Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0062 – First Demon Customer

Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 062 – The First Demon Customer



“Boss Mike, your [Juicy Burger] is not only delicious, but helps stimulates weight loss as well!”


Harrison was quite excited. Aside from being beyond delicious in terms of taste, another plus point for this dish was that [Juicy Burger] could stimulate the fat in the body, shaking fat particles apart and sending into the blood stream to be burnt by excess heat. Compared to being forced into doing sword practices by his old dad, the amount of weight loss from eating this burger was even more intense.


What’s the significance of this you asked?


Why, if people could lose weight just by eating delicious food, that’s simply a fatty’s paradise! The holy grail of food, ah!


Eating delicious food and watch your weight fall off. How many gluttonous foodies had dreams like this? It just did not seemed possible in reality.


However, this miracle food had just appeared, and he could ascertain its effects having eaten a portion of the burger and was now feeling his blood surging vigorously in his veins. The hot feeling fat being burned away was quite powerful and obvious.


While it’s not a ‘you’ll turned skinny after a single bite’ type of food. A whole [Juicy Burger] equalled to half an hour’s worth of sword training. If he ate a few of these burgers each day, he’d never have to do any more sword training, but could still see himself slowly losing that dratted excess weight.


The more he thought about it, the more excited he became. Although he never really felt inferior due to being a fatty, being a little thinner was not a bad thing either. After all, having to gasp for breath after just walking a few steps was rather uncomfortable.


Also, he had quite a few comrades in the same fat ship as he was since they all really enjoy eating and drinking. They were all pretty much similar in sizes. He was already making plans to bring his friends over to enjoy Mike’s cuisine in a couple of days to let them enjoy this miraculous gourmet food.


Now that he had experienced [Juicy Burger’s] magical effects, it’s probably a good idea to bring them here sooner rather than later for a taste. Delicious fat burning gourmet food, probably only someone as talented as Mike could actually create such a treasure.


Mike quietly accepts Harrison’s praises; who still has a head full of sweat, the fat under his chin trembling ever so slightly. Inside, Mike was actually quite astonished by this result.


Looks like fat people who ate the [Juicy Burgers] would have quite a dramatic reaction. It’s actually quite alarming to see the fatty bits on a living person quiver like that. If the recipe really has a fat burning effect, then sales for the [Juicy Burger] would be assured with this little detail. It would take no time at all for demands of [Juicy Burger] to shoot up.


However, the pork used in the [Juicy Burgers], didn’t the [System] said something about it being able to awaken blood abilities? How could this be related to weight loss or fat burning?


“Excessive fat around blood vessels would reduce the efficiency of blood circulation. Therefore, the blood within the body will first speed up, creating friction and heat, breaking down excess fat and burning them up in order to maximize blood flow. However, this effect will only continue until the blood flow normalizes. For a moderately overweight person, the weight loss effect would be minimal at best. The main purpose of [Juicy Burger] is to assist a breakthrough for bloodline related powers, not weight loss.” the [System’s] mechanized voice explained in Mike’s head.


Mike finally understood. It made sense why he and Amy did not have the same reactions as Harrison after eating the Juicy Burger.


But still, this kind of effect was really excellent news for the obese or overly fat, ah. Even if you can’t depend on the [Juicy Burger] to become skinny, at least you can eat yourself into the borderline healthy weight.


“This weight loss effect will only bring your weight down to fairly healthy level. If you wish to lose more weight after that, I’m afraid you’ll have to depend on more regular means like restricting food intake and exercise.” Mike told Harrison after listening to the [System’s] explanations.


Although using weight loss as a means to popularize the [Juicy Burger] was an effective method, if the limits of its effectiveness was not properly explained at the early stages, it bound to create problems in the future.


For its taste alone, the [Juicy Burger] already worth the price it commanded. Other benefits beyond that were all bonuses. This iron clad point was the basis of Mike’s confidence on his product. Even if imitations appeared in the market, he need afraid of business being snatched away by other people.


“Is that so,” Harrison nodded, he eyes travelled over to the side where a skinny diner with tiny eyes who, aside from a glowing red face and looking a lot livelier than usual, showed no reaction as extreme as his.


But, once he thought it through, he smiled with a nod. “If I can reach a normal weight that’s good enough, right now I have trouble breathing if I walk too many steps, everything I do takes great effort right now. Tomorrow, I will bring my some of my brothers over. They would surely fall in love with this [Juicy Burger]. Boss, give me two to take away.”


“Of course, please wait a little.” Mike nodded with a slight smile. He really appreciated customers who were prepared to bring friends over. Right now, selling the required amount of Juicy Burgers was the most important mission. Reaching the required number of news customers was also important. 1,000 new customers was not a small sum after all.


Other customers also could not wait, one after another they picked up their [Juicy Burgers] and took a large bite. Deliciousness spread in their mouths. Their faces broke into beams of delight. Most of them could not help the curious sounds and shouts that burst forth from their mouths. The force of such deliciousness was just too destructive.


“Boss, one more here!”


“Me too!”


After that first bite, a lot of people started to put their next order in.


“I knew daddy’s cooking is the best.” Amy whispered as she gently stroked Ugly Duckling’s fur. Looking at the happy faces of the people around her, her own face started to form a smile too.



“Is this a restaurant?” outside Mickey’s Restaurant, the tall figure of Sargerass could be seen studying the restaurant with a slight frown.


He had been roaming the continent, visiting many places and had just arrived at the City of Chaos a few days ago. He could not remember how many times he came to this city, but this time an unexpected restaurant had popped up in a remote corner of Aden Square. From the looks of it, it was probably run by a human.


He took two steps forward, studying the clear crystal window. Just what kind of crystal was it, he thought curiously as he reached out with his lava veined hands, but then quickly stopped himself. This type of crystal, whatever it was, looked like it would shatter at a touch and extremely expensive. He did not have a lot of money at hand to pay for such compensation.


The gold coins on his person were not many. He’d have to go to the guild office soon in order to pick up some high level missions and collect the reward money in order to continue with his travels and find a way to breakthrough. Usually the money he collected could sustain his travels for about a year.


“These guys, it looks like they are eating something good?” Sargerass peered through the window to peek at the humans and one dwarf. All of them had a bag in their hands, eating something mysterious with ecstatic expressions on their faces. After some hesitation, he nodded to himself. “Let’s go and have a look, no matter where in the world, humans tend to make the best tasting food. Let’s have some breakfast before going to the guild office.” Having made his decision, he reached out a hand, and pushed the door opened, and went in.


A faint jingle sounded. Mike, who was just placing a freshly prepared Yang Zhou Fried Rice in front of Moby turned instinctively to look. When the person entered, his eyes registered surprise.


It’s the restaurant’s first demon customer.







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