Strange World Alchemist Chef – 013 – Let’s Make Body Strengthening Noodles

Strange World Alchemist Chef – Chapter 013 – Let’s Make Body Strengthening Noodles

Once he entered the Elixir Pavilion, he made a bee line for the section where he had seen the Body Refining Pill. The reason he entered this Pavilion was for this Body Refining Pill, the rest of the pills did not interest him, or better so say that he could not make use of them at all.

Right now, the most important matter is to upgrade his cultivation level and not think too much about other things. Without a certain level of cultivation, there were a lot of things he could not do. For example his special hands, without a proper level of cultivation to support it, it would almost be useless. To be able to create and discern Elixirs, he would need higher levels of cultivation. Last night’s breakthrough had consumed every trace of spiritual power within his body, it was as though he had been wrung dry.

He was able to quickly and easily make his way to the area where they kept the Body Refining Pill, and picked out the correct item immediately. Though the pill was in his hand, there was no special information inside his head. This did not mean that the analysis for this pill has ended, Wu Xuan simply have not started using his special hands to analyse the pill’s content.

Ever since the opening of his meridians, and his spiritual powers were opened for cultivation, the knowledge of how to use this hands have revealed itself to him. The knowledge have been transmitted directly into his brain, so he need not put in the extra effort to puzzle things out on his own. He could now control this special ability. He could analyse when he wanted to and unlike before when it was almost automatic, happening whenever he accidentally touched something spiritual related.

He placed the Body Refining Pill on his hand and narrowed his eyes, a faint glow floated from his hand as he started to analyse the make-up of this pill. Not long after, the result of the analysis started to appear: Yellow Shed Leaves, Devil’s Heart Powder, Sky Star Root…

This time, he had no trouble getting the whole formula, and could obtain the whole list of ingredients for this pill. At the same time, he could also feel his spiritual power being drained quite significantly for this information, however, there were no significant adverse affect.

There was actually now real need to analyse this Body Refining Pill, as the recipe was pretty much open to public and not some important Elixir. Though it’s considered a Level 2 pill, it just borderline made it to that category. Not only Level 2 Elixirs, even Level 3 Elixirs’ recipe were not kept as secrets. Even regular folk with no cultivations could have access to the recipe.

Wu Xuan was just testing out his abilities. Unless he could freely use this ability as he wished with the proper level of cultivation, this ability was just like something locked away that cannot be touched.

“Looks like, without a certain level of cultivation, it would be impossible to analyse higher quality Elixirs…” Wu Xuan came back to himself, and replaced the pill.

His gaze shifted towards a wooden the centre of a wooden chest. Inside were all kinds of herbs and plants especially to refine one’s cultivation. Just now the old man had said that only one of medicinal pills or elixirs could be taken out, but if he could take two medicinal herbs, then he should be able to achieve twice the benefit!

The reason why the Elixir Pavilion has this kind of arrangement was to encourage their disciples to practice their pill refining technique. Since not all attempts could be successful, they were allowed two portions. If they manage to achieve success, they would have two pills, of they failed once, then they still have that one pill, if both attempts failed, they would have to wait for the following month.

Wu Xuan naturally chose the medicinal herbs to make Body Refining pills, not only to see if he could actually make use of these herbs effectively, but more importantly to get his hands on more pills.

One Body Refining pill could only help him breakthrough one grade of cultivation. If he chose a pill, he will need to wait one month before he could breakthrough to the next grade. One months was not a long time, however, he did not wish to wait any longer and wanted to speed up his cultivation as fast as possible.

Therefore, choosing use his cooking technique upon the medicinal herbs was the best option.

He quickly made his selection and went back to the counter. When he placed the Body Refining herbs onto the table, the old man raised his eyes to stare at him, and proceeded to count the herbs.

“Two portions of Yellow Shed Leaves, two portions of Devil’s Heart Powder…” After noting everything down, the old man once again leaned back upon his chair and slowly closed his eyes.

Wu Xuan picked up his herbs and made to leave. As he was leaving, the old man eyes opened to give him another glance. As an Ice Attribute, there was no way Wu Xuan could practice alchemy. When he saw these herbs, he was a little surprised. However, the old man did not bother to ask too many questions. The Elixir Pavilion never specify that the herbs taken out must be refined by the person themselves, they are allowed to request others to refine the herbs into pills for them.

In the end, they were all of the same Wu family, the more powerful their own people become, the better. Being able to get others to help them with their cultivation was also a sign of their ability.

When he came out of the Elixir Pavilion, Wu Zixin started yelling again. Wu Xuan just ignored him and returned to his own room. Once there, he immediately began to meditate and practice circulating his spiritual powers. The unique Ice Attribute began to move around, cold air started to emit from his body, it was all very strange.

He was not in a hurry to make a Body Refining dish, it was still too early and there were still a lot of people about, including the kitchen. The last thing he wanted was for them to see him cook with the medicinal herbs, they would definitely think he had gone crazy. Right now, he could not afford to let people know about this ability of his, therefore the best thing was to keep things under wraps, for now.

In short, he wish to wait until nightfall before making anything, right now the most important thing was to practice his cultivation. After all, he no longer had to assist in the kitchen, he could now focus everything on cultivation.

In a blink of an eye night had fallen. He lightly pushed open the door, Wu Xuan carefully left his room and made for the kitchen. All along the inner support sections of the Wu Family estate, there was not a single person to be seen, naturally for those disciples who could cultivate, none of them would be interested to come down here.

At the kitchen, he immediately got a fire going before opening the little chest of medicinal herbs. Looking at the three herbs, he stroked his chin and pondered, “Yellow Shed Leaves, Devil’s Heart Powder and Sky Star Root…”

After a short while, he nibbled a bit off each of the three herbs, frowned and said, “This Yellow Shed Leaves is a little bitter with a sweet after taste, kind of like lotus seed; Devil’s Heart Powder is a little sweet, the fragrance is similar to wheat; the Sky Star Root is a little spicy, kind of like chilli. Three different kinds of flavours, once it’s been mixed up together into a magic pill, who knows what kind flavour would emerge. Guess it can’t be anything good, who would actually want to eat anything like this…”

Wu Xuan continued to ponder upon these herbs, wondering what kind of dishes would best set off their individual flavours and become even more delicious!

After a short while, he suddenly clapped his hands and smiled. “Let’s make noodle!”

Turning these three medicinal herbs into noodles, if the alchemists know about this they would be flabbergasted! Just what kind of logic is this, how did you go from pills to noodles!

Wu Xuan took out one portion of the Body Refining medicinal herbs first, he wanted to experiment first and see what kind of effect cooking would have. It it failed, at least he still has a back up.

He took out the Sky Star Root first, and immediately throw it into a pot of boiling water, stirred, added salt and a little oil for seasoning and finally covered it to let it steep.

Next he took the Devil’s Heart Powder which had been finely grounded into powder form and poured it into a bowl of flour. That’s right, he poured the precious powder into a bowl of floor, enough to make one person’s portion of noodles!

After adding a few eggs, he made kneaded the flour into a dough. Under his skilful hands, the flour and Devil’s Heart Powder mixed seamlessly together, at the same time his hands also started to emit a white light.


Wu Xuan slammed the dough heavily onto the surface, and began to pull the dough into noodles. Under his experienced hands, the thick dough soon became countless fine strands! With a little shake, the noodles rippled and flew into the air like shining streamers in fine and but tough strands. In the dark room, they seemed to flash tiny points of lights.

His movements were swift, and a few tens of minutes, the noodles were done. In the first place, there was not a lot of flour, so it made sense that it would take a shorter time to make. Not to mention he was originally a top chef at his peak, with the original policy of being fast and good.

Once the noodles were done, he lifted the lid off the pot. A sharp, spicy smell rose up. This was quite surprising, he had not expect the spicy flavour of the Sky Star Root to be so strong that, after just boiling it for a bit would emit such powerful spicy flavour, resulting in an excellent pot of spicy soup!

Wu Xuan laughed out loud and threw in the Yellow Shed Leaves. Just as it landed in the spicy soup, the Yellow Shed Leaves immediately gave out a kind of sweet refreshing fragrance, blending quite well with the spicy aroma to create an unusual kind of smell. This spicy sweet kind of smell really stimulates the appetite.

After stirring the soup for a bit, Wu Xuan scooped out a ladle full of the scalding hot soup and poured it directly onto the noodles. He continued to stir the noodles slowly in the bowl. The fine noodles turned sparkling and transparent, in a blink of an eye the noodles have cooked through.

The noodles he had just pulled were just too fine, just by using the residual heat of the soup was enough rapidly cook the noodles. Finally, he sprinkled some chopped spring onions onto his noodles. Just like that, a fast noodle that  looked like something from his previous life was done.

He had now created Body Refining Noodles! Not a Body Refining Pill, but Body Refining Noodles!

Body Refining Noodle probably looked a bit like this?


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