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Little Cooking Saint – 0025 – Spicy Chicken Wings (1)

Strange World Little Cooking Saint – Chapter 0025 – Spicy Chicken Wings (1)

Strange World Little Cooking Saint

Chapter 25 – Spicy Chicken Wings (1)

Translated by Gumihou at kitchennovel dot come


Ignoring the idle gossipers, Shiyu checked the books out.

By the time afternoon rolled around, there was only her, Xiao Qi and Lao Er around for lunch. That afternoon’s lunch was fairly simple, fried rice with finely chopped meat, a few small stir fried side dishes, and a bowl of soup. Though the two of them were quite young, the amount they eat was not little. Xiao Qi alone could eat three bowls of rice, Lao Er even more.

Naturally the fried rice was made with spiritual beast meat. The meat was finely chopped up first and stir fried in a pot over a strong fire until it’s crispy and fragrant. It was then added to yesterday’s leftover rice and stir fried with a little salt. The grease from the meat soaked into each bead of rice, until it seemed to sparkle. Just a sniff and the smell penetrates past the nose into the brain receptors.

Xiao Qi and Lao Er both focussed their entire attention on eating, when she judged that they more or less had enough, Shiyu poured them a glass of water each.

“The two of you don’t go first, I have something to say to you.” Shiyu said.

Seeing that she has both their attention, Shiyu slowly said, “When the time comes, I will leave.”

“What do you mean by leave?” Lao Er asked in a gloomy voice.

During the time he spent training for cultivation, he had grown quite taciturn and also a lot calmer.

“It means that I will go out and travel. I wish to see the Imperial Capital, as well as other places outside the city. I have no intention of staying within this city forever.” There, Shiyu had told them about her plans, “Right now the restaurant is on the right track to success, even without me, the business wouldn’t fall too far.”

From the beginning, the management of the restaurant had been left to other people. The only thing she left for herself to do was a single signature dish. She had even started to show the other chefs the secret of this signature dish, in other words, even without her, the success of the restaurant would still be maintained. Not only that, she had also taught Xiao Wu several other secret dishes, it’s all up to Xiao Wu to polish them up by himself.

These dishes were all insurance for the future, to be taken out if the restaurant were ever to encounter any difficulties.

“Elder sister, you’re leaving us?” when Xiao Qi finally understood this, her eyes reddened. “But, I can’t bear you leaving, please don’t go?” She came up and hugged Shiyu tightly around the waist.

As for Lao Er, “The outside world is so dangerous, and you’re just a weak girl. It’s just too dangerous, even I can’t bear it.”

Their reactions were all within Shiyu’s expectations. She held out a hand and allowed the small blue flame to dance on her palm.

“I am no weak little girl, I am also a cultivator.”

“Wah!” Xiao Qi cried out in surprise. “Elder sister, you’re also a cultivator! This fire is so pretty, you’re also a fire element cultivator?”

Lao Er was shocked, at first, then a sense of depression fell over him.

So, even elder sister was a cultivator…

However, Shiyu’s next words raised him from his gloom.

“In truth, I have not innate talent for cultivating.” she turned her eyes at Lao Er, “just like you.”

“Elder sister…” Lao Er’s whole body started to tremble. Not out of fear, but of excitement. He stared at Shiyu with eyes brimming hope and expectations, but did not dare to say anything.

He was afraid of disappointment.

“It will be very painful, and you might lose your life. The success rate is very small, if you failed the test, we will lose you forever. With this, do you still wish to try it?”

Lao Er nodded decisively. “Pain is better than despair.”

“Good,” Shiyu smiled. “I will not question your choice. Since you have made up your mind, I will support you all the way. You have seen the fire on my hand, I am now a fire element cultivator. The reason for this is because I have swallowed a Blue Spiritual Fire Seed. Lao Er, please decide what kind element you wish to have.”

Not sure if this counts as a reward from heaven, being able to choose one’s element, but the gods will definitely not stick their hands to help past this test.

“Fire or lightning,” Lao Er answered without hesitation.

In addition to the main five elements, there were other less seen attributes. Among them was the lightning element which was considered the most powerful of elements. Even if the cultivators were of the same level or grade, a lightning element cultivator would be able to crush most of them out of existence. Take Lin Fan for example, his hidden attribute was lightning.

“I understand, however, Fire and Lightning Seeds are quite rare. Even if I encounter them I still need a large sum of money to buy one. Thank goodness you’re still young, I’ll make sure to return with something before you reach 15.”

“Elder sister, do you really have to go? The outside world, isn’t it really dangerous?” Lao Er said, “If it’s really that dangerous, I’d rather you don’t leave. I don’t want you to die just because of me.”

“What are you saying! Even if you’re not around, I still wish to travel the world. Helping you to find a spiritual seed is just a side trip. Just because something is dangerous doesn’t mean one should never do it!” Shiyu was perfectly calm. “When the time comes, you will also wish to leave. Also, just because we leave, it doesn’t mean we’ll never come back.”

She remembered that in the original novel, when this Lin Fan finally returned to Qing Shan City, it was with several wives in tow, each as lovely as flowers and jade and lived a secluded life with them. The moment she thought about Lin Fan, Shiyu couldn’t help but laughed. In a while, he will be leaving for the Imperial College, who knows. maybe the two of them will meet there.

“So, when is elder sister leaving?” Xiao Qi asked reluctantly.

“Soon, perhaps these few days, ba!” Now that she has the most basic of cultivation, she was feeling quite impatient about exploring this world.

When Grandpa and the rest got back, Shiyu also took this opportunity to inform them of her plans. Although there was some sadness in his eyes, Grandpa did not try to stop her. As for the rest of the children, they tended to stick to her a bit more when they knew about her plans. Shiyu spent the next few days cooking all kinds of food for them.

The news about Shiyu leaving also reached Lin Fan.

Though he and Lu Yan’er came together to see her, she could see that there was a distinct distance between the two.

“So you’ve made up your mind?” Lin Fan asked.

“En,” Shiyu nodded. “In a little over half a year would be the enrolment time for the Imperial College. I wish to see if I can enter the College.”

“Why would you want to enter the Imperial College? Aren’t you a cook?” Lu Yan’er frowned.

Not sure if it’s the work of the artefact in her belly, but it looked like nobody could tell that Shiyu was a cultivator.

“If nothing unexpected happens, that should remain so.” Shiyu quietly lamented in her heart about the main female character’s hostility, which had recently became more and more serious. The fact remained that she and Lin Fan really have no contact with each other! For her, she really did not want to have anything to do with this male stud or become part of his harem.

“When are you leaving?” Lin Fan frowned slightly, steering the topic back.

“Tomorrow,” after having dragged the departure time, it was high time to leave.

“Good.” Lin Fan nodded and held out a box. “I don’t have anything much to gift to you, but since you like cooking, I’ll present this knife as your leaving gift. In a few months I too shall leave for the Imperial City. Hope to see you there.”

“He-he,” Shiyu could only laughed. If at all possible, she hoped to never see him!



[Gumihou: You will definitely see him. You’re cursed to see him!]



Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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