Fine Food Broadcaster – 0013 – Just Who is Ye Fei?

Fine Food Broadcaster – Chapter 013 – Just Who is Ye Fei?

Monkey glanced up from his phone to stare at Eat the Mountain & Rivers who had eaten until his stomach bloated into a curve. He opened his mouth, but did not know what to say.

Eat the Mountain & Rivers saw Monkey’s hesitation and asked, “What is it?”

Monkey said nothing, just held up his phone for Eat the Mountain & Rivers. Taking the phone, Eat the Mountain & Rivers glanced at the message and jumped up from his seat. “The F, how could this be? I… my $20,000.00 actually only gotten fourth place? What kind of nonsense is this?”

This kind of thing was 120% unbelievable. This was the Fine Food Channel after all. A deserted patch of land on a desert island. Don’t mention $20,000.00, sometimes even those with just $10,000.00 reward could enter the Top 5.

Today he had managed to break into the $20,000.00 limit, but was still pushed down to fourth place, just how pathetic was this?

Monkey nudged him, “Mountain Rivers, calm down, the thing I want you to see isn’t the actual message. Look who sent it to us.”

At Monkey’s reminder, Eat the Mountain & Rivers hurriedly looked through the message again. This time he noticed that the information was sent by a statistician he had met at the QQ Broadcasting platform. The message clearly read: Mountain Rivers, today’s performance is not bad. Congrats on making past the $20,000.00 barrier. Too bad you did not make it into the Top 3. Today’s Fine Food Broadcasting was really lively, a rookie named Ye Fei has appeared and managed to make $32,000.00 within 2 hours. Surpassing Great Deity [1] Unending Appetite, leaping into the No. 1 position. Unending Appetite made it into second place with a total of $29,306.00, third place was taken by Little Greedy Cat with over $27,000.00.

Looking at these depressing lines one after another almost made Eat the Mountain & Rivers silly with depression. Even the Great Deity Endless Appetite’s $29,000.00 reward ended up in second place? Little Greedy Cat’s $27,000.00 reward fell to third place? What kind of BS joke is this, ah. When has the Fine Food Broadcasting become this lively?

And this Ye Fei rookie, had he been injected with chicken’s blood[2]? How did he managed to make $32,000.00 in 2 short hours? Surely it’s fake news, ba?

Eat the Mountain & Rivers almost went crazy thinking about it. He had exhausted himself by ferociously gobbling up all the food and drink in front of him like a pig to scrape enough fans to reach Bronze Star Level 1. He had not even managed to properly celebrate when an Iron Star Level 1 rookie came in and trashed his pride. He suddenly felt very small and weak.

“Monkey, something must be wrong. The video should be up by now, let’s have a look and see how this bastard managed it. I still think he’s probably a fake, all those rewards must be fake. Eat the Mountain & Rivers said, after he had calmed down.

Monkey wasted no time getting his laptop, opened up the QQ Broadcasting page and found the recording of Ye Fei’s performance. Both of them settled down to properly study it.

At this moment, Ye Fei was messing around on his PP account when his notification icon suddenly started chiming non-stop, indicating add friends request.

He was puzzled. As a penniless man, there were very few people who would bother to associate with him. Even his friends and colleagues did not bother to add him as a friend.

“I wonder if it’s a co-worker?” Ye Fei wondered, and clicked on the icon.

[Good day, is this Ye Fei? This is Liu Ping, a statistician for QQ Broadcasting. Can we be good friends?] [Great Deity Ye Fei, is that you? This is He Can, a block statistician for QQ Broadcasting, FF Department. Shall we be friends?] [Oh, Great Deity Ye Fei. I am Tang Xiao Min of QQ Live Platform. I am a great beauty, oh. So, let me through, la.] [Is this Great Deity Ye Fei? I am Fang Tian Lai, the Supervisor of the Fine Food Section for the QQ Broadcasting. I’m very glad to meet you.] [Good day, I am…]

Seeing the endless lines of friends request, Ye Fei was stupefied. What craziness is this? Why is it all the people from QQ Broadcasting? Furthermore, they’re all from the Fine Food Section.

Regardless, these were all people related to his own FF Broadcasting. Let’s connect!

Thus, Ye Fei agreed to all the friends request and became PP friends with them.

[Great Deity Ye Fei, is it really you? This is Tang Xiao Min. Wah, you’re so handsome, I really like you, oh.] After just becoming friends, a person with an icon showing a female face immediately popped up.

Ye Fei rubbed his own face. He sent out a silly face icon and typed: [Beautiful lady, you sure you haven’t recognised the wrong guy? This is the first time I made a video, how am I qualified to be a Great Deity? Also, just now a lot of your colleagues just sent me friend request, did your company system suffer from some kind of virus?]

Tang Xiao Min sent a laugh-out-loud face: [Looks like a lot of people have the same idea as me. Great Deity Ye Fei, you really did not realise the impact of your video today. It’s like you’re sent by God to us in FF Broadcasting. Making more than $30,000.00 in just 2 hours, even our current star, Great Deity Unending Appetite, Silver Star Level 1 was also beaten. It was too crazy today.]

By now, Ye Fei realized that Tang Xiao Min did not contact the wrong person. After all, he was the one who had raked in over $30,000.00 reward just now.

[Hehe, accident, it was all an accident. I also did not realise that broadcasting could make money so easily.]

On the other side of the chat, Tang Xiao Min almost fainted at this comment. It’s true, broadcasting could be very profitable. But our FF section never seemed to make any money, ah. In fact, some of our members had to pay compensation, ok?

For some people, in order to be famous, would buy pricey equipments. Since they have to pay 30% to the broadcasting network, sometimes they could not even get their original investments back.

This Ye Fei is really amazing, able to be a great broadcaster so easily. A Great Deity is clearly a different breed of person, ah. Level of creativity is obviously different.

[As expected, for Great Deity Ye Fei, making money is no issue.]

Ye Fei muttered to himself, “What do you mean by no issue? This great me hated the fact that we can’t make it past the hundred thousand limit. I really need the money to access the next level, ah. Also, this great one is actually poor to death. My whole property did not even amount to $300.00~ Wait, I still have that reward money of $32,000.00, I can still get over $22,000.00 from it. I can just asked about it, right?”

The moment he thought about getting his hands on $20,000.00 soon,he got a little excited and quickly typed out a message.

[My share for this broadcast is about $22,000.00, can I get it right away?]

Tang Xiao Min’s side, “… …”

Didn’t you just say making money is no issue? She felt this was very curious. Also, didn’t you just used a super expensive hyper rare oil to cook a potato? Why are you asking after a mere $20,000.00?

However, since the Great Deity had asked about it, she felt obliged to answer. The manager had already informed them not to offend this Great Deity.

[Great Deity Ye, our platform is very user friendly. You may put in a request as you like, but money related issue is under the Finance Department and I have no influence over it.]

Ye Fei made a noise of agreement, and asked: [How do I contact your Finance Department?]

Ting Xiao Min sent out a helpless face: [Only our Supervisor knows, please wait, I’m going to speak with Supervisor Feng.]

Fe Yei sent out some question marks: [Supervisor Feng? Is that Feng Tian Lai?]

Ting Xioa Min sent a shocked face: [How did you know?]

Ye Fei made a he-he laugh: [We just became PP friends, I’ll speak to him directly about this, ba.]

Ting Xiaomin: [… …] [1] Great Deity – an internet honorific, kind of like -sama, but strictly Chinese and internet use

  • Injected with chicken’s blood – In 1967, it was weird health therapy in China. Now it’s an internet slang that describes bloggers and video bloggers who are obsessed or crazy to the point of ridiculousness.


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