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Little Cooking Saint – 0024 – Spiritual Snow Rabbit (4)

Strange World Little Cooking Saint – Chapter 0024 – Spiritual Beast Snow Rabbit Meat (4)

Strange World Little Cooking Saint

Chapter 24 – Spiritual Beast, Snow Rabbit Meat (4)

Translated by Gumihou at kitchennovel dot com


Since it was her first time cooking with spiritual fire, she did not dare to let burn too strongly, lest she accidentally end up with a crispy pot. Slowly, making sure to keep it under control, she wrapped the blue fire around the pot, keeping the temperature even in order to bake the contents.

To keep the fire steady, she continued to desperately suck in the surrounding fire elements.

For a while, the things around the kitchen seemed to move and flutter on their own without the presence of a breeze. A cultivator would be able to see the red fire elements rushing towards Shiyu, forming a vortex around her.

Shiyu felt like she was back at her primary school doing math, adding and subtracting, adding and subtracting. Luckily she has the Fire Seed inside her to purify and filter out the random bits of things that rushed in with the fire elements, sending out pure fire along her meridians, through her four limbs and hundreds lines veins.

As energy flowed through her meridians, the channel became larger little by little. Shiyu only felt it as tingling and itching, but these sensations were fleeting. Though the most annoying thing about them was that they kept repeating themselves over and over again, itching and stopping, then itching again, which made it almost unbearable.

Shiyu gritted her teeth and pushed onwards, seeking to maintain a steady fire until a strong fragrance emitted from the pot. Finally, she let go, nearly collapsing from exhaustion.

“It’s surprisingly difficult to cook porridge.” She panted heavily, letting her body absorb energy from the surroundings and filling up her spent energy paths.

After resting for a bit, she felt quite energetic again. So she checked her dantian just to see what had happened. Unexpectedly, within that good thing in her belly, a fourth tear drop was already starting to form.

She’s unexpectedly close to a breakthrough!

Shiyu’s heart filled with glee, she felt that her future was really bright at that moment.

Actually, these were merely basic level powers. By planting a Fire Seed into her body and letting it become part of herself instead of relying on natural talent, the seed had reforged her body via a cleansing fire, burning off any impurities that it could find. This was equivalent to actually shedding her body and changing her bones in a literal sense!

Additionally, the fire elements that she had absorbed into her body were all purified by the blue fire. It saved her the effort of having to consciously purify it herself, which naturally helped in speeding up her cultivation process.

She got up and approached the steaming pot. When she took off the lid, the smell of the porridge rushed upwards with the steam. Another look into the pot showed that the minced rabbit had dissolved, leaving thick white porridge inside. Just the sight alone tempted her to try some.

Replacing the lid, Shiyu went outside to check the time. Almost breakfast time. She went out to call the others in to eat. The moment her feet stepped over the threshold of  the kitchen, not a whiff of the strong porridge fragrance could not be traced.

Has the smell been trapped in?

In her previous life, a lot of famous kitchens would utilize this technique [1] where the fragrance of the food only lingered around the dish. This maximises the impact of the dish for the person who eats it in terms of flavour and fragrance, arousing a feeling that was just too wonderful for words. In her previous life, she had tried to create dishes like this, but had failed time and again.

In other words, this was a technique which she could only look at, but never master.

Unexpectedly, she had accidentally stumbled into this much sought after technique, achieving a much desired cooking breakthrough, though she’s still a long way away from the true mastery of the technique.

It did not take long for everyone to arrive. Each person was given a bowl of bright white porridge, along with some fried peanuts as a side dish. Breakfast today was irresistibly fragrant and sweet.

“Today’s porridge is really yummy!” Xiao Qi declared, “I feel like my body’s all warm and my hands aren’t stiff any more. Is there any more, big sis?”

Looking at Xiao Qi’s large wobbly eyes, Shiyu could not resist rubbing her head.

“Yes, yes, there’s still some in the pot.”

Xiao Qi had gotten much taller in a short span of time, her attitude more open as well. Though her face still remained the same, her eyes seemed much brighter and livelier.

Looking at Lao Er, well, he definitely looked much healthier and fitter than before. However, the lines between his browse seemed much more dense as well.

Shiyu knew the source of that frown, and she may have a solution for it, but she would have to find a suitable time to speak to Lao Er.

After breakfast, Xiao Qi and Lao Er had to return to their martial arts practice. Grandpa had brought Xiao Wu and Xiao Liu with him to help out at the restaurant. Shiyu had wanted to go with them, but all three had unexpectedly disappeared when she was not paying attention.


“Why did they leave so quickly today?” having no other option, she returned to her room to polish her newly acquired skills.

That night, Xiao Qi came back all a twitter, “Big sis, I was complimented by the drill master today! I ran 30 li [2] and got number 1! Second brother also managed to stay with the group, so today is a great day!”

Shiyu knew that they had to run 30 li every single day without stopping before they could rest and start with the regular martial arts practice. Before this, Xiao Qi had to struggle hard to stay within the group, and Lao Er was always been the slowest one there. Today’s improvement was really great news all around.

Lao Er also looked happy, “I felt like I had more strength today, and was much faster than before.” he believed that this was the result of his hard work and could finally look forward to a better future.

“That’s right, I felt like that too!” Xiao Qi nodded her head.

“Looks like I’m not the only one who felt that way.” hearing them say this, Xiao Liu also chimed in. “Today I felt like there’s endless strength in my legs, even my normal walking speed went up.”

“… …”

If it’s just one person, it could be chalked up to hard work and gruelling practices, but now it looked like everyone had the same experience, it has now turned into a pattern.

Thinking about the morning’s porridge, Shiyu suddenly remembered that her legs had felt particularly nimble that day, but she had credited that to her newly developed cultivation skills and had not thought too much of it.

That was to say, was this a special effects from the porridge?

The next day, she went to the library to look through information about spiritual beasts, and found the section about Spiritual Snow Rabbits. The reason why Snow Rabbits were considered Level 2 beasts was due to their shocking speed. Normally, they’re very difficult to catch due to their ability to just lose their attackers, and were considered quite troublesome prey.

A Spiritual Snow Rabbit’s ability was speed, and she had just used its meat to make food that somehow increased the speed of those who had eaten it. If that’s the case, what if she were to make food from this beast, and use it during moments where she needed to escape most?

Also, what if she were to make food using Spiritual Beasts with different kinds of special attributes, would it increase other physical effects as well?

When she thought about this, Shiyu was suddenly caught up with the irresistible desire to experiment.

With <<Spiritual Beasts’ Special Attributes>> in hand, she found a few other books on the basics of cultivation and went to check them out at counter guarded by an old man.

At this moment, there were quite a few Lin CLan members, they saw Shiyu checking out books on basics of cultivation they could not resist laughing. “When did kitchen hands start to learn cultivations anyway?”

Others started to chime in, “Not only kitchen hands, even useless trash are suffering from delusions! Did they really thought cultivation is something they could learn just because they wish for it? They should really measure the cloth properly for their own person.”

Shiyu knew that the kitchen hand remark was meant for her, but what about useless trash? Were they talking about Lao Er?

Hanging around with such a group of show offs and braggarts, just how much has Lao Er suffered?


[Gumihou: I like that the author still talks about the other kids and the old man from the first chapter and not just dump them like a bunch of used NPCs.]



[1] What is this mysterious technique? Someone explain it to me!!


[2] 30 li – 500m per li so 15km







Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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