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Divine Culinary Broadcaster – 0008 – A Rising Star

Chapter 8 – A Rising Star

Author: Black Lantern (黑色花灯)


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Retranslated by Gumihou 


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No matter how pretty the plate of Golden Potato Thread looked, food was meant to be eaten. Moreover, Ye Fei made this especially to eat in front of the audience.

However, when Ye Fei announced his intention to eat this plate of Golden Thread Potatoes, the viewers’ reaction was even more exaggerated.

“No, don’t eat it. I beg you not to eat it. Just let us stay like this and keep looking at it.”

“This plate of potato threads is so cute, how could you have the heart to eat him?”

“Broadcaster, where do you live? I’ll pay you ¥200 for that plate of Golden Potato Threads.”

“Oi, upstairs, what kind of joke are you making? Have you not seen those Ferraris just now? A single Ferrari is worth ¥1,000 each, but you have the cheek to try and buy it at ¥200? You’re insulting this plate of potato threads, you know?”

“Ahem, ahem, I was just saying, if the broadcaster is willing to let me have that plate of potato threads, I shall immediately gift him a Ferrari,”

Ye Fei was secretly elated by everyone’s reaction. Squirming with delight, he thought: Looks like it’s going to be hard for daddy to remain poor even if I want to, ah!

Despite this, Ye Fei still said, “Apologies, ah, brother. I won’t be selling the potato threads. Anyway, enough talk, time to eat. I shall now eat this plate of potato threads.”

With that, Ye Fei quickly picked up a few pieces of potato threads with his chopsticks and bit down. Immediately, crunching sounds of potato threads breaking under his teeth could be heard over the live broadcasting.

At the same time, the splendid deliciousness of the Golden Potato Threads exploded in his mouth and Ye Fei’s eyes closed in ecstasy.

Ye Fei was experiencing ecstasy but the rest of the foodies in the channel were suffering.

“H*ly sh*t, I can’t take it anymore, I want to eat potato threads.”

“My stomach, ah. It has been crying since just now. Seeing this broadcasting is like some kind of torture, ah.”

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, who can tell me where I can buy Rose Oil, ah? Daddy wants to fry potato threads.”

“That’s not something that you can simply buy with money. I saw it just now, the Rosie Oil he used is the top grade kind of pink Rose Oil. Even if you manage to buy Rose Oil, you might not achieve the same result like the one here.”

“Wuwu…. save me, ah. I’m being devoured by greed, ah…”

“Lord in heaven, please let this broadcaster choke to death on potato strips. Amen.”

“The one Upstairs, are you an idiot, ah? If the broadcaster dies, what do we watch in the future?”

“That’s right, the one Upstairs has something wrong with his head, no doubt about it.”

“Lord in heaven, the prayer just now was merely some drunken ramblings, please ignore it. Amen.”

While Ye Fei was eating the Golden Potato Threads, the people in the channel were in a mess, blurting out whatever was on their minds and filling up the comment sections with their thoughts. In an instant, the entire place was made lively by these people.

It did not take Ye Fei long to finish an entire plate of Golden Potato Threads.

He happily sat back and stroked his tummy. With a grin, he chuckled at the camera, “I dare guarantee that this is the very best potato threads I have ever eaten in my entire life.”

Majority of the viewers, “Curse you, broadcaster!”


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Right now, QQ Broadcasting Platform’s Statistics department.

Song & Dance Section.

Statistician Zhang Lei was stretching his waist on the sofa and adjusting himself into a more comfortable position as his eyes focus on the monitor before him. A smile graced his lips.

“Song & Dance Section’s achievement this month is better than the last, ah. Above all, we have more strong new talents joining our live broadcast this month and bringing us a few tens of thousands of fans in. Amazing.”

Next to Zhang Lei was a thin, slightly scruffy-looking man with a goatee called Ma Tao.

“Hei hei, Song & Dance Section is the pillar of our broadcasting company. I’ve just casually calculated the numbers, there are only three days left this month. If this continues, this month’s bonus would be higher than the last by about HX¥5,000.”

“Not bad, however, I heard that Storytelling Section’s performance is not bad either.”

“As it should be, however, compared to our Song & Dance Section, they’re still a little lacking.”

“Aiya, our broadcasting company really depends on our two Sections to earn money. If it was up to me, we should just chop off those other broadcasting sections. Having them hanging around the air and taking up bandwidth space is just a waste of resources.”

Ma Tao nodded agreeably, “Especially that Fine Food Section. I really can’t think what’s so interesting about their broadcasts. All they showed were a bunch of rice buckets pigging out in front of their webcams. Just looking at them makes me sick.”

Zhang Lei said, “True, I heard that many of our colleagues from the Fine Food Section don’t even want to be there anymore. A few even approached me to ask whether they could transfer here. Looks like they have doubts for their own Fine Food Section too.”

Ma Tao snickered, “Having doubts in Fine Food Section is a move in the right direction. If it was me, I’d have escaped a long time ago. However, it’s not easy to come to our place. Everyone knows that Song & Dance and Storytelling Sections are where the money is. Without some special relationships, it’s impossible to land this cushy job.”

“That’s right, yi~~ this Celebrate Peace w/ Song & Dance is not bad, ah. He just joined us yesterday and did his first live broadcast today. His performance is really awesome, ah. F*ck, his rewards already reached 15,000.”

“No way, a rookie’s first broadcast garnering so much? Lei Bro [1], you’re kidding me, right?” Ma Tao scrambled over to look at Zhang Lei’s screen, he couldn’t believe it.

When he finally saw the statistics on the screen, he laughed out loud, “F*ck, this guy is really great, ah. His rewards are still increasing. Looks like he’d probably break the 20,000 mark. This Iron Star Rank 1 rookie is going to be our new rising star. Song & Dance is going to raise another great deity!”

“En, however, situations like this only happen in our section or Storytelling Section. If other sections know about this, they would turn green with jealousy.”

“But of course! That’s right, I’m going to make an announcement. Let them know that our Song & Dance Section is the heaven supporting pillar of this broadcasting platform,” with that, Ma Tao opened up the company forum and sent out this message:

[Dear all, Song & Dance Section is happy to announce that we have discovered another great talent. Rookie broadcaster Celebrate Peace w/ Song & Dance’s first live broadcast has already garnered HX¥16,000. If he continues at this pace, he could be the next Rookie Star the likes of Little Music Chasing Knights or Du Weiwei. Let us welcome him!]

As soon as the message was sent, Ma Tao hei-hei-ed with glee.

Zhang Lei read the message and laughed, “Tao Bro [1], you’re trolling the others, ah.”

Ma Tao laughed out loud, “Who cares about them. If they have the capability, they can show us up with a talent of their own, ah.”

In the wake of Ma Tao’s message, a chain reaction of curses exploded among the staff of QQ Broadcasting Platform.

“F*ck, Song & Dance is just too incredible!”

“Song & Dance is really a place where talents appear, ah. How envious.”

“Song & Dance has too many experts in their hands.”

“Already this many rewards for their first broadcast? I can’t imagine it.”

“That’s right, ah. Most viewers tended to be reserved with newcomers. It’s rare for them to suddenly reward them on the first live broadcast. Unless the broadcaster is happened to tap into their specific interest, this kind of reward is impossible, ah.”

“Song & Dance has once again put forth another talented rookie. Storytelling Section can’t lag behind, ah.”

“Our Storytelling Section has just signed a rookie called Gushing Rivermouth, that guy’s ability to tell stories is too rad. He already earned HX¥15,000. It’s still possible for him to catch up with Celebrate Peace w/ Song & Dance.”

“Waahh…. you guys are too rad, we can only be melon seed eaters on the side.”

Just then, Ma Tao’s message appeared again.

“Dear all, Celebrate Peace w/ Song & Dance has gone past ¥19,000. He will soon exceed 20,000.”

“F*ck, so fast?”

“We can only watch…”

While these people were chatting about the new rookies from Song & Dance and Storytelling Section. The people from Fine Food Section surrounded a single monitor. Every one of them stared at the numbers with flushed faces. Two female workers were clenching their fists with excitement.


[Gumihou: Ufufufu]


[1] bro = is really ‘子’ which has the connotation of ‘bro’ or ‘comrade’ among peers. It is used as a suffix, so Name Bro would convey similar meaning.

It is perhaps similar to the ‘xiao’ 小 which is popular prefix in the older eras for intimate female friends and people of lower status.


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