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Strange World Alchemist Chef – 014 – Amazing Effect!

Strange World Alchemist Chef – Chapter 014 – Amazing Effect!

A faint fragrant smell coiled up with the steam from the carefully prepared Body Refining Noodles, majority of the essence from the medicinal herbs had been infused into it. The soup had permeated within each strand of the noodles, the chopped green onions really brought the colours out. It’s really difficult to realise that medicinal herbs had been used to make this bowl of noodles. If anyone knew about this, wouldn’t Wu Xuan be scolded as a crazy person?

Wu Xuan intention was to allow the spiciness from the Sky Star Root as well as the sweetness of the Yellow Shed Leaves to create this unique soup. The Devil’s Heart Powder has a scent that was close to wheat, and since the amount was not a lot, he had to add it into the flour, otherwise the amount was too little for making noodles.

Within the pot that he had simmered the soup in, there were only dregs of the medicinal herbs. He had already completely wrung out every bit of flavour as well as the essence with it. There was no need to eat those things.

However, no matter how refined the dish, or how delicious, if he could not derive any result from it, all his effort would be considered wasted.

Wu Xuan lifted the little bowl and took a sniff. For this one person’s portion of noodles, he was really satisfied with the result. The amount was just right, he could eat his fill. After he had finished making this, the spiritual essence in his body felt quite drained. As expected, it takes a lot of energy to make this thing.

“Now, let’s see just what would happen, I want to know if it could produce a result similar to the grilled Icy Dragon Grass.”

Wu Xuan picked up his chopsticks, swiped up a little bundle of noodles and ate it. The noodles slipped into his mouth easily, combined well with the sweet and spicy soup, he nodded in satisfaction as he ate. This was the first time he cooked with these ingredients, as expected, the spicy-sweet soup combo matched really well with the bouncy noodles, to the point that he could not help but be quite surprised.

He was really surprised by the ingredients in this world, it was as if their flavour had been concentrated several times over compared to those in his previous world. Just a small bit of Sky Star Root could result in such a strongly flavoured spicy soup. In the past, he could never achieve result without the help of some super concentrated Ma La Oil[1].

More importantly, he was able to achieve good results with natural ingredients. Though the Yellow Shed Leaves was not a lot, it was vital as a finishing touch to properly round off the soup base.

The noodles were quickly eaten up. He smacked his lips in satisfaction. There was a faint desire to eat more, but after waiting for a bit, he said, “Yi? Nothing seems to be happening, have I failed?”

He had just voiced this out when suddenly, his face changed and he sank down into a meditative pose with his legs crossed. Right then, he had just felt a shocking burst of energy pouring out from his belly. It was pure spiritual energy. There’s no doubt about it, this is clearly the result of the noodles just now.

This shocking spiritual energy spread throughout his body at an alarming rate. Compared to the first time he broke through his meridians, this spiritual strength was several times more powerful!

Under the impact of this spiritual power surge, his meridians expanded, to the point that even his skin started to glow with a faint light that was slowly becoming stronger. Along with raw power, there was also that curious ice power within his body that was starting to react. Before long, the floor was covered in a layer of frost, the cooking flames swayed from the cold and was eventually extinguished.  

Late in the middle of the night, when everyone had gone into dreamland. Not a single one would have imagine that Wu Xuan would be meditating in the middle of the kitchen.


With a powerful shout, Wu Xuan opened his eyes. Powerful energy exploded from his body like a sudden burst of cold wind. A bold declaration that summer has now turned to winter.

At this very moment, happiness and shock sparkled in his eyes.

Happiness, because he managed to breakthrough! That’s right, he had managed to breakthrough after eating this Body Refining Noodles. It’s definitely effective. The shock was due to the frightful result! He’s spiritual level was no longer at Grade 1 but Grade 3!

Jumping two grades at once not only gave him even more spiritual powers, but his spiritual meridians as well as his body had also improved by leaps and bounds. This was certainly beyond anyone’s expectations. That by just using one portion of the medicinal herbs for Body Refining pills, Wu Xuan actually managed to break into the Grade 3 level. The effect was like taking 2 pills at once.

If a top class alchemist were to refine this Body Refining pill, though the quality may be good, it would not result in a two grade jump. If it was at all possible, it would have been properly labelled so.

More importantly, Wu Xuan was not an alchemist.

Having a chef who could only cook to create such a Body Refining dish with such powerful effect was the true surprise.

Alchemists who tried to make elixirs or pills for the first time would often fail. Not only he did not fail his first attempt, but managing to achieve such un-precedent success was definitely a pleasant surprise.

“Unexpectedly able to reach the third grade today, the effect is a bit too good…let’s eat more!” Wu Xuan turned his gaze on the other portion of the medicinal herbs, eyes flashing.

Even a Grade three achievement could not fulfil his heart. Right now there are plenty of Grade three cultivators, even an 11 year old child could achieve this result and he’s almost an adult!

This has nothing to do with the desire to beat up people. Within the Wu Family, those who could not cultivate or achieve breakthroughs could only be considered ordinary disciples. If such a person were to be thrown out of the Spirit Dragon City or anywhere within the Spirit Dragon City, that person would be completely ignored.

Wu Xuan once more picked up the of Body Refining herbs and made it into the same dish. His enthusiasm actually made the end result even better. Once the bowl of piping hot Body Refining Noodles was done, he picked it up with his chopsticks and ate everything. Once done, he sat down to meditate.

As expected, that shocking spiritual power began to rampage within his body once more. Only, this time it dissipated much faster. There was no breakthrough, only a small improvement. He was now about three quarters of the way to the next breakthrough point.

When he opened his eyes, there was no astonishing light works. After pondering for a bit, he stood up.

This Body Refining Noodles was certainly a good thing. However, in the end they’re still made from herbs that belonged to the Body Refining Grade Three pills. That label at the Elixir Pavilion was not wrong. In order to achieve the next breakthrough, he would have to depend on his own cultivation as well as better medicines.

Once he thought this through, there were no regrets in his heart. In fact, he was quite happy. That he could achieve a Grade three cultivation at this point could be considered a good thing. He only had to practice his cultivation a bit more and should be able to breakthrough to Grade four. This kind of improvement rate would cause people to drop their jaws in surprise.

Though Wu Xuan made it look simple, other disciples probably won’t have it so easy. If they were to depend on pills alone to breakthrough, they would have to wait at least 2 months to collect the necessary pills from the Elixir Pavilion in order to achieve Grade three.

Wu Xuan only managed his first breakthrough yesterday, and yet had brokethrough to achieve a Grade 3 level. Therefore, this should be considered quite fast.

“Must strive to break into grade four cultivation level next!”

Being able to reach grade four is considered a special achievement level within the Wu family. Those who managed to break past the fourth level barrier would be able to step into the library to study various books on cultivation, learn better martial arts and meditation techniques. Though one could cultivate via body training alone, the achievement would be minute and progress too slow.

For him, it would be too wasteful not to cook and taste all kinds of magical herbs of this world. After this first cooking experience, he discovered that there are lots of new things in this world. Also, it would not be bad to explore the rest of this new world either.

After cleaning up the kitchen, Wu Xuan made his way to his own room. Not a single person realised that within this humble kitchen, a special type of cooking had been born.


[1] Ma La Oil – Oil made from frying dried chilli. Very hot and spicy.


[1] Ma La Oil – Oil made from frying dried chilli and various spices. Very hot and spicy. It’s almost like a national condiment in certain parts of China like Szechuan and Tibet where they liberally pour the spicy oil over everything. The word ‘ma’ meant numb and ‘la’ is hot or spicy.  It’s available for sale. If you do make it, please note that despite being an ‘oil’ it could go rancid and should be used up within three weeks.


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