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Okonomiyaki Chain Store – 10 – Oh No, Part-Timers Have Decreased

Part 3 – Osaka’s Auntie, Beast Men to the Rescue

Chapter 10 – Oh No, Part Timers Have Decreased


Haruna’s first [Okonomiyaki Haru-chan] shop in the dungeon, as well as her second shop in the town were both flourishing very nicely.

With all the money earned, Haruna had started dressing up like a proper female knight, and other times as a young aristocratic lady. It was all very fun for her to spend money on clothes and things as she liked.

Right then, the total number of staff under her care was 17 people. In terms of scale, her business was the largest in the little town.

Because of this, her business eventually needed a main office for management purposes.


“Auntie Martha, I’m going to move out of my room soon. wa,

Haruna bounced in one day with this announcement, surprising Martha who was busy pottering about on the first floor of the inn.

She had been in this world for quite some time now and had stayed in her rented room at the inn ever since. The number of items she had accumulated increased to the point that her previously spacious room was now really stuffy.

“There’s a vacant two-storey building near the market. I think I’ll turn the first floor into an office, and live on the second floor.”

“Is that so? Haruna will be moving out from my old worn out little inn.”

“It’s not old or worn out, de~ It’s beautifully clean and lovely, ya~ Let’s continue to work hard from now on, na.”

“Let’s continue to take care of each other, yo!”

“For the next 100 years, wa!”

Haruna and Martha hugged it out dramatically, nearly weeping over their exaggerated promise.


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Few days later, Haruna was at her office cum home. On that day, all the workers who were not on shift were gathered at the new office. They were all there for a one-time special reward.

Rare and expensive liquor were lined up on the table in front of them.

There was also a special type of cheese next to the wine, so rare and precious that even regular aristocrats had never tasted them.

As a top tier manager, Haruna had decided to throw a big party for all the aristocrats and merchant friends for their support, and as return thanks for all the dinners they had given her.

“Everyone, thank you for all your hard work all this time! Let’s all make some noise, ya~! There’s no rank or class here, ya~! Ah, my shop never did bother with rank or class, wa~!”

Haruna was extra buoyant and cheerful on that day. It was a day of great festival after all.

However, there was still something off about the atmosphere.

Several of the temporary workers had a rather gloomy air about them. Among those with long faces was Haruna’s longest serving staff, Kokon, who was trusted with the keys to the safe.

“Um, that, Miss Manager… I…”

Kokon was trying her best to squeeze out the words.

“This job, once done, I wish to resign…”

3 other people behind her nodded solemnly.

Having 4 people suddenly announcing their decision to quit was certainly a shock.

“Eeehh–! Why, why… why so serious….? I- I thought I was a pretty nice boss. Ah well, there was that time when I taught you guys how to make Okonomiyaki… Or- or have I been overly familiar…? Didn’t Kokon say you’re saving for a special weapon set, have you reached the target?”

Haruna was actually pretty self-conscious about her overly familiar attitude with people.

“That’s not it… We, the four of us are thinking of setting up a 4 man team…”

Upon hearing that, Haruna grew crestfallen.

“Once Adventurers have enough money, it’s normal for us to go and challenge a dungeon.  While I was working at the shop and interact with other Adventurers every day, it really made me want to return to the other side and become a real Adventurer again…”

Kokon’s sad face clearly showed her reluctance to leave.

Still, it was a decision they had made as professional Adventurers.

“I really like Miss Manager and this shop… But, because of this, I wish to be an Adventurer… From now on, I shall visit [Haru-chan] as a customer!”

Suddenly, Haruna darted forward and enveloped Kokon in a tight hug.

“It’s all good, it’s a really good reason…”

After listening to what Kokon had to say, tears sprang up in Haruna’s eyes.

“Understood! Everyone, live the way you want to live! Good luck! Come over and eat Okonomiyaki any time!”

Since it couldn’t be helped, Haruna decided to make the best of things and send them off in good faith.

In the end, all of her dungeon staffs’ real jobs were Adventurers.

“I’m sorry, me too…”

“I’m also going to go back to Adventuring!”

“Eh, then, I’m stopping as well!”

On that day, 6 of her Adventurer staff resigned.


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Haruna held her head in distress. That was a management crisis!

While it’s necessary to immediately replace the resigned staff, only proper experienced Adventurers could actually work at the dungeon shops.

However, the number of actual Adventurers were limited.

“At any rate, I should put up a Want Ad at the guild soon…No matter what, I can’t let the dungeon shops stop operation…Maybe I should put up a request at the neighbouring guild too, ya.”

After the creation of [Haru-chan], the working conditions in the dungeon had improved quite a lot.

Majority of the Adventurers started to challenge the dungeons with minimal gear and supplies, re-supplying at [Haru-chan] before continuing downwards and challenging the more difficult levels.

In fact, thanks to [Haru-chan], level 15 to level 20 areas, which were considered a ‘mid-level and above’ challenge, were now much easier to conquer. This had led to an overall improvement of the local guild’s Adventurers, which in return resulted in an increase of revenue for the Old Saxon guild.

In other words, [Haru-chan] had become something like a base camp for dungeon challengers aiming for much deeper levels. A public utility which could not be closed down for any length of time.

In short, people were needed.

Also, she would have to solve this problem quickly-


“What the hell! What was that?!”

Angry shouts reached Haruna’s ear.


“What, what? What’s going on??

It looked like there’s a fight going on outside.


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