…none of his dishes were simple, even his wisdom…it was almost monstrous, ah!





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