Strange World Alchemist Chef – 012 – Once More to The Elixir Pavillion

Strange World Alchemist Chef – Chapter 012 – Once More to The Elixir Pavillion

In a blink of an eye, the sky brightened. Wu Xuan lightly pushed open the door, and saw Uncle Wu walking towards him. Possibly to ask him about yesterday’s matter.

“Yi, just not seeing you for one night, why did it seems like Little Xuan had changed a lot?” Uncle Wu came closer and gave Wu Xuan a once over. It really seemed like he had become a completely different person overnight. “You bathed with the Body Strengthening Pills [1] right? Just one night is create such great changes?”

Wu Xuan laughed, “Oh yes, Uncle Wu, the most important thing is that I’ve finally managed to achieve a breakthrough. I should be able to cultivate now, right?”

“Oh, a breakthrough…” Uncle Wu was taken aback, he stared with wide eyes. “You, you really managed to breakthrough?” He actually couldn’t quite believe it. After struggling for such a long time, and finally breakthrough now was a complete shock for him.

Wu Xuan said, “Yes, I finally managed to reach Basic Level 1, and am thinking about going to the Elixir Pavilion to pick up some pills…”

Uncle Wu reached out to grasp Wu Xuan’s hand, after a long while, he slowly withdraw his own hands. He breathed out slowly, and irrepressible smile on his face, tinged with a hint of loss. “You’ve really broken through! After this, you won’t have to work in the kitchens any more. Focus on your own cultivation and achieve great success!”

The fact that Wu Xuan could now cultivate meant that he no longer have to work in the kitchens. Though Wu Xuan’s age was a little advanced, having potential to cultivate was a good thing. In truth, Uncle Wu did not have any great expectations for Wu Xuan being able to achieve anything significant, being able to cultivate at all was already an amazing feat. There’s no need to talk about achieving peerless powers or great strength as it’s already impossible.

Frankly speaking, Wu Xuan already passed the optimal cultivation period. The words spoken by Uncle Wu were really just empty encouragement.

Wu Xuan merely smiled, he was not at all reluctant to leave the kitchens. Though he loved cooking, the things he’s pursuing now are different. He now has his sights on the treasures of heaven and earth as well as developing his cultivation.

After saying his farewell to Uncle Wu, he made his way to the Elixir Pavilion. When he once again appeared in front of Wu Zixin, Wu Zixin was only momentarily surprised before snarling, “What are you doing here again?”

Wu Xuan walked forward confidently, and fearlessly declared, “Oh, I’m here as per the rules and regulations to pick up my monthly supply of elixirs.”

“Monthly supply of elixirs? A useless waste of space non-cultivator like you?” Wu Zixin was very direct.

“If I could cultivate up to Basic Level 1, is that fine?” Wu Xuan asked.

“Basic Level 1?” Wu Zixin laughed at this. “Just two pills and in one night you managed to gain cultivation abilities? Are you shitting me?”

Wu Xuan was reluctant to argue with him. Instead he walked towards the line of boulders. He turned and said, “If I can lift this boulder, that would be proof that I’ve managed to gain Basic Level 1 cultivation, ba?”

Wu Xuan sneered, “Can you even move it? If you can lift it, I’ll let you pass!” He absolutely did not think that Wu Xuan could do it. How could a problem that had eluded the 9th Elder for so long be solved in one night of bathing in Body Strengthening pills? It was just too ridiculous to be true!

If the mere use of Body Strengthening pills could achieve a breakthrough, Wu Xuan would have started his cultivation over ten years ago. Why would he wait until now?

Wu Xuan acted like he did not hear a single word from him. He lowered his head as he contemplated the two or three hundred jin (1/2 kg) thing in front of him. It’s definitely a genuine honest to goodness stone boulder. About at tall as an upright one year old child.

The previous him who could not cultivate would never have been able to even tilt this stone. After achieving cultivation, he would be able to use spiritual powers to exert remarkable force. The reason why it’s called the refining period was due to the fact that he would have to train his body and spiritual powers over and over again, forging and reforging his powers in order to increase his cultivation and achieve the next level.

He bent his waist, reached out to grasp the base of the boulder. The spiritual powers within his body surged. Before Wu Zixin’s eyes, the hands suddenly exerted a burst of power and the boulder was held aloft, above Wu Xuan’s head.

Wu Xuan could feel the stress placed on his body, but it was nothing unbearable. In fact, it could even be considered as quite easy. Still holding the boulder up high, he lightly said, “Don’t know if this is counts as a pass?”

Wu Zixin’s soul finally came back to his body. In a horrified voice, he said, “H-how did you manage to cultivate?”

He wasn’t exactly surprised by Wu Xuan’s level of cultivation. The streets were filled with Basic Level 1 cultivators. The point was that Wu Xuan’s meridian had been blocked up, resistant to all efforts by 9th Elder to unblock it, making it impossible for Wu Xuan to cultivate at all.

Wu Xuan threw the boulder to the side with a loud [doom], causing the ground to shake. He dusted his hands off, and headed off towards the Elixir Pavilion. He had just started in that direction when Wu Zixin stepped in front of him again.

Wu Xuan tipped his head back to look at him, and said coolly. “What, are you trying to break the rules? I’ve already properly observed all the rules, I’ve also proven myself to be a Basic Level 1 cultivator. Still can’t go in? You want to get an elder to check my level?”

Wu Zixin opened opened his mouth, but he could not find anything to say. What Wu Xuan said was true. Being able to easily lift the boulder was proof enough of his cultivation ability. Getting an elder to come and test him would just result in the same thing. Even if he wanted to, he could not stop Wu Xuan.

He could only watch as Wu Xuan headed towards the Elixir Pavilion. After a bit, Wu Zixin suddenly thought of something. With a sneer he said, “Even if you can cultivate now, you’re only a Basic Level 1. You’re already too old! What kind of progress can you actually make? Trash is still trash! You’re just a trash cultivator!” He spoke without restraint. The mouth just open and abuses poured out. As though the Wu clan belonged solely to him.

Wu Xuan paused in his step, and turned pitiful eyes at him, “Though I am no longer young, at least I’m better off than you who could never advance again in this lifetime.” Having thrown down this words, he left without looking back.

Wu Zixin was in shock. The words had pierced him in the most tender spot. He immediately started cursing again “You, you bastard!”

Even if Wu Xuan was much older than now, he could still cultivate. Wu Zixin had suffered an injury that made it impossible to progress beyond his present stage. His terrible temper, his tendency to bully those with lower cultivation level than him, all stemmed from the problem.

Once more, he entered the Elixir Pavilion. The scent of medical herbs was just as strong as yesterday’s. However, this time his entry was all proper and aboveboard, and not at the charity of the 9th Elder.

As he approached the counter, he saw an old man cat-napping on a chair. Wu Xuan had not yet approached, but the old man’s eyes slowly opened. The powerful gaze seemed to pierce into his body.

A master!

Wu Xuan could sense that this old man was definitely a master. Of course, how could the person looking after the Elixir Pavilion be anything but a master?

“Enter your spiritual energy on this table.”

The old man suddenly tossed out a tablet made of some special material. Wu Xuan caught the tablet by reflex and entered his spiritual energy. A pale blue light manifested from the tablet.

“Ice energy?” The old man’s face showed slight surprise, but it soon cleared and he looked as calm as ever.


“Wu Xuan,”

“Very well, this tablet is now yours. Basic Level 1, you may take one elixir from the first floor each month. If it’s just medicinal herbs, you may take two portions. Once you’ve selected, please register the item here.”

Wu Xuan picked up the tablet and made his way in, afraid to speak too much to this old man. He had the strangest feeling that this old man was just too weird.

[1] It uses the character ‘dan’ so I decided to go with pills


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