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Divine Culinary Broadcaster – 0012 – So, You can also Broadcast This Way

Chapter 12 – So, You Can also Broadcast This Way

Author: Black Lantern (黑色花灯)


Translated by

Retranslated by Gumihou


Everyone was curious to know just how Ye Fei managed to earn so much money from so few people. Thus, they eagerly watch the rerun with Liu Ping.

Liu Ping opened up the QQ Platform and quickly found the playback version of Ye Fei’s broadcast. He clicked it open and put it on full screen.

“Yi~? This guy is not facing the screen?”

[1] “Or eating?”

“What’s he doing? This is the Fine Food Channel, so where’s the fine food?”

“He seems to be making something,”

“F*ck, this guy’s knife skills are pretty amazing, ah. Look at those potato threads, without at least 7 or 8 years of training, you can’t cut things as uniformly as that.”

“Oh, so, it’s a cooking demonstration? I wonder, could you draw fan interest through live cooking?”

“Shh! Shut up and watch,”

The entire cast of statisticians abandoned their work to crowd around Liu Ping’s workstation. Their eyes stared fixedly at the monitor.

On the screen, Ye Fei had finally finished cutting all the potato threads. Frying would be the next step.

“Frying potato threads could be considered an art in itself. Since the threads are so finely cut, the potato threads could burn or break easily.”

“You’re right, hey look, he’s starting.”

“Hm? He’s not using normal cooking oil? Just what is that oil? It looks like a block of pink lard [1]?”

“Strange, I’ve never seen pink lard before. You guys know anything about it?”

Suddenly, a girl with glasses screamed. She quickly clapped her hand over her mouth, [1] but the others were already looking in her direction. However, she did not seem to realise this as she stared at Liu Ping’s screen as though mesmerized.

“Ah Zhu, what’s that scream for? You startled me,” a fellow colleague said with some annoyance.

Ah Zhu lifted a trembling finger and stammered, “He- he just fried potatoes with Rose Oil. Th-thi-this is just too extravagant, ah.”

Liu Ping looked at Ah Zhu, “Is this Rose Oil that rare?”

Ah Zhu nodded continuously, “Not just rare, it’s very precious. That’s a very unique type of cooking oil made with top quality ingredients. Moreover, scientists have imbued all sorts of beneficial supplements into the oil that are good for the human body. To cater to the different tastes of many people, they made different kinds of oil scented with different fragrances.

This pink oil is especially unique since it is flavoured with rose oil. Not only is this top-grade luxury product very expensive. It is not something that could be easily purchased with money alone. Those who could afford it are all rich and powerful. Even so, this oil is used to show off their wealth and is not something they would regularly consume. Unexpectedly, that bastard Ye Fei actually dared to use a top-grade, specially fortified [1], precious Rose Oil to fry potato threads. I… I just can’t!!”

The more she spoke the angrier and more excited she became. Finally, she ended up cursing Ye Fei for wasting such a fine ingredient on potatoes. Moreover, it was deep fried potatoes, ah!

“You cursed bastard! Does your family own a bank? Even if you can afford these precious things, that’s not how you appreciate it, ah! So much oil wasted on just a single plate of potato threads? What kind of wasteful m*therf*cker are you, ah!”

As Ah Zhu continued to rant, everyone stared at the screen, stunned.

“F*ck, that guy’s a local tyrant?”

“No wonder he could easily gain so much reward so suddenly. Even so, no matter what his skill with cooking is, that Rose Oil alone has to be worth more than HX¥30,000.”

“To think there’s such thing as priceless cooking oil, ah. Daddy has never heard of such a thing before. What an eye-opening experience.”

“Well, now I have some suspicion as to whether these so-called fans were hirelings paid to boost his broadcast. That guy’s too rich.”

“Makes sense, that’s really suspicious.”

“I say, can you two not be sour grapes over this? You take a look at his location. If he’s really rich, would he stay in such a sad apartment? From the design of the house and layout, it looked like one of those sad rented studio apartments.”

Sha laa~~

The cheerful sound of frying food distracted everyone from their discussion. [1] Silence fell as they all stared at the potatoes dancing within the pink oil. Less than 30 seconds later, Ye Fei took the potato threads out and arranged them on a white plate.

When the camera zoomed in on the final product, everyone finally understood how Ye Fei managed to gain so much reward.

“Exquisite! That plate of fried potato threads is too exquisite, ah!”

“Heavens, ah. I never thought that human beings could fry up such a perfect plate of potato threads. Look at the colour. It’s not just bright golden, but there’s a faint pink glow to it. Too charming, ah!”

“I never thought that Fine Food broadcasting could be done like this. Here I thought that Fine Food means shovelling food and guzzling drinks in front of the camera.”

“You mean those rice buckets? They only know how to eat, just randomly eating whatever’s set out in front of them. No class at all.”

“That’s right. Ye Fei’s broadcast really reflects what our section is about. Fine Food. Fine Food Broadcasting should not only be about eating food but making it as well.”

“Aiya, I’m drooling now…”

As the people watched and sighed at each other, Ye Fei ate the entire plate of potato threads, licked the plate and finally logged off. The rerun had ended but everyone could not stop talking about it.

“If my guess is right, this could be a brand new way of broadcasting for the Fine Food Section. Ye Fei’s stream has opened up doors to a new way of streaming.”

“Yeah, I believe people who love food would patronise our section more if we have more shows like this in the future.”

“Do you think, spring has finally arrived for our Fine Food Section?”

The people there chatted together endlessly. All doubts about Ye Fei’s ability to earn 30,000 in one go had disappeared. After all, the Fine Food Section has many rich people following it.

What a joke, for the sake of frying up a plate of potato threads, that guy had used a super precious and unique Rose Oil. What’s 30,000 to him? What’s this amount to those rich foodies watching the show?


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Devourer of Rivers & Peaks was a man who certainly lived up to his name. This guy has a big mouth and a stomach to match it. As a broadcaster, his job was to eat, eat, gobble and gorge. Eat and eat as if his life depends on it 

Today, for the sake of challenging the Bronze Star rank, he had really put his life on the line. A few days ago, he had already sent out word that he would challenge 10 hamburgers, 2 catties of [2] Zha Jiang Mian and 20 pieces of chicken fillets. The amount of food was too frightening. For normal people leave aside the 10 burgers and 20 chicken fillets, the 2 catties of Zha Jiang Mian alone would be difficult to tackle.

In fact, Devourer of Rivers & Peaks was playing with his life by attempting to eat all these.

Moreover, this guy offers to eat an extra burger for every additional HX¥2,000 reward.

Those interested to watch big eaters gorge themselves were very excited when they saw the announcement for this challenge and every one of them happily popped into his channel to watch the spectacle.

As for this Devourer of Rivers & Peaks, he was someone who delivers what he promises. The broadcast opened with him sitting behind a pile of food. After looking into the camera, he began to eat.

When the viewers in the channel saw him gobble up the food, they began to alternatively cheer and heckle him. Naturally, the rewards thrown at him were not stingy either. Especially from Devourer of Rivers & Peaks’ die-hard fans. Each time he devoured a piece of chicken fillet or swallowed a hamburger, applause, lollipops and flowers covered the screen.

While he ate, he joked and chatted with his viewers too. An hour and a half later, Devourer of Rivers & Peaks had devoured most of the food. There were already 30,000 viewers on the channel. The rewards had exceeded 15,000.

For an Iron Star broadcaster, this result was already quite impressive. Looking over his number of viewers and the amount of reward, Devourer of Rivers & Peaks felt that this was a most successful performance.

Later, his reward kept increasing by 2,000 as this guy really did chow down a burger for every rise. However, once the reward reached 20,000, he could not take it anymore and had to end the broadcast.

Once he had logged off, Devourer of Rivers & Peaks was so stuffed that he could not move anymore.

Beside him, a sharp-looking young man was staring at his laptop.

“Hey Chimp, we just made 20,000 today. This should be a new record for Iron Star broadcasters, right? Even Unstoppable Gastronaut [3] didn’t earn as much back then, right?” said Devourer of Rivers & Peaks.

Chimp made a little hum before turning the laptop around to show statistics, “That’s right, there are more than 34,000 viewers on your channel. Of these, 8,695 gifted you something. Therefore, according to the QQ Platform’s rules, they all counted as your fans. In other words, you now have 8,695 fans. To become a Bronze Star Rank 1 broadcaster, you need to have 8,000 to 10,000 fans. Right now you can be counted as a Bronze Star broadcaster. I believe you will receive notice of your promotion from the system soon.”

Devourer of Rivers & Peaks rubbed his swollen belly, “I think today’s show should make the top 3 earners at Fine Food Section.”

“It should,” said Chimp with a smile.

While the two were chatting amiably with each other, Chimp’s phone suddenly vibrated. He picked it up and saw that it was a message alert. So, he opened it. Suddenly, his expression changed.


Gumihou: Lol, you already know Gumi’s opinion of this artificially coloured, fortified and scented oil. Could possibly exist but probably won’t be good in real life.

Also, all that ‘cutting edge scientist fortifying the oil with nutrients’?

Food fortification had been happening since 1920 (America, fortifying salt with iodine to prevent goiter)

Fortified oil more than 50 years ago in India (1953, Vitamin A & D, because these are fat soluble vitamins)


[1] Added/Adjusted details to prop the text.

[2] Zha Jiang Mian, is probably the inspiration for the Korean Jajangmyeon.

Personally, I prefer the Chinese version. It’s a matter of taste. That or I never had really good Jajangmyeon.

[3] Unstoppable Gastronaut 

The original name is 味不可挡 which translates roughly to ‘Unending Taste’ however, it is also a pun for 胃不可挡 ‘Unending Stomach’ or Unending Appetite’. Taking into consideration of these puns (味 wéi and 胃 wèi )as well as how 不可挡 also carried the meaning of unstoppable or powerful (like, ahem, a juggernaut), we ended up with ‘Unstoppable Gastronaut’.

Much credit to Pill Bug for the suggestion~!


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