Divine Culinary Broadcaster – 0006 – Beat this Broadcaster to Death!

Chapter 6 – Beat this Broadcaster to Death!

Author: Black Lantern (黑色花灯)


Translated by Prosperousfood.com

Retranslated by Gumihou




When the shredded potato threads landed in the wok and the crispy sound frying rose up, Ye Fei’s soul also flew up along with the beautiful sound.

On the other hand, the two people who had been watching the broadcast exploded.

“M*therf*cker! Th- th- that’s… Rose Oil?! F*ck! Th-this broadcaster is… just what kind of super local tyrant is he, ah! I’ve lost! Oh my god, this brat actually used an entire block of the super expensive Rose Oil to fry potato threads. What a waste of resources, ah, ah, ah!!” Tao Tie was the first person to lose it.

Tasting Everything Under Heaven was so dumbfounded that all he could type was a string of unreadable text. Tao Tie had no idea what he was trying to say.

“Hey, Heaven, is your computer broken? What’s that string of garbage?”

A few more lines of the weird letters later, Tasting Everything Under Heaven finally typed, “My hands where f*cking shaking too much to type proper words. This, this Rose Oil, how could this bastard use so much Rose Oil just to fry that bit of potato threads? I want to beat him to death, ah. This is a crime, you know? A crime!”

“That guy’s a real local tyrant. I have to admire him. Today, no matter what everyone else says, this broadcaster had tossed a bomb at us, ah. To use something like Rose Oil for deep frying, this is my first time seeing something so f*cking ridiculous. It’s so wasteful and indulgent that my hair is practically standing on end, ah.”

“Hey, if you look at his surroundings, that kitchen is kind of miserable, don’t you think so? How could that guy be a rich man?” the more observant Tasting Everything Under Heaven commented.

“What do you know? Truly rich people are really weird. I once met a local tyrant who lives in a straw hut. Aiyo, my heart is thumping like mad, ah. No, daddy must share this big news with everyone. This is not something people can simply feast their eyes on any time, ah.”

“Go, go, go! Go and pull some people in. Something incredible is about to happen, I just know it,” shouted Tasting Everything Under Heaven.

The two suddenly disappeared from the channel, having gone off to pull more viewers in.


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The potato threads were very finely cut by Ye Fei and the thin pieces cooked very quickly. After submerging the potato threads into the pink Rose Oil, Ye Fei patiently counted down the 30 seconds needed before scooping up the potato threads [3] with a strainer (also provided by the System) and scattered them onto a clean white plate.

After turning off the fire, he stared at the plate of fried potato threads.

This plate of potato threads really did live up to the name of Golden Potato Threads. Every single strand of potato was a brilliant golden colour. However, unlike most other fried potatoes dishes, there was a hint of pink reflected from the shimmering gold. This was probably the result of frying the potatoes in the Rose Oil.

Seeing the faintly pink and gold potatoes reflecting off a jade white plate really dazzled the eyes.

“Did I really make this? Too amazing!” Ye Fei still could not quite believe it. 

Grabbing a pair of chopsticks from the storage container, Ye Fei carefully picked up a single thread of potato, placed it into his mouth and bit down lightly.


The crisp sound of the crispy matchstick-size potato resounded in the room. Then, Ye Fei felt as though he was [4] breezing through a field of a hundred roses. The fragrant and charming aroma danced on his tongue and all the hairs on his body rose up in delight.

“This fragrance. It’s the fragrance of roses from the oil that has been imbued onto the crispy fries. This crunchiness coupled with the unique rose fragrance is simply too addictive and delicious. The sensation is similar to eating an old fashion popsicle on a hot June summer’s day. The potatoes are dry and crisp on the outside, but unlike chips, it’s still tender and creamy on the inside. I’ve never had a potato thread that was even a tenth as delicious as this. Too satisfying!”

Ye Fei was so drunk on the sensation of the delicious Golden Potato Threads that compliments kept pouring from his lips.

“Host, as the broadcaster you must not forget that you are on air right now and that your job is to share this Golden Potato Threads with your viewers,” while Ye Fei was busy squirming with ecstasy, System jumped in to remind him of his job.

Ye Fei was struck by sudden enlightenment. A powerful System that was able to provide incredible ingredients such as the very expensive Rose Oil has no need to waste effort to trick a poor man like himself.

[3] A feeling of great trust suffused him and he hurriedly rushed to the table with his plate of Golden Potato Threads. He plans to chat with his viewers (if any) while eating the potato threads.

When he finally settled enough to look at the viewers’ list on his live stream channel, his face changed.

“What’s this? Not even a single viewer?” Ye Fei suddenly felt very depressed. He had just created a wonderful plate of Golden Potato Threads using the super unique, wildly expensive Rose Oil but there’s not a single viewer on his channel. What a waste, ah.

“Yi~? Wait, that’s not right?” beside the icon that indicated ‘total rewards received’, he actually has ¥50 in his account!

He clicked on the prompt bar and a message popped up:

[Congratulations to Broadcaster Ye Fei! Your fan Tasting Everything Under Heaven has gifted you 30 Applause & 20 Flowers]

“That’s a reward, right? That means someone must have watched my live stream and liked it enough to give me so many things but where is he now? Did he leave?” Ye Fei was in a dilemma. 

While he was guessing this and that, viewer Tasting Everything Under Heaven popped into the channel, followed by username Tao Tie. They were the first two to arrive, followed by 40 to 50 people.

Ye Fei was stunned. Hey, what’s going on now?

Well, regardless of what’s really going on, it was always good for a broadcaster to have viewers. These people could be key promoters of his show under the Fine Food Section, ah. He must not let them run away. Let’s say something to establish a relationship.

Having decided this, Ye Fei got ready to say something when the people burst into excited chatter.

“That’s him! That’s him, ah!” Tasting Everything Under Heaven suddenly yelled.

“That’s right! It’s him! Daddy saw it with my own eyes!” Tao Tie exploded.

The rest of the chatter came quickly.

“He seriously fried potato sticks with Rose Oil?”

“Is it that thing on the table?”

“Aiyo, those potato shreds look so beautiful. The golden brilliance is almost a given but that pink hue! That shimmer! What amazing colour! I want to eat it~~”

“Eat what? M*therf*cker, that thing is fried with Rose Oil. Eating it is a crime, ah!”

“What a spendthrift, I want to beat him to death!”

“Beat to death +2”

“Beat to death…”

Ye Fei, “… …”

The situation doesn’t look good, ah. Just what’s with these people? Why are they screaming to beat him up the moment they got in? I haven’t done anything yet but why are you guys so angry, ah?

“Ahem, ahem, I say. Have you guys mistaken me for someone else? This is my first time meeting you, why do you want to beat me up? Am I, Ye Fei, so repulsive?” Ye Fei said with a little forced cheer.

“F*ck me, this guy still dares to laugh? How disgusting, ah!”

“That’s right. Brat, you’re really daring, ah. To fry potatoes with a whole box of Rose Oil, is your father Wang Jianlin [1]?”

“Is Sichong your brother?” [2]

Black lines covered Ye Fei’s forehead [5]. What the heck, all I did was fry some potatoes, why bring up those two tycoons?

“My… my father is not Wang Jianlin, I don’t have Sichong as a brother. Everyone, what did I do wrong? All I did was cook up a dish. If you have any grievances, please say them properly. It’s not good to be too angry, you could injure your kidney.”

“Pfft~! Hey, broadcaster, can you be a little more serious? We are on a crusade against you!”

“That’s right, also what does the anger has anything to do with kidneys?”

“But, I did hear that being too angry could influence your kidneys.”

“Where did you hear that? Nonsense.”

“How can it be nonsense? The kidney is under the water element, anger raises the fire element. Water puts out fire, I don’t see what’s wrong.”

“There are too many things wrong! You bunch of idiots, daddy brought you all here to bear this broadcaster to death, why are we talking about kidneys?!”

“Yes, yes, yes! Beat to death, beat to death!”

“Beat to death!”

“… …”

Ye Fei was confused. What the heck is going on, ah?!


[Gumihou: Lol, these viewers are so excitable]



The video below has a recipe that best shows what Ye Fei has made.




[1] 王建临 Wang Jianlin, one of the richest men in China. He is like a Chinese Donald Trump and build his career in real estate. Just not so orange and without a toupee. (It is just a joke, Donald’s fans). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/w.a.n.g_Jianlin

[2] 王思聪 Wang Sicong; is a Chinese businessman and the only son of Chinese tycoon Wang Jianlin. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/w.a.n.g_Sicong

[3] Some adjustments for a smoother transition.

[4] Actually, the original text was ‘tasting the flavour of a hundred roses on the tip of his tongue’

… Gumi cannot express with enough words just how absolutely sickly and disgusting that sounded. Like, just spray rose-scented perfume into your mouth you crude, vulgar peasant. Every single rosewater related recipe always emphasises never use too much rose or you will gag. 

You Will GAG!!!

[5] Black lines – the anime black lines, lol

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