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Divine Culinary Broadcaster – 0003 – Debut

Chapter 3 – Debut

Author: Black Lantern (黑色花灯)


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Retranslated by Gumihou


The ‘kitchen’ in Ye Fei’s apartment could not be considered a real kitchen. It was merely a small area designated for light cooking.

Within this tiny kitchenette, there was a lone cement countertop cluttered with various cooking equipment and seasoning sauces.

However, the thing that attracted Ye Fei’s attention were two large boxes stuffed under this cement countertop.

Well, rather than boxes, they looked more like storage containers. However, these storage containers looked very unique, they had a glass-like appearance but has a more plastic kind of feel to them.

Uncaring about what these mysterious containers were made of, Ye Fei quickly ran over to open them.

However, when he finally saw what was inside, Ye Fei was a little stunned.

Inside the first storage container were nothing but potatoes. Potatoes and nothing else.

The second container was a bit more diverse, however, they were all cooking tools: Knives in all shapes and sizes, spatulas, cooking chopsticks of different lengths and spoons of different shapes. Not only that, all these different tools, whether metal, wood or ceramic, were all exquisitely made. Each item looked like a work of art.

Looking at these two containers, Ye Fei pulled a bitter face, “System, surely you don’t expect me to eat nothing but potatoes all day?”

DCB System, “Host is given potatoes as the first ingredient to practice your knife skills with. Potatoes are the best ingredient to practice one’s knife skills with. Right now, the System shall impart the knowledge Basic Knife Skill into the Host’s brain. After receiving this knowledge, Host’s first task is to practice the knife skills. A great chef must have excellent knife skills.”

[1] “Wait, impart? How-” suddenly, Ye Fei winced as his mind was suddenly flooded with information. It took him some time to understand that he was seeing and understanding all kinds of cutting skills in his mind.

Curious, Ye Fei carefully absorbed the knowledge before sighing. [1] What’s with this detailed information? Cutting is cutting, right? But no, there were all kinds of knife skills including cutting, chopping peeling, fine cutting, detail work and many more that he was sure that even chefs of the Milky Way Palace might not necessarily know.

“The Theory of Basic Knife Skill has been planted into the Host’s brain. The Host is advised to practice his practical skills now to master Basic Knife Skill in the shortest time possible.”

“Wait, this much knowledge is Basic Knife Skill? What’s a High-Level Knife Skill like? Also, am I supposed to just practice this skill by chopping potatoes?” Ye Fei gestured erratically at the various knives and the single box of potatoes.

DCB System, “From here on, all of the Host’s movements will be recorded by hidden cameras and broadcasted live. Therefore, the Host should take this matter seriously. You are no longer alone, your every action will be observed by billions of fans.”

At this, Ye Fei ran toward to computer to check if the System was telling the truth. He found that the laptop had been turned on and the screen was showing the QQ Broadcasting Platform’s site. However, when he looked at the channel name nearly fainted. It read Divine Culinary Channel.

“I- I don’t seem to recall this… name?” Ye Fei [1] blinked stupidly at the screen.

DCB System, “I assigned it.”

Ye Fei, “… aren’t you being too over the top? Are you trying to provoke hatred against me? This name is too pretentious!”

“As a future Divine Culinary Broadcaster, why fear the hatred of others? You should be proud to provoke their jealousy. I am doing this to help the Host,” said the System.

Ye Fei sighed. His anger deflating. He found that he could not outtalk the System. No matter what argument he has, it could easily be toppled by this line — I am doing this to help you.

What else could he say?

In the end, Ye Fei decided to ignore the DCB System and take a look at this ostentatiously named channel. Suddenly, he nearly laughed.

There was not even a single person on the channel! He was the only one here, how lonely, ah!

“Hey, is this what you mean by billions of fans? How come I don’t see even a single shadow of a person?” sneered Ye Fei.

DCB replied, “Right now, Host is registered as an Iron Star Rank 1 Broadcaster. Generally, such a broadcaster would not attract the eye of the casual web-surfer. If you wish to gather billions of fans, Host must work hard.”

Ye Fei stared at the star next to his avatar. As expected, it had a rather sad grey appearance.

[1] Last night, he had looked through QQ’s rating system for broadcasters. There were a few types of ‘star’ ranking system: Iron Star, Bronze Star, Silver Star, Gold Star and Diamond.

Aside from Diamond Rank, which was further divided into four subcategories of: Red, Yellow, Green and Blue, the Star rankings were divided into 5 sub categories. In short, their ranking looked something like this: [2]


QQ Ranking System
Iron Star Rank: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Bronze Star Rank: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Silver Star Rank: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Gold Star Rank: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Diamond Rank: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue (4 levels only)



Sub category Number of fans must be
Iron Star 1 100  or less (beginner level)
2 100 – 1,000
3 1,000 – 2,000
4 2,000 – 4,000
5 6,000 or above


If your number of fans reached above 6,000 people, you may apply for a ranking promotion. Naturally, for each subsequent category, the number of fans needed to upgrade would correspondingly increase.

As a rookie broadcaster at QQ Broadcasting Platform, zero fan Ye Fei was now an Iron Star Rank 1 broadcaster.

“Alright, for those billion fans, daddy will work hard!”

With great enthusiasm, Ye Fei headed straight for the kitchen and picked up a potato. He automatically selected a knife and began to slice up the potato.

With the Theory of Basic Knife Skill still fresh in his head, Ye Fei unexpectedly found that his knife skill was actually… not bad. Don’t believe him? Just take a look at the potato slices. Although the thickness was a little uneven, they were really not bad.

Not only that, [1] his wrist and arm movements, as well as the rest of his body, seemed to be working in sync too. Was he syncing his physical movements with the theory in his head?

Regardless of the reason, he felt delighted.

Before this, he barely even knew how to properly hold a knife [3], his hand usually too far from the blade or the grip too loose. However, now that he has a basic knowledge of how to properly use a knife, so long as he practice a little, he was sure that he could even reach the level of those stingy chefs back at Milky Way Palace.

The more he thought about it, the more excited he became and the faster his movements.

Soon, the whole potato was sliced up.

Ye Fei looked at the slices of potatoes on the cutting board and nodded to himself, “This youth is pretty skilled with a knife. Just look at these potato slices, aside from a few thick ones, the rest are all nice and thin. [4]”

This fellow did not forget to praise himself.

After this sudden bout of narcissism, Ye Fei took out another potato and continued to practice his knife skills.

While he was in the middle of training, someone popped into Ye Fei’s channel.

This person’s handle was ‘Tasting Everything Under Heaven’. From his username alone, you can tell that he’s something of a serious foodie. Only such a person would come poking around Fine Food Category in search of entertainment.

When Tasting Everything Under Heaven dropped into Ye Fei’s channel, he was momentarily stunned. “Is this a mortuary?”

After a couple of seconds, he popped out again.

Two minutes later, he re-entered, “This is really the mortuary!”

Then, he popped out again.

Ye Fei did not even notice this strange little quirk in his channel. If he had seen those two comments, he would be so angry that even his corpse would have jumped three feet high.

Five minutes later, Ye Fei’s knife skills continue to improve. Even with such a short training period, he could now cut potatoes to a uniform thickness.

Suddenly, ‘Tasting Everything Under Heaven’ popped in again. This time, he left a line that said: This channel is quite unique, ah. While other Fine Food broadcasters were all eating and drinking wildly, all this guys does is cut potatoes… how interesting, hm? Wait a minute, this knife skill is… how incredible, ah!”

By now, Ye Fei’s knife skills have improved to a level that was beyond what anyone would imagine an expert chef could do. While his left hand supported the potato, his right hand moved in a constant metronome and the potato slices fell like neat soldiers after the blade.

Elegance! There was elegance in Ye Fei’s every movement. A gentleman! Thatwas it, it was like watching a gentleman elegantly cutting into his dinner!

“F*ck, this broadcaster has some skills, ah. The knife work alone is enough to attract daddy’s attention. Looks like I’ll be staying here to see what you’ll do next.”


[Gumihou: Gumi has elected to translate 老子 Laozi or ‘this old man’ as ‘daddy’. To denote a high level of self-praise as well as an ostentatious self-reference]


[1] Additional Details to raise impact.

[2] Gumi has made a table for your easy reference. No need to squint. Gumi has squinted enough for everyone.

[3] Basing bad knife handling information through personal observation (mom). There’s someone in my family (mom) who insisted on using the skinning knife for everything.

[4] “aside from a few thick ones, the rest are all nice and thin”

lol, what’s with this self-praise?

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