You are currently viewing Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0064 – Actually Exploding Out of One’s Clothes

Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0064 – Actually Exploding Out of One’s Clothes

Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 064 – Actually Exploding Out of One’s Clothes

Sargerass nodded, he also felt surprised. These few years, the number of shops that had rejected his presence were many. Even if they were to let him in, they would invariably placed him in a separate section, making him feel fairly discriminated against.

Who would have thought this thin and weak looking boss did not even have a trace of fear against him, even let him chose whichever seat he liked. This was the first time that he felt acknowledged. Looking around, he pulled out a chair near the entrance and sat down. There were no customers around that area yet.

That seductive aroma of hearty meatiness was really making Sargerass, who had yet to have his breakfast, felt really hungry. Looking at Mike, he pointed at one of the customers with a [Juicy Burger] in hand and said, “Boss, one of those, please.” his voice was hoarse, as though he had not had a drop of water for a long time.

“Very well,” Mike nodded and turned and headed towards the kitchen.

“Wow, that’s a really big bald head.” Amy stared at the seated Sargerass with bright eyes. She slipped down from her high stool and walked forward with curiosity in her eyes, “Good day to you, Big Baldy, I’m Amy. Are you a demon? What kind of demon are you? Since you don’t have hair, could it be that you’re a baldy demon?”

“Miao~” clasped within Amy’s embrace, Ugly Duckling also appeared curious. There wasn’t a single trace of fear in her either.

It was the first time someone called him a ‘Big Baldy’ to his face, Sargerass was stunned for a while. As part of the lava demon race, his temper had always been as volatile as lava itself. Even among demons, not a single person dared to treat him lightly. Within the City of Sin, regular humans who saw him would make sure to go the other way. Who knew that there will be this little girl who dared to address him this way.

The red mist of anger had risen several degrees in his eyes. However, when this gaze fell upon Amy, the anger fell away just as quickly. This little girl was just too cute!

Silver hair plated into two pigtails, exquisitely adorable face that looked like it had been delicately carved from fine jade. A pair of pointed ears stuck out, looked like she could be a half elf.

She was still hugging that white and orange striped, fluffy little beast. Right now, they were both in front of him, two pairs of large blue eyes filled with curiosity and expectation looking up at him. It would appear the question was asked out of childish curiosity and not an attempt to ridicule him or make jokes at his expense..

Whenever he had encountered this type of bratty kids in the past, Sargerass reaction was to call fire upon his palm to scare them away. But, this little girl was just too cute, so, he really could not bring himself to use a fire ball to make her cry. Also, she’s most likely the boss’ daughter. Just now the man had given him a feeling of acknowledgement, so he will endure these little questions for a little while. However his face remained stiff as a board, and with a difficult to approached kind of aura said to Amy, “I am Sargerass, a powerful lava demon of the warrior clan, not some bald demon.”

“S…Sar…gu…Big Baldy.” Amy gave a helpless shrug. “But your name is too difficult to say, Big Baldy is easy to remember. All I have to do is look at you and I’ll remember”

Sparks started to flare in Sargerass’ eyes again. If the person before him was a man, he would definitely have initiated a duel against him. No, it should be that he would kindly give a demonstration of how his blasting technique work. Let him know the consequences of disrespecting a lava demon.

However, seeing the helpless expression on little Amy, the rage he was feeling just could not gather strength. Could he really attack such a tiny little girl?

Though he’s a demon, Sargerass more or less have some idea on the concept of tenderness and compassion. In these few years, the humans that have died for various reasons were not limited to just one or two. However, there was still that simmering rage in his heart that has nowhere to go. Also, the little girl had just tried her best, he was beginning to suspect that perhaps his name really was that difficult to pronounce after all?

“Your [Juicy Burger].” Mike held out a [Juicy Burger] towards Sargerass. He smiled as he stroked Amy’s head. He had overheard quite a bit of their little dialogue, that little girl of his really could inspire both love and annoyance at the same time.

However, as a person who hid a poisonous tongue within him, seeing how Amy’s words made a customer pissed off and furious, yet deflated at the sight of her face ending up forgiving her almost unwillingly was most satisfying. It was actually kind of cool.

As Sargerass picked up the [Juicy Burger], his attention turned away from Amy. The piping hot [Juicy Burger] exuded a powerfully captivating and meaty fragrance, the finely minced meat looked very attractive within the white bread packet.

He had wondered the entire continent several times and had seen a lot of places, even the Lost Capital of the Empire. However, this was the first time he saw this kind of bread. Unable to resist, he took a large bite.

Unprecedented deliciousness spread inside his mouth, until he could not help but closed his eyes. Every single taste bud started to cheer and rejoice. This kind of flavour was definitely unique. Completely different from everything he had ever eaten before. When matched with the pillowy soft bread, the flavour just upgraded onto an entirely new level. This level of deliciousness in this food was almost emotional.

He was not some picky foodie. While on Demon Island it was perfectly normal to eat food raw, at most he would just place the meat on his hand and use his fire to roast it a little. Later, in order to find ways to increase his power, he left Demon Island. This was when he slowly got to know about human food. After tasting the human’s culinary arts, he felt that their way of cooking was much better.

However, this kind of gourmet cooking was still the something he experienced for the first time. It was like a some small flame was being turned into lava. It was an entirely different level of deliciousness.

Mike pulled Amy back a couple of steps. The pork came from Demon island. According to the [System], demons should be strongly influenced by it and therefore would normally guard their reaction against it.

After Sargerass swallowed the large bite of [Juicy Burger], it immediately turned into it into a powerful heat flowing down. It felt like a fire had suddenly been ignited in his throat. Not only that, this feeling was rapidly speeding into his blood vessels.

His blood seemed to boil over, it felt like galloping horses were charging through his blood streams, surging and colliding against each other, beating and beating. Flames blossomed up like flowers within his blood.



Flames rose with his shout, Sargerass roared as he faced the ceiling, the fire running higher and higher along with his voice. His eyes suddenly opened and flames burst out over ten centimetres from his skin. Fire covering him from head to toe.

Immediately after the destruction of his clothes, fine lines of lava could be seen by the naked eye, splitting open and revealing golden red liquid that started to flow slowly, looking exactly like real lava. It even started to radiate a really scary amount of heat.

“The…the clothes actually caught on fire!” Mike frowned, making a vary weird face.


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