Little Cooking Saint – 0023 – Spiritual Snow Rabbit (3)

Strange World Little Cooking Saint – Chapter 0023 – Spiritual Beast Snow Rabbit Meat (3)

Strange World Little Cooking Saint

Chapter 23 – Spiritual Beast, Snow Rabbit Meat (Part 3)

Translated by Gumihou



Night fell, Shiyu waited until the surroundings have quieted down before disappearing into her pocket dimension.

Now that she has the Fire Seed, how was she going to absorb it into her body? Would she really be able to use it?

Within the middle of her dimension, the book floated as usual. However, the moment she thought about this question, the pages flipped on its own and settled on a specific diagram.

“So… I should be under water first, and then swallow the Fire Seed?” When Shiyu thought about having actual flames inside her stomach, she felt all the hairs on her body stood up.

“Is there really no other way?”

[pa la], with an audible sound, the book closed itself in a very decisive manner.

“… …” that thing seemed really arrogant.

Looking at the flickering blue flame in her hand, she thought about having to actually swallow this thing and swallowed nervously.

A Fire Seed, though weaker than other items, was still a Heaven & Earth spiritual item. The moment it was created, the flames would never die. If she could not subdue it, she would be reduced to a pile of ash.

Looking around, Shiyu spotted a small pool just beyond the curtain of fog. Surely this was the body of water mentioned in the book.

Shiyu stood by the pond for a long time, before finally making up her mind. Whatever, let’s just do it, and damn the consequence.

In this world, those without power would be stepped on. They could only spend the rest of their life swallowing their frustrations and trudge along. She refused to live like this.

Taking a deep breath, stepped out to the actual world, grabbed a bathing tub before returning to her pocket dimension. Next, she filled the tub with water from the pool, and sat inside it.

The pool water or spring water, she wasn’t sure which, was cool but not freezing. She had accidentally swallowed some while filling the tub, hm, the taste was actually not bad. Sweet and refreshing, and very invigorating. This kind of water should be excellent for wine making or even tofu making.

After some self-reflections, her heart calmed down. Shiyu picked up the little Fire Seed and tried to swallow it.

Perhaps sensing her intentions, the flames on the seed suddenly flared up and the temperature rose to scalding level. The heat was enough to make Shiyu shake her hands to fling it away. Luckily, it only dropped into the tub.

As expected of a Heaven and Earth Spiritual item, its eternal fire still flickered on underwater. Only, the flames had gone down significantly and the heat had lost its intensity. However, Shiyu noticed that the water in the tub was starting to smoke.

Wait, is the water evaporating?

Now that the Fire Seed’s temperature was no longer high, Shiyu threw caution into the wind, and dove under water. She opened her mouth and sucked the Fire Seed in like a fish and forced herself to swallow it down with the pool water.

Things were calmed at first. Then, Shiyu felt a strange heat in her belly. It was as though she had just swallowed fire, even her chest started to feel painful.

“Aa–” she struggled to drink more water, hoping to quench the fire and relieve the burning pain inside, but to no avail. Instead, the scorching feeling started to spread out, reaching towards her heart.

Shiyu was in such pain that she started to thrash about, accidentally knocking the tub over. Without the spring water, her temperature shot up. It felt like her very bones will be ashes soon. Almost by instinct, she crawled towards the pond. By this time, blue flames licked along her entire body .

The flames charred her skin, licking it off inch by inch, the blackened bits creaking and flaking as she crawled, causing blood and water to leak out. Even these liquids were burnt black by the blue fire. Finally, she rolled into the pool, the water immediately sluicing off the black bits, exposing tender pink flesh underneath. A second later, blue fire flared up again and again, scorching the exposed flesh.

An endless cycle of flames flaring up and scorching skin, water rushing to wash off ashes as she thrashed about. The pain was so great that Shiyu eventually lost consciousness.

It was like her body was being reforged by fire, like a sword or a knife, burning red hot and renewed, red hot and renewed over and over again.

After an uncertain amount of time, a white body floated to the surface of the pool. Flames still danced around the body, though it did not seemed to harm it.

When Shiyu finally blinked her eyes opened, she was in a daze for a long time. She touched her body carefully, when she ascertained that she was still alive, she collapsed on her back.

Thank goodness she did not die!

But, did this meant that she managed to absorbed the Fire Seed?”

Shiyu excitedly climbed out of the water, extended a palm and concentrated. Blue fire bloomed and danced.

…how to cook with this tiny fire?


With an audible [pa!] sound, the flames shot up and out. The fire was still blue in colour, but the heat that radiated out was much hotter, enough to distort the air around her.

“Perfect,” Shiyu was satisfied.

This type of excellent result was worth the torture she had endured.

The only bad thing about this was the fact that her clothes were completely burnt away. Sneaking into her own room, she quickly rummaged for fresh clothes. After checking to see that she was properly and decently dressed, it was then that she looked outside. It was closed to dawn.

With a cheerful air, she skipped out, just in time to see the sun peeping out from the horizon. Red gold rays flashed out, illuminating a whole bunch of red gasses that seemed to be floating aimlessly about.

Shiyu reached out and caught one of these floating red gasses with her hands.

Are these fire elements?

Feeling a curious sensation on her hands, she saw blue flames flicker and swallowed up the red gas. Shiyu could feel her body absorbing these fire elements just by standing there.

The oddest thing, however, was the fact that she could now see what’s going on in her dantian (belly). Aside from her own existing divine artefact, next to it was a round jade bead that kept putting out blue flames. Rotating around these two items were three red tear drop shaped things. Possibly the fire elements that she had just absorbed.

Following this world’s cultivation grading system, could it be that these drops meant that she’s now at basic Level 3 cultivation?

Feeling the power coursing through her body, once again, Shiyu felt that the suffering she had endured was worth it.

Now that she has spiritual fire, she could now cook spiritual meat that Lin Fan had given her. Morning was just perfect, let’s make breakfast.

The attached kitchen was fully equiped with wok, pot, ladle bowls and basins. First, she took out the spiritual meat hidden in her pocket dimension and used a dagger to cut a piece off. This dagger was given to her by Lin Fan who told her that it was much more convenient to cut spiritual beast meat with.

The meat came from the back of a Level 2 Spiritual Snow Rabbit, incredibly succulent and tender, with excellent marbling. She minced the meat with the dagger, added a little salt and set it aside to marinate. Next, she washed some rice.

In truth, the treatment they received from the Lin Clan was actually not bad. Possibly because of Xiao Qi, the food supplied to them mostly contained spiritual energy.

Food with spiritual energy were not only better in terms of taste, but it also promoted good health and longevity. The spiritual rice were full and plump, and looked like tiny jade pieces. She placed the rice in a clay pot and brought out some pool water from her pocket dimension to cook the rice. Using her eyes to estimate[1], she filled the pool water until it just covered the rice, replaced the lid and cooked it over high heat.

About a quarter of an hour later, she took the lid off, stirred in the minced rabbit until the mixture was even and covered the pot again. This time cooking it at a much lower heat. However, because the Snow Rabbit could not be cooked using conventional fires, Shiyu had to squat in front of the stove and use the blue fire from within her body to cook…



[1] I cook rice this way too, basically depending on the plumpness of rice I’d estimate how much or how little water to use. Japanese rice would be just covered, about 1 to 1 ratio, Thai jasmine rice, about one or two knuckle above the rice level, depending on the amount of rice.


How do you guys cook rice?









Translated by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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  1. Meowmeow

    Just a typical rice cooked .Some of us used 1 to 1 ratio or 1 to 1 1/2 depending what rice is suitable measurement after cooking🤣🤣.

  2. Hamster

    >How do you guys cook rice?
    I almost always use a rice cooker unless I feel the several times per year whimsical desire to eat okoge. Okoge is the “leftover” rice that sticks to the bottom of the pot it’s cooked in.
    It’s bad for teeth, but one way to use it is add a little butter and smear it around, then carefully break the whole okoge thing out of the bottom of the pan. I don’t do that anymore after getting crowns. Once out, break into small pieces that are like jawbreakers if the rice was cooked too long and the okoge is dried out. More recommended if the okoge is dried out because the pot of rice was cooked too long is to add some water to be about a knuckle’s height over the okoge and bring it to a boil. As soon as that happens, take it off and eventually the okoge softens up. I break apart the okoge into small pieces and eat that along with the boiled rice water serving as the thin soup. The toasted rice has a flavor of its own and that is what I am looking for.

    1. Gumihou

      I cook rice in a claypot on the stove. Japanese rice, I do it Japanese nabe style with less water and covered as well as a set period of time (when it bubbles, I turn off the fire and open the little to prevent the pot from spewing too much liquid). For long-grain rice, I do it Korean style with the cover off and more water, giving the rice a final stir before covering the claypot and turning off the fire.

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    what happened to chapter one

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      In the process of being rehosted.

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