Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 055 – Bai Luo Man Tou Announces Itself

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 055 – Bai Luo Man Tou Announces Itself

Having one’s recipe entered into the [Book of Dishes] was one of the highest honour a Xiuzhen Chef could achieve.

Every single [Book of Dishes] was enough to cause a huge sensation within the Cultivation World. So much so that…it could actually cause different factions to battle each other in order to seize such treasures.

The [Book of Dishes] could be thought of as the symbol of a Xiuzhen Chef’s power, one that would increase in strength as time passed by.

After all, the more recipe a [Book of Dishes] has, the more powerful their chefs could become.

This was due to the curious fact that a recipe’s most powerful effect could only be felt the first time it was eaten. There was a diminishing rate of return in terms of impact and effectiveness every subsequent time it was eaten. In other words, to gain the most effective result, a cultivator must always eat new and never eaten before dish in order to maximise their spiritual cultivation.

However, it’s not easy for a new recipe to enter a [Book of Dishes].

Heaven, Earth, Dark and Light Class.

A [Book of Dishes] was split into 4 classes and 12 different grades.

Recipes under the Light Class was the most basic level. The dishes made from Light Class recipes could increase the spiritual powers of monks.

Dark Class recipes could make dishes that would assist cultivators who were stuck at a bottleneck achieve a breakthrough in their spiritual powers.

As for Earth Class recipes, there were only a few recipe in the entire world that made it into this category.

Heaven Class recipes on the other hand, were already the stuff of legends.

“Master, this…this gourmet food, did not actually reach the Spiritual Food level, so surely…it shouldn’t be included into the [Book of Dishes], ba?”

Ma Fei who was watching from the side could not resist asking.

Wang Xi shook his head and replied, “This recipe uses the most basic and common Deeson Fruit, imagine if…a more spiritually powerful ingredient is used? Therefore I suspect this recipe has the potential to actually go beyond Light Class.”

“Higher than…Light Class?”

Nie Ji sucked in a long breath.

This thing, the level was just too high, ah!

Most spiritual dishes did not even managed to reach this kind of standard.

“This dish even managed to raise my spiritual a little. Though it is nothing significant, it’s still quite shocking!”

“How many years has it been since I last able to absorb any spiritual power from good food alone, ah!”

Wang Xi sighed while staring at the long table. There was a trace of happiness within Wang Xi’s eyes.

“What! Master, you–”

–Ma Fei and Nie Ji had a look of dawning happiness on their faces. Their eyes zoomed in towards the golden tempura…an expression of profound yearning clear for everyone to see.

Even Wang Xi’s spiritual powers were given a slight boost, what would happen to them?

Was there any doubt?

At Wang Xi’s level of cultivation, in order to obtain growth he would need to depend on pure spiritual food in order to increase his cultivation level… just depending on the standard Ling Shi cultivation method was just too slow.

All bodily functions were closely related to the spiritual quality of the dishes. If Luo Xiu knew the thoughts of Wang Xi, he would be even more effected.

The spiritual quality of the ingredients that everyone was talking about was actually nutrient levels.

However, because the nutrient levels of ingredients in the Country of Fine Cuisine was so high that it lead to the rise of Xiuzhen Chef’s status since the food they created has great influence over the spiritual cultivators in this world.

In order to strengthen their bodies, they could either depend on gourmet food or directly absorb spiritual essence from nature.

Based on their experience, a lot of cultivators found that the fastest way to absorb spiritual powers was via gourmet food.

Therefore, this lead to the rise in the status of Xiuzhen Chefs in this country.


“The two of you…come and have a taste, ba!”

Wang Xi had just finished absorbing the tiny bit of spiritual powers that had leaked out of his body like smoke. At their master’s orders, Ma Fei and Nie Ji immediately pounced.

The two of them had been waiting for these very words.

They could hardly wait as they picked up the Deeson Tempura and stuffed them into their mouths…the way they acted, it was as though they were afraid that someone would snatch their food away.

[Ka cha!]

The light and crispy tempura seemed blossom into fragmented petals of flavours inside their mouths.

Divine light burst forth from their bodies.

More than that, they felt enchanted by the sheer joy of delicious food.

[Ka cha! Ka cha!]

The food eaten up in an instant…the little plate of Deeson Tempura was completely gone.

From the bodies of Nie Ji and Ma Fei, a sudden sharp wave of spiritual power burst into existence.

Anyone watching could see that their spiritual power…seemed to be be transforming.

The two of them breathed out, eyes staring at Luo Xiu, “It’s…delicious!”

“The spiritual powers within my body is all abuzzed, this effect is quite unexpected!”

“If we really use spiritual ingredients to make this, I…my spiritual powers, could really develop a spiritual well!”

Nie ji looked very excited, his pupils had shrunk to pin points and was shooting out a thin beam of light. The Kitchen Xiuzhen Cultivation level was split into Primary, Intermediate and High Order. This type of grading was based on the actual strength of  the body’s spiritual powers.

The easiest way to perceive the spiritual power was by checking the spiritual well.

The more spiritual well a body contained, the more powerful its spiritual strength.

“Relax, today you’ll definitely achieve a breakthrough.”

“This dish, I guess it really solved our problems.”

Wang Xi smiled at Luo Xiu, “Little Luo brother, that dish you made using the Spiritual Wheat should be ready by now, ba?”

So saying, Wang Xi’s face…couldn’t help but revealed a hint of longing.

“No hurry, I’m just curious over this dish…I wonder, compared to yesterday’s Dragon Beard Noodles and that Stir Fried Deeson Fruit Threads, what kind of result would appear?”

Luo Xiu checked the time, he guessed that it would probably take a few more minutes before it was done.

He could take this time to ask Wang Xi a few more questions about this Fine Cuisine Country and Cultivation in general.

“The Dragon Beard Noodles?”

Wang Xi’s expression grew cautious. He leaned in closer and whispered into Luo Siu’s ear. “That noodle dish of yours, is definitely a Dark Class dish. However…if one were to use actual spiritual ingredients, the result would be even more outstanding!”

After all, this was the dish that had helped Wang Zhe to achieve his breakthrough. The level of which…was never ascertained.

“As for the other two dishes, they could only be rated below Light Class. Not matter what kind of ingredients, spiritual or otherwise, would not raise their level beyond that.”

Wang Xi’s face had a rather cruel look in his eyes as he said this. His judgement was actually the same as the conclusion that Luo Xiu had came earlier.

After all, the Dragon Beard Noodle dish was an imperial dish. If he could increase his cultivation and fix his sense of taste and smell. He’s confident that he could raise his La Mien [1] making skills to horrifying heights.

Able to reach Dark Class by merely switching up the ingredients used?

Luo Xiu gave a cold smile, Earth Class was actually not an impossibility at this rate.

After all, this was an actual a lost imperial recipe that was once served to emperors.

“This matter must never be mentioned to outsiders!”

Wang Xi urged caution to Luo Xiu again. Luo Xiu nodded and said softly. “I must confess, this next floured dish which I am making far outstrips the Dragon Beard Noodles.”

The Bai Luo Man Tou [2] (Bai Lup Family Steamed Bun) was the most outstanding dish he had made ever since transmigrating into this world.

It could be said that, in order to make this Man Tou he had given it all, even pulled out some secret Bai Luo family tricks to make it happen, on top of that this was also a lost imperial recipe that was once served to emperors.

Even in his past life, there was a possibility that he could not have made such a perfect Man Tou…in fact, the recipe for this Man Tou was also a rediscovered imperial recipe.

What’s more, he had used spiritual ingredients to make it. All kinds of cheats and tricks had been stuffed into this steamer basket…pushing it to incomprehensible level.

“Even I…am looking forward to it, ah.” Luo Xiu murmured. His eyebrows slightly raised, eyes fixed on the constantly steaming bamboo racks.

“More powerful…than the Dragon Beard Noodles?”

Wang Xi suddenly looked up, in time to see Luo Xiu lifted the lid off the steamer basket.


Bright gold rays of light flashed out and shot upwards towards the sky.

Bai Luo Man Tou has announced itself!

[1] La Mien – Literally pulled noodles. A different breed from the Japanese ramen which had its origins from the Chinese La Mien.

[2] Man Tou


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