Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0063 – Boss, One of Those Please

Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 063 – Boss, One of Those Please

Chapter 63 – Boss, One of That Please




Sargerass gave the door a push, and was immediately greeted by the rich fragrance of cooked meat, his eyes brightened.


The fragrance was different from the smell of roasted meat, also different from boiled meat. This was stronger, more potent, alluring. Goodness knows what kind of spices had been added, or what cooking technique had been used to wring out this kind of aroma, to the point that he was unable to resist the urge to swallow.


He really did not care about a restaurant’s decoration, but he appreciated the simple appearance of this particular dining room. Too many bits and frills would be disgusting. However, when his eyes fell on the mural painting of the Undead Islands, he was a little shocked.


This was the first time that he saw any pictures of the islands where the Demon race inhabited. Moreover, the mural also featured the Lost Empire State as well as the Elf Race’s Wind Forest. He sized up Mike, who was dressed in simple black and white outfit, in one quick glance. Clearly the owner of this restaurant was a man who had seen the world.


“But, would he serve me?” Sargerass involuntarily paused his steps.


Mike was also eyeing the Sargerass, these days whenever he stepped out of the house, he could see the occasional demon race.The demon race tended to come in all shapes and designs. There were some with grass growing on top of their heads, another with flames instead of hair…at any rate, as long as it looked like it defied the laws of nature, that’s a demon.


Naturally, the succubus was an exception. They saw one when they went out to buy goats milk yesterday. She looked like and sounded like a normal, if very bossy, older sister type of woman. The lady was bargaining with a stall owner in a most tyrannical way. With just a few short words, she managed to forced down the price of a bag of cucumbers from 15 copper coins to just 5 copper coins. The stall owner even gave her a bunch of spring onions for free, leaving Mike speechless with her skills.


However, this was still the first time that a demon had entered this restaurant as a customer. This demon was extremely tall. If he stacked the orc brothers on top of each other, they would still be a whole head shorter than this guy.


The demon’s overall features were mainly humanoid, with red eyes. His scalp was bare, with dark red lava lines all spreading all over his skin and could be seen on his face, neck and all the way down to his hands. It was a little scary looking.


He was wearing an old black robe, his feet covered in worn leather shoes that looked like it had travelled down many roads. The most striking feature was the bright scarlet cloak that hung down from his shoulders. The length went down just past his waist, the colour was so red that it looked like it was on fire.


For the humans living in the City of Chaos, seeing the occasional demon wasn’t a big deal. After all, this city was occupied by all kinds of races, having a few demon neighbours was perfectly normal.


However, most humans still did not quite like to eat a meal around a fierce looking demon or forest trolls. Their presence tended to be too overwhelming, which made eating a depressing chore.


Therefore, a lot of human operated restaurants would split their demon and human customers up in different dining rooms. Or they would go for the most straight forward route and just post a notice at their door, banning these two types of race from entering their restaurant.


Elf operated restaurants would often allocate the most comfortable seats for their own race and ban the entry of dwarves, demons and forest trolls.


Within the restaurant, the eyes of the customers fixed themselves on Mike. Right now, aside from Moby, there were only humans in his restaurant. There was also no designated space in the dining room for demons and trolls, so everyone was curious what Mike would do.


Naturally, the most normal thing would be to simply not receive this customer at all. Mike was also a human, and therefore the possibility of rejection was high.


“Would the boss kick out this demon?” Mike could clearly see the thoughts of the people around him.


But, how could he?


He still entertained some vague thoughts of picking up some nice treasure from a dragon’s hoard. Having a demon around would be a good starting point.


As long as they enter the door they were all customers, and everyone had to be treated equally. He will not engage in racial segregations.


“Host, in order to enhance the dining experience of our guests. It is better to refuse certain types of people from entering. Otherwise, it is recommended to divide the restaurant’s dining areas, separating the weak from the dangerous in order to avoid conflict.” The [System] sounded quite concern about this matter.


“[System], that 1,000 new customer target, can I get a 50% discount?” Mike calmly asked.


“The mission has already been issued, terms and conditions cannot be negotiated! The host should be more respectable towards the [System]. Otherwise a hidden mission could be triggered.” The [System] answered indignantly.


“If that’s the case, then why do you want me to reject half of my customers? Do you think I’m stupid?” Mike’s lips twitched a little.


“… …” was all the [System] could offer.


“Also, will you give me a bigger shop?” Mike continued to ask.


“The renovation of the restaurant is limited to the land provided by the host. Renovation has been completed and expansion would not be possible within such a short time.” The [System] answered.


“With so little space, you still want me to segregate it. If I were to split it among all the races, I would need 16 tables. Two tables for each races, elves, demons, humans etc…want me to divide it like this? [System], you really want this kind of restaurant?” Mike’s words carried no small amount of ridicule.


“… …” The [System] sank into silence and refused to speak any more.


After not hearing any more nonsense from the [System], Mike also did not say much. No segregations, no banning. In fact, the most important thing right now is the big secret blue print in his heart for eliminating racial discrimination. As a half-elf, Amy would be in position to suffer the worse type of discrimination, which he refused to be a part of.


A street demonstration would get him nowhere in this world. It’s better to start by influencing his own restaurant’s customers. Therefore, he looked at the lava demon in his shop and smiled, “Welcome, please sit wherever you like.”


The rest of the customers looked at Mike with surprise. They had all thought that he would refuse service to this demon since the majority of his customers were human.


Unexpectedly, Mike not only did not refuse, he did not even designate a separate seating arrangement for the demon. Also, what’s this ‘sit wherever you like’? Then, wouldn’t they have to sit next to a demon, or even share a table?


Just thinking about this made a lot of the customers nervous. Despite the fact that this was the City of Chaos and they have the Grey Temple to regulate the behaviours of the various races, which allowed even regular humans to live peacefully, it was still unnerving to have to share a table with an obviously powerful demon.


Even among themselves, humans were a quarrelsome lot. Disputes would always happen no matter what, especially in a chaotic place like the City of Chaos. Because human beings in general were on the weak side, it was not unheard of for news of humans being killed by a demon, troll or orcs. Naturally, some sort of grudge or ill-feeling was unavoidable.


However, when they looked at the [Juicy Burger] in their hands, all delicious and juicy and aromatic, and back up at the lave demon just standing there. They all paused for a moment’s contemplation before finally going back to their meat patty.


Who cares about some lave demon, there’s delicious meat waiting to be eaten. Even sitting with a dragon was worth this deliciousness!


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