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Divine Culinary Broadcaster – 0004 – The Mighty System

Chapter 4 – The Mighty System

Author: Black Lantern (黑色花灯)


Translated by

Retranslated by Gumihou


Right then, Ye Fei was nearly giddy with happiness. He was completely absorbed by the joy of potato cutting, to the point of forgetting that he was being broadcasted live.

After one potato was done, he would pick out another. The knife in his right hand flew forward and with a swift ‘dang, dang, dang’ another potato was reduced to fine slices.

His movement grew faster and faster and soon the room was filled with the sound of a blade striking the board and the crisp ‘dangdangdang’ was so fast it was like the patter of raindrops until one has to wonder just how many slices the single potato had been reduced to.

Finally, Ye Fei was moving so fast that a whole potato was sliced up in a single breath before he sighed and lowered his knife.

The neat line of yellow potato slices on the board made Ye Fei grin and he said, “Really, how unthinkable, ah. To think that one day, I, Ye Fei, would have such impressive knife skills.”

This fellow’s narcissistic behaviour was beginning to rear itself again.

“Please do not be complacent, Host. You have only received Basic Level Knife Skill theory and only mastered the lowest level of skills. You still have a long way to go before you even master Basic Level Knife Skill.”

Ye Fei immediately wilted. This System was just too much. Daddy has just reached a level he had never even touched before in his life, why do you have to disturb my fun, ah? Can’t you just let me praise myself for a bit?

Still, a part of him could not help being amazed by what the System had just told him. This awesome level of knife skill was only a ‘lowest level’ skill? What would High-Level Knife Skills be like? How exciting, ah.

He rubbed his hand excitedly and said, “Although my knife skills are nothing in your eyes, it’s still a massive achievement for me. Alright, let’s try cutting the potatoes into strips.”

Cutting potatoes into strips was certainly more difficult than cutting potato slices. After all, slicing only requires a steady left hand holding down a potato while the right hand slices with a regular motion.

However, to make potato strips, one has to stack the potato slices on top of each other and cut them downwards into regular sticks. The problem was potato slices won’t stack on top of each other obediently and would slide about due to the starch and water content. Because of this movement, no matter how slight, the strips would be uneven.

This is why, although many people could make regularly shaped potato slices, they would not be able to cut regularly shaped potato strips [2].

Ye Fei did not waste more time thinking and picked up some of his potato slices, stacked them up neatly and began to cut into them.

At first, Ye Fei’s movements were very slow and careful, afraid that his potato slices would slip.

Several slices later, however, he became bolder and the theory of how to cut potato strips solidified from his mind into his hands and he found that so long as he move his right hand swiftly and kept a light hand on the stack of potatoes, he was able to produce perfectly even slices.

Just like that, Ye Fei found it easier to make potato strips than potato slices.

Once again, the light and rapid sound of the blade striking the chopping board rang out merrily into the air.

Everything he did was being recorded by the hidden cameras set up by the System and sent out as a live broadcast.

Right then, Ye Fei’s sole viewer, Tasting Everything Under Heaven was busy being astounded by Ye Fei’s meticulous knife work.

“Woah, that guy’s knife work is no joke, ah. Even better than most chefs I’ve seen. This broadcaster’s show is more amazing than most, ah.”

“Broadcaster, how long have you been practising your knife work?

“That knife work, from the sound alone I can tell that ingredients are being exquisitely cut. That crisp neat sound and the constant beat is such a delight, truly amazing, ah!”

There was no one else watching this channel besides Tasting Everything Under Heaven and he was basically just talking to himself. The more he talked, the more excited he became. When the constant sound of knife strikes intensified, Tasting Everything Under Heaven began to donate Applause and Flowers.

Applause and Flower were some of the reward tokens set up by QQ Broadcasting Platform for viewers to support their favourite broadcasters. Each token was worth a certain amount of money. The lowest value tokens, such as Applause, Flower and Lollipop were worth HX¥ 1. Viewers could also donate more valuable tokens such as Cakes or Beers. More enthusiastic supporters could invest in vehicle tokens, such as the lower-end Mountain Bikes, Electric Cars and Motorbikes or higher-end vehicles such as Sports Cars, Motorhomes and Limousines. Rich viewers could even invest in Luxury Cruise Ships and Luxury Planes. For the truly crazy rich viewers, they could go for the most expensive tokens, the Aircraft Carriers and Spaceships. Each of these top tier tokens was worth at least HX¥ 10,000 in real-world money.

Tasting Everything Under Heaven continued to throw Applause and Flowers as though they were going out of fashion as he watch Ye Fei happily slice potatoes.

For a moment the whole screen was covered with clapping hands and spinning flowers.

However, the person who was being worshipped had no idea what was going on as he continued to focus on his cutting board.

When the final piece of perfect potato slice had been reduced into perfect strips, Ye Fei stood back to admire the pile of toothpick thick potato sticks.

Although he made it look easy, Ye Fei’s forehead was actually covered in sweat. It was the first time he had cut so many potatoes. The intense focus and fear of making mistakes added pressure to the task.

Now that he was finally done, Ye Fei quietly breathed out a sigh of relief.

“Look, System. Have you ever seen such beautiful potato strips?” asked a thick faced Ye Fei.

DCB System, “… …”

This System is ignoring you now.

Now that the pile of round potatoes had been reduced to potato sticks, Ye Fei took a moment to pause and thought: As a Culinary System, there should be more than just Knife Skill Theory in my head. Now that I’ve chopped these potatoes into strips, there should be some potato strips related recipes, right?

As soon as the thought occurred to him, several recipes suddenly appeared in his head.


[Golden Potato Strips – Level 1 Limited Delicacy – Main ingredients: Potatoes & oil; Supplementary ingredient: Ketchup] [Black Pepper Potatoes – Level 1 Limited Delicacy – Main ingredients: Potatoes & olive oil; Supplementary ingredients: Freshly ground black pepper & salt] [Fragrant Roasted Potatoes – Level 1 Limited Delicacy – Main ingredients: Potatoes, Supplementary ingredients: Dried chillies, salad oil, onions, salt, Chinese Patchouli] [Potato Prawn Balls – Level 2 Limited Delicacy – Main ingredients: Potatoes, prawns, cooking oil; Supplementary ingredients: Garlic, scallion, starch, dried chillies, milk, peanut powder, salt & light soy sauce] [Mushroom & Potato Soup – Level 2 Limited Delicacy – Main ingredients: Potato, fresh mushroom; Supplementary ingredients: Salt, soup stock, cheese, thyme & celery [1]]

“… …”

Ye Fei was overwhelmed by the number of recipes scrolling past his brain. Even in his dreams, he never imagined that the humble potato could be used in so many delicacies.

The System had bombarded him with recipes for side dishes, soups, Chinese main dishes and even western dishes.

“The heck, can you not be so ridiculous? All this brother wants is a single potato dish but you do you have to list out recipes from all over the world, ah… Regardless, I Like!”

Ye Fei was so happy that he couldn’t stop the corners of his mouth from quivering up. The knowledge nestled in his ‘sea of consciousness’ was like an omnipotent book of treasured wisdom, ah. He must not waste it.

Since the System was kind enough to provide him with so many potato related recipes, he should go for one of the easiest ones first. En, that’s right, if he failed to complete the more difficult recipes… well, the only thing worse than personal failure would be having his failure broadcasted online.

After going through the various recipes in his brain for a long time, he finally picked out a Level 1 Limited Recipe – Golden Potato Strips.


[Gumihou: It’s nice to work with an idiotic MC for a change]



[1] The original word here is 纤维素 – Cellulose

Which, hello? Not an ingredient?

Still, it’s probably some kind of greens, either lettuce or celery, which could be found in other mushroom and potato soup recipes. The ones served with cheese tended to use celery and celery is closer to the word ‘cellulose’ so let’s go with that instead.

[2] Gumi just uses a mandolin, it saves a lot of time, tears, and frustrations.


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